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  1. New Super-Man #1 118,000 . less than I thought
  2. ....and were then cancelled a week later. And subsequently absorbed by the market....
  3. 50 sets and 100 single color books sold in 12 hours vs 10,000 Turner HQ#1 variants sold in hours. 1 person could easily have bought the entire print run of this book in 1 minute. Will they be worth the price you paid in a year, maybe, worth hundreds in a year maybe. But I am not so sure micro printings for retailers are tremendous speculative plays. They are however great additions to a personal collection. IMHO
  4. At one per most people are just going to hit up there locals...
  5. There were a couple hundred available yesterday at tfaw... Today, not so much.
  6. Well, I remember raws going from 5 to 50 in a very short period of time. CGC 9.8's were $250. guess 900% increase can be viewed differntly by others. I can assure you ,as a former brokerage guy ,that kind of return is "nuclear" to most ? but back on topic. The events at The end of Venom Space Knight #9 point more towards Mania returning.
  7. Gwenom...does Guardians of knowhere #1 go nuclear again if it is her? The gimmick first appearance on cover.
  8. Google is your friend. Based on preview image from Aspen,this is the Suicide Squad #1 Turner variant cover image
  9. give it time. This is only the first few of probably 50+ variants
  10. An official T-206 Honus Wagner replica card for ONLY .01 + shipping and handling. The Master...Sho Nuff! I woke up the next morning and refused to get out of bed ... I didn't want to look in that mirror and see a LOSER!
  11. The reason they have the 2 books still in-stock has very little to do with cancellations. Since Monday they INCREASED the color from 3000 to 9000! And the B&W to 6000! That was a byproduct of them answering the overwhelming demand from people to have more Hatless variants ( which was supposed to go from 1000 to 2500). They back down from the Hatless increase but still are keeping the other 2 increases. IF they can cancel those increases I am sure they will or would if they can. They caved into those that had the limited book but bitc h slapped the people who owned the other 2 books. Also, there was supposed to be a very LIMITED quantity avaiable of these 2 books with a STRICT limit of 1 per account. They haven't changed the new "rules" for today but they did change the limit to 2 ....soon to be unlimited
  12. Probably as long as they are still releasing new Rebirth books...unfortunately.