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  1. Yeah...and that's not even the full list of conquests up to that point...
  2. Out of curiosity - any dealers getting My Greatest Adventure (Doom Patrol appearances) and/or Doom Patrol requests?
  3. There was no lawn mowing or snow shovelling in the neighbourhood for me. Seemed as if every second house had kids my age or close to it and if not, the adults were young and fit enough to handle the duties. So it was scrounging 2 cent pop bottles and trying to get my 25 cents/week allowance from my dad who would always never pay it . Thank goodness for mom!
  4. I was just kidding you (but I thought my emojis followed your story line perfectly) - yes...who was to know? Most of those comics were "read until dead". PCH = ? Just out of curiosity do you remember vividly buying it? Exactly where? Exactly when? Any other books of that era that you can remember buying? It's funny. I bought my books starting mid 60s and some I can remember EXACTLY when/where I bought them/got them and others not.
  5. There was also another Canadian winner - 1st column...
  6. Well, when ones thinks of classic Dracula, it's Bela not John Carradine isn't it?
  7. Seems that he nailed Frankenstein and the Bride - not too sure what source material was used for Wolf Man and Dracula though - they don't look like any versions that I've ever seen - why not use Chaney Jr and Lugosi or are their likenesses owned by the families?...and the Creature looks a bit like a Mandrill.
  8. Well you know what they say...there's no accounting for taste...
  9. think that because someone thinks that a movie that you like is "a turd in a toilet" that they're a troll...ignorant...lacking knowledge...lacking taste? It seems to me that you like the movie in part because you perceive that it raised the price of some of your slabs...
  10. It was AWFUL. Any scene that she's in in Endgame, I'll be cheering for the "villain"
  11. Dealers will always have stuff at shows that is not on their websites...
  12. Any judge worth his/her salt should accept that as a more than reasonable reason
  13. Agreed. It might have been preferable to say that you "shouldn't" buy it. In answer to your question: each era of art has its own characteristics. A cover from the 40s is not the same as one from the 60s is not the same as one from the 2000s. So it depends upon what era you're asking about. Talk to reputable dealers - more than one - so that you can compare answers. They should be happy to answer your questions. If they're not, then take your potential business elsewhere. Ask fellow collectors. You can go to CAF and ask questions to collectors that have covers of the vintage that you're asking about. Attend as many shows as you can and inspect as many same era pieces as you can. The more that you see and handle, the better acquainted with it you'll become.
  14. Does eBay allow us Canadians to do that now - specifying shipping only to US and Canada? It seems to me that not too long ago we weren't able to do that (or I couldn't figure out how to do that)