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  1. The interior decorating is scarier than the costumes...
  2. The bad news is that Stan has passed and obviously cannot not sign anymore. The good news is that while Stan was alive he signed everything that there was to be signed.
  3. You could get something from hookers that you can't get rid of
  4. Yeah and there's nothing here that hasn't been reprinted elsewhere...
  5. How is the reproduction of Marvel Comics #1 in this version? Some previous versions have been excellent while others have been a muddy hazy blurry mess to be frank.
  6. I suspect that the pages would have been bone white in 1939 - even having been printed on cheap newsprint.
  7. Such as Marvel Comics 1 - Oct vs Nov... a different print run as opposed to "Stop the presses! We have a date issue that needs correcting."
  8. So it would seem. What's been revealed here is pretty significant and relevant information that would certainly cause me concern if I were a potential buyer.
  9. Well...they make no mention in their description about the book's grading history which is pretty significant wouldn't you agree?
  10. Generally - editor (or similar) writes on the front cover the artist and how much they got paid - might also write what feature the artist did.
  11. I don't understand why the owner didn't ask Stan to sign in the substantial upper margin area instead of the middle of the battlefield.
  12. This younger group of collectors must be a used car salesman's dream! "That '02 Toyota is $8K? OK - I'll take it. How much are the floor mats and snow tires? OK - I'll take those too. I'm paying full sticker since the value "will go up for sure"."
  13. this "new wave" probably can pay attention long enough to do the back and forth required...
  14. What specific concerns does he have?