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  1. I'll take a nice unmolested page from FF1 that predominately features the Thing - I promise not to tell ANYONE!
  2. I think that the pin up for #3 is out there so the story itself may be complete but probably not the entire issue - if that makes sense
  3. No, I had no agenda. It was a lousy film IMO for the reasons stated above. Every thing that Marvel touches doesn't turn to figural gold. This is one of those cases as far as I'm concerned. It was an extremely disappointing movie. In fact, I'd rate it as Marvel's worst. I found no redeeming features to it. You on the other hand clearly love the movie and the character. That's OK - we're clearly at opposite ends of the 1-10 scale here.
  4. I sincerely hope that you're mistaken that "Captain Marvel is now... poised to be at the forefront of the MCU and Marvel for at least the next decade." That's not giving Marvel much credit for forward thinking...
  5. Wrong on 3 out of 4 counts: 1. I am not a "40 year old white dude 2. I did not hate this movie long before it was released. How could I hate it if I'd never seen it? 3. I did go to see it due to the Infinity War tie in. 4. I honestly had no idea who Brie Larson was before this movie.
  6. Am I the only one that thinks this movie was THE WORST that Marvel has ever issued? Brie's "acting" smelled more like limburger - she was as wooden as a plank. Even Samuel L couldn't save this putrid mess - he looked as if he didn't want to be there. The botching of the Skull characters was absolutely criminal. I only went to this movie for MCU background and that's all I got out of it - I found out about Nick's eye!!! I don't care if it did a trillion in business - it was a mess. I may not have a dental appointment on the sequel's opening day but I won't need an excuse to avoid it like the plague.
  7. That wasn't a "friend", that was an opportunist. This guy was your "friend" because he felt that he could use you in some way or get something from you. Once that happens or you make sure that it doesn't happen, he doesn't need you as a "friend" anymore - the phone calls and emails stop. I've had that happen to me and it's happening to me as I write this. Nobody's fooled me yet...
  8. Their wife?? Some of this slime would throw their grandmother; their mother; their kids; and or the family dog under the bus...
  9. You can always get another wife - original comic art is one of a kind
  10. Not too sure why the seller would be paying the sales tax as opposed to the buyer. The seller, if selling at a public auction, would be very wise to pay capital gains tax when the time comes...the sale is a matter of public record. You and the owner had an agreement and he backed out. In fact, it sounds like an oral contract to me but then again, I'm not a lawyer. You did have a chance to bid so you really can't lament not getting the pages if they meant that much to you