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  1. According to a recent article in the NY Times, "Mulberry Street" was edited in the 1970s...
  2. Motivations were/are indeed known as to why Seuss Enterprises stopped publishing those 6 books: “These books portray people in ways that are hurtful and wrong,” Dr. Seuss Enterprises said in the statement. The business said the decision came after working with a panel of experts, including educators, and reviewing its catalog of titles." For the record, I'm presenting the above as a statement of fact only.
  3. No wonder I can't find my long box full of 9.8 WP Amazing Fantasy 15s....
  4. Indeed he is and the best thing about the Leader's reports is that they're focussed on the smaller cons that most fans don't get to attend.
  5. I'm sure glad that was witnessed I'm sure that the day will eventually come that the hobby will rue the defacing of so many books with signatures...
  6. The books that you've listed are as common as dirt - even in high grade - so if you're still thinking of going after them then go after them in ultra high grade and if that means saving more $ to do so then so be it. I echo the sentiments of some posters above - go after high grade, graded Gold & Silver (comics that is) instead.
  7. Even if the "Letters to the Editor" feature did not appear until 1958, it wouldn't have precluded someone from sending a letter to the editor prior to that - it just wouldn't have been published. Still - no question that these two letters were fan club member requests.
  8. If it was anything like our house - they'd better have had It would seem that each girl sent away for the Club kit.
  9. It sure sounds as if she did. The 1940 census lists her as ANNA but she clearly preferred ANN.
  10. Action 14 - July 1939 cover date has the ad devoted solely to the club details whereas Action 13 references that Superman # 1 will contain club details.
  11. Not likely as school would have been out for the summer at the time that those envelopes were addressed. One of the two sisters addressed them.