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  1. You risk losing hundreds if not thousands if something goes wrong in the shipping or pressing/cleaning processes.
  2. Tremendous achievement mosconi! Now you should go for 26-50 with the same PQ.
  3. Apparently he was crested for the comic book but, due to publishing timelines/lags, first appeared in the newspaper strip from Feb 1944 - July 1944. This was followed by his first appearance in comic books, Superman #30, then Action #80, then Superman #33.
  4. It MAY indeed be you. You're reading them as an adult and not as a 7-12 year old kid - for whom they were meant when they were released...
  5. Now that you've pointed it out they will...
  6. If you have a few pair of pants a few inches too large and an expandable belt, the sky's the limit
  7. When you think of the structure of the book, it makes absolute sense that none of the early issues had a major villain on the cover. Batman/Robin and Superman were in separate stories until issue #71, so to have a cover such as the mock up to issue #3 as an actual cover would have only served to confuse and or disappoint the buyer who not doubt would have been expecting all three superheroes to be fighting the Scarecrow.
  8. What make you think that all of these books will "go up in a decade!"?
  9. Unless of course there's a bunch of Rifleman #10s...
  10. Will they send you a high res photo if you ask them?
  11. You may be right. After all, she was signing for him...