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  1. Bump and price drop. Also, I'm wondering why my pictures of the Captain Marvel books aren't higher resolution on here. I'm doing this on my phone and maybe that makes a difference?
  2. Clearing out a little of the personal collection to fund a purchase. Shipping is $15 USPS Priority Insured for slabs and $6 USPS Priority Insured for Raw Comics. International Shipping will be actual cost. I generally use USPS Priority Flat Rate boxes and Envelopes for all shipping FYI. No returns on slabs. Returns accepted on raw books if you are unhappy and send them back in the same condition. If I messed up with something I'll pay return shipping too. Pictures are of what you'll get. Check out my feedback thread on here or on eBay (sorb3t) and know you'll get your stuff, packed well, etc. Paypal payments preferred. Thanks! Some early Thanos appearances for you! Iron Man #55 CGC 7.5 - $550 Captain Marvel #22-30 all issues in the VF range - $150 for the run Feel free to ask any questions if needed! Thanks
  3. They're better with the labels, IMO. Great story and unique, since they're not high grade anyways. I wonder how CGC would grade them with the labels still attached?
  4. Pooh Pooh Smell

    It's probably a challenge to stay objective when a comic is assaulting your senses like that. Also, the watering eyes might make seeing the comic in detail harder. Maybe there's a "stinky and gross comic" storage/grading room involving some sort of hazmat suit.
  5. I like trading in person and am willing to give it a try on the boards. This weekend should work
  6. is this a genuine Jack Kirby signature?

    I haven't looked at the auction, and I'm certainly no expert, but I think it looks like it has a lot of extra curly/curvy lines in spots than other Kirby sigs I've seen. You are right, however, that there are many legit factors that could account for this.
  7. Just found this. Didn't realize a new thread started. When's the next round?