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  1. I've sold and bought on here before and some were nice enough to leave kudos if you want some buying reassure. No HoS or Probation List. PayPal only. USPS Priority Shipping with Insurance $15 for slabbed books. First I'll take it or in this thread wins over anything else. I'm also sorb3t on eBay and have been selling on there for years. If you have a good experience, feel from to leave kudos. Thanks! For sale is: Incredible Hulk #105 CGC 9.6 - $350 and Batman #200 CGC 9.0 SS Neal Adams - SOLD
  2. Why haven't back cover signatures caught on.

    I personally don't prefer a signature on the back cover. I just don't think it adds anything. I'd rather have the sig where it displays with the art and cover. Otherwise, my second preference would be to have a title page sig witnessed, as long as I have a photo of the signature. Putting a sig on the back cover, unless there's art there or something of relevance, feels like seating a VIP at the back of the theater, if you don't mind a metaphor.

    Avengers 23
  4. DOUG MOENCH Signature Series op available

    Still time to send stuff for Moench?
  5. [CLOSED] SOLD! Avengers 1 CGC 4.5

    45 huh? Do you collect records also?
  6. Looks like a color breaking fold now. I have a few of those in my collection. I would imagine the graders can't say with absolute certainty that the "scrape" is CT removal or was caused when the comic was "out in the wilds" being read and such, so they can't give it an Apparent Grade, whereas an edge trim seems pretty obvious/deliberate. I guess it would be fun to think of innocent ways an edge could get trimmed. "I accidentally set my comic down on top of a piece of wood *right* as it was going through a band saw, and the edge was cut right off! It's not intentional edge trimming."
  7. Nice looking 5.5. Looks like you got a good result. I've been considering the same thing with a few books with "slight color touch"
  8. Everything 10% off until 9pm Pacific / 12pm Eastern. Then Closing this thread.
  9. Bump and price drop. Also, I'm wondering why my pictures of the Captain Marvel books aren't higher resolution on here. I'm doing this on my phone and maybe that makes a difference?