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  1. Tales to Astonish 60 CGC 8.5 - $250
  2. Amazing Spider-Man 39 CGC 9.0 - $900
  3. Hi again! Some cool comics for sale. A couple to start, may add more at some point. Usuals stuff applys. No HoS or Probation List. PayPal only. USPS Priority Shipping $15 for slabbed books. USPS Priority Shipping for raw comics starts at $6 for 1-8 comics. First I'll take it or in this thread wins over anything else. No major flaws not pictured or described. I'm also sorb3t on eBay and have been selling on there for years. If you have a good experience, feel from to leave kudos. Thanks!
  4. sorb3t


    ASM 40 SOLD
  5. sorb3t


    Now take 10% off listed price
  6. sorb3t


  7. sorb3t

    San Francisco Comic Swap - Aug 26, 2018

    I'm going to try and make it, and if so it might be a few hours after things get started. Hopefully there'll be some traders (and beers) left. Looking forward to it! Bill
  8. sorb3t


    Captain Marvel #33 CGC 9.0 SS Jim Starlin - $225
  9. sorb3t


    Amazing Spider-Man #115 CGC 9.0 - $110
  10. sorb3t


    Amazing Spider-Man #40 CGC 9.0 - SOLD
  11. sorb3t


    Avengers Annual 7 CGC 9.6 SS Jim Starlin - $250
  12. sorb3t


    Journey Into Mystery #114 CGC 8.0 - SOLD