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  1. Growing up in the late 60's and throughout the 70's, besides myself, I knew of at least 4 other of my contemporaries that were pretty solid comic book collectors and 1 pretty avid Mad Magazine collector. I was probably the most diverse of those, into a little bit of about every genre, with heavy emphasis on super-heroes. One guy was a Magnus Robot Fighter fan, another was DC only, but hated Superman, another was an Aquaman fan, and another was pretty much Marvel only except for he liked Batman too. There were a few girls I noticed with Archie and some Romance books at school once in a while, but I never really communicated with them to see how much they were into it. We didn't have the social media back then like we have today, so connecting with someone outside of my immediate circle of friends and people at school was pretty uncommon. There may have been other more serious fans and collectors near me, but how was I to know?
  2. Jaylam

    What's the story behind "Uncanny" X-Men?

    I think it was just a logical continuation of many of the Marvel titles using a colorful adjective and the X-Men was one of the few titles that didn't have it. (Maybe they considered the "X" the colorful adjective for awhile, but decided the title needed a little more punch.) FANTASTIC Four, AMAZING Spider-Man, INVINCIBLE Iron Man, INCREDIBLE Hulk, MIGHTY Thor, MIGHTY Avengers (#62-69), then EARTH'S MIGHTIEST HEROES (#103+) and ASTONISHING Ant-Man. They got a little more off-beat with HERE COMES Daredevil the MAN WITHOUT FEAR, PRINCE NAMOR, the Sub-Mariner, but later changed that to the SAVAGE Sub-Mariner. Of note, two that were lacking a colorful adjective were Captain America and Captain Marvel. If you want to count it, I think Captain Marvel had a few different headers on and off through the run: MARVEL'S SPACE-BORN SUPER-HERO, THE SENSATIONAL NEW, THE MOST COSMIC SUPERHERO OF ALL, then back to MARVEL'S SPACEBORN SUPERHERO.
  3. Similar questions as this have come up from time to time on these boards. I found an old thread from 2002; looks like after 17 years we are still looking for the answer. Here's a link to the old thread.... click the "arrow" in the box to link to the whole thread.
  4. Well kav, there’s you and I, so we know there’s at least two!
  5. Jaylam

    Chicago comic shop to be given away

    Could it be that may be referring to “up front protection costs” if you know what I mean?
  6. Jaylam

    Karloff, Dell, TV horror and more.....

    O, great Supro!
  7. I think the origin story was slightly re-worked to what you are referring to in Super-Villain Classics #1 from 1983.
  8. Jaylam

    Flash collectors thread

    I don't have any graded issues that are this early, however, I have developed a fondness for some of the quirky Flash covers from the Silver Age. I've been able to pick up two of my favorites as of late. Simple, yet brilliant illustrations of the Flash as a mirror and a puppet. Silver Age goodness, gotta love 'em!
  9. Jaylam

    Flash collectors thread

    You must be an eBay seller if you thought that was a 6.5!
  10. Jaylam

    Flash collectors thread

    Yes, upon checking out other CGC graded copies, they say "Part 2 of Grodd triology" so I thought it might be an error. Or you have the only copy in existence of a time traveling Flash getting a glimpse of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel this year. (Or is that in the 1990's?)
  11. Jaylam

    Flash collectors thread

    Hey bocabill, I notice the #107 has "Captain Marvel appearance" on the label, but I can find no reference to this in any story synopsis's anywhere. What are they talking about?
  12. Jaylam

    Flash collectors thread

    Now that's a book with character!
  13. Jaylam

    Flash collectors thread

    I don't have a #109 myself, but here's an image I pulled from the CGC gallery of one of the highest graded copies. Census only shows 3 in 9.4 and none higher.
  14. Jaylam

    Flash collectors thread

    Opps, total fail on the #155 story. I think I was thinking more of cover appearances of Grood since that was the initial discussion, but these Rogues covers are some of my favorites.
  15. Jaylam

    Outbreak of Shaken Comic Syndrome

    Is this the CGC loading dock?