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  1. Yes, and the books made in the 30's to the 80's are made on the worst possible kind of paper, which unfortunately, currently comprises some of the most valuable and historically significant books. Eventually, Father Time will catch up and exert His merciless will and the end result will be the same as Thanos' finger snap.....dust!
  2. So I imagine this comic book series won't be very popular with the AI set in the furture...
  3. The artist’s name is James E. Lyle. He has his own website. Here is a picture of him pulled from that site.
  4. That’s just sick, I’m sooooo jealous. However, I kind of like this nicely done mock-up version....
  5. Yeah, I prefer “Off-Off-White” or “Pale-Yellow” or “Yellowish-White” or......
  6. This thread got me thinking about a Star Trek: the Next Generation episode where Data was kidnapped by an eccentric collector. In this guy’s collection was a Baseball Card that was the only known surviving copy. Trying to draw from my memory alone, I thought it was a Mickey Mantle card, but after researching, I found the following (which proves my feeble human memory can sometimes get it wrong, but hey, at least I was on the right track): Excerpt from “Memory Alpha”, Star Trek: TNG, season 3, episode 22, The Most Toys. Air date: May 5th, 1990. And here is a screenshot of the card as displayed in the episode, circled in yellow on left.
  7. Here's my #126. I looked for a long time to find a decent, affordable copy. One of my favorite covers of the run. They always seemed to come up with new, quirky predicaments for the Flash. The Mirror Master turning the Flash into a mirror was brilliant in it's predictability and simplicity and wonderfully illustrated by Infantino/Anderson.
  8. Comics pictured future evolution of the human race looking like this.... Here's a picture of a future distant relative...
  9. We've had it all wrong all these years, Iron Man first appeared on the cover of Strange Adventures #112 Jan. 1960. Grab your copies quick before the price blows up!
  10. Who will care because by then everything pictured and wrote about in old comics will be passé and common place as people will actually have super-powers, space and multi-dimensional travel, auto-intelligent robots etc. or we will be extinct, especially if one of these shows up.
  11. Will they use a grey label for "from the collection of" designations also or is it just strictly for recognized pedigrees?
  12. I have resubmitted both ways and have two extreme examples. One book CBCS graded as an 8.0, CGC graded as a 9.4. The reason I cracked and submitted to CGC was because I believed the book was way under graded by CBCS. A 5.5 from CGC graded 7.5 from CBCS. Same thing here, the book looked to be under graded, only this time by CGC. These are pretty significant grade changes between companies. I’ve never had this big of grade change by submitting to the same company, even after a clean and press. The biggest grade bump I’ve ever gotten that way was with CGC when a book went from an 8.0 to a 9.0.
  13. Wait, the just went off. Famous for the Don and Maggie Thompson Collection, early comic book fandom etc., right? I think I have one of their books. My GL #48 I believe.
  14. I'm not familiar with this Donald Thompson. What's the story?