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  1. And there is always this classic, but it's from 1973.
  2. Here's the page from Daredevil #77. Is this really the first time they met?
  3. Spidey is just in a side panel listening to the news, no actual meeting with Subby.
  4. Something about this story has always stuck with me. I was only eight years old when it came out, but looking back, it was probably the first human interest story in comics I’d read (also with no super-villain) that made it stand out to me. Its relevance is timeless. My original copy is long gone.
  5. Silver Surfer #3 has always been a classic to me. A beautiful, but gut-wrenching story of the never ending battle between evil, love and sacrifice. Stan really put it all out there with this one with a story we would do well to pay attention to and contemplate today.
  6. Either that or Solovar is just incompetent.
  7. DC had this wide array of titles and genre's back in the 60's. I barely remember the Sea Devils, but I always assumed it was at least in part inspired by some of the popular TV shows of the time period like Sea Hunt (1959-1961) starring Lloyd Bridges. I was surprised to find there have been at least 3 movies my the same name from 1937, 1953 and 1998. The 1953 movie had Yvonne De Carlo with Rock Hudson. Yvonne later went on to become known to us in the 60's as Lily Munster.
  8. Who would deface their car like this? Electric MINI Cooper SE Celebrates 'The Flash' Superhero (insideevs.com)
  9. When you upgrade this one, I'll be more than happy to take it off your hands.
  10. What issue of Hot Stuff is that? Looks like the Batman art from the 1960's Aurora model kit used in that ad.
  11. Here's the house ad for the Flash #105 from Mystery in Space #49. A full page ad nevertheless, beautiful!
  12. Nice piece, can't say I've ever seen it before now, thanks for posting. And speaking of the Vietnam War, this ad on the back of Warren Magazines back in 1972 was the most horrifying thing I ever saw in/on any of their magazines. I was twelve at the time and to say the least, this really caught my attention.
  13. I just made an interesting discovery. My 8.0 copy has a written in date stamp of 10/16 (see image close-up), but I ran across this in house ad from Hawkman #23 that states the "on sale" date as 10/19. Ads in other books also show the "on sale" date as being 10/19. Did someone just get mixed up on what day it was, or did some copies appear earlier on the stands than the advertised "on sale" date?
  14. Yeah, back in 2016, the Pacific Coast 9.6 copy went for $19,750, but in March of this year on Heritage, a 9.6 went for $9,600 (not the Pacific Coast copy). That's quite a difference even considering the pedigree vs a non-pedigree in that high of a grade. There are only 6 copies listed on the census at 9.6 and none any higher and who knows, the actual total of 9.6 copies might be less if someone cracked one and didn't turn the label in.