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  1. I intend to cash out most, but leave a few prized books to my kids. Can’t ask them lug about hundreds of book, but would still like to leave a few baubles for them to remember me by. I guess I’m the sentimental type as my father gave me his father’s Masonic ring and his mother’s gold pocket watch that her father gave her for her 16th birthday (engraved January 17, 1899 on the inside). My father served in WW2 so my brother and I split some of his war items: guns, swords, medals etc.
  2. Yes, and not only all that, what about stuff like this; do we call this the "guest 134" rule?
  3. Daredevil #200, the ending has always stood out to me.
  4. Obviously not the same book. Gift grade. Bait and switch. Just kidding, congratulations on a beautiful book.
  5. This one always comes to mind when I think of good single story issues.
  6. Gocollect is pretty good. I think it’s $5.99 a month.
  7. Worldwide Comics has a very low grade raw copy for sale on their website and Metropolis Comics has a graded 5.0 on theirs if you haven’t seen them already. eBay has graded 4.0 copy also.
  8. The thing that always got me about this painting, where does the bottom of the right leg go? It just kind of disappears in the shadow but what you can see in the shadow just doesn't add up. Is it just me or do others see (or not see) this too?
  9. I remember when I had my tonsils out in 1968, my mom brought this issue of Superboy to me in the hospital.
  10. I’ve seen a lot of this red ink bleed through on Iron Man #5 and Sub-Mariner #5 from 1968 also.
  11. I agree to the totality of Tony's part. He grew as a person from selfish brat to selfless sacrifice. He saw he could use his scientific brilliance for more than just making weapons and getting rich, but his approach was always very logical, practical and fearless. Sometimes this backfired as in the creation of Ultron, but he kept learning from failures and pressing forward. He carried a grudge and resentment until he realized it was hurting him and those around him and was holding him back. Grasping humility, forgiveness and trust and swallowing his pride was the step forward he was looking for, but not until he convinced himself it was the necessary and logical thing to do.
  12. Overall, I thought the movie was better written and paced than Infinity War. Lots of touching moments that really pulled on the heart strings. Biggest disappointment was Capt. Marvel. The character (and/or) Brie Larson's portrayal is just flat. I just can't get invested in her or have the same empathy for her I have for the other characters. Maybe it's because she's a newcomer, but hell, Scarlet Witch put a deeper and more believable confrontation against Thanos than Captain Marvel did in the final battle. Through all the movies, I must say Black Widow's development and part in everything was the best. She was the one with unbelievable courage, heart and humanity that pulled the team back time and time again like with Hulk/Bruce earlier and Ronin/Clint in this movie. Her sacrifice is the one that stung the most to me personally and they carried it through to show how much it hurt to Bruce and Clint too.
  13. Just finally saw the movie. I'm really surprised that there is no love for the rat that just so happened to walk across the quantum control panel just right to bring Scott back, thus setting into motion the 1 in 14 million or so chance Dr. Strange saw to set things right. Of course, how many times and how long had that rat been crawling over the control panel until it finally hit some buttons in the right sequence, 5 years maybe???
  14. A well loved copy with lots of character.