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  1. It looks to me like Heatwave’s left hand has been appropriated from Boomerang’s left hand by changing the coloring from the original art.
  2. Flash #174 wasn't the only cover where the logo was incorporated into the cover art. Batman #194 and Aquaman #42 are other well done examples of this kind of take on the cover.
  3. I was thinking the same thing, he was almost recklessly handling it. That was an amazing array of books there. Great find!
  4. I have 2 copies of 173. I've had the one on the left for several years, the one on the right I think came in a lot of several silver age issues that I won at a local auction about 4 years ago that I forgot I had. I also had this copy I sold on ebay back in January of last year I believe. Really hated to part with it.
  5. Very nice, I always thought that was such a cool cover.
  6. Flash #172 is the first issue of Flash I bought myself back when I was only 7 years old and had just started collecting for myself (my older brother got me hooked as he was already buying mainly Superman titles). I picked up this high grade example on ComicLink several years ago. Also one of my favorite Flash covers. From this point, I collected every issue of the Flash until #218 when I stopped.
  7. Oh man, congratulations, one of my favorite covers and a fantastic looking copy too. My jealous-o-meter just popped a gasket!!!
  8. I'm getting very jealous of these 9.0 early Green Lanterns.
  9. I can't find it. It's as elusive as holding infinity in the palm of your hand!
  10. Back in 6th grade we had to memorize and recite this poem by Robert Frost as part of our lessons in English class. In an interesting twist of fate, in the same month that the poem assignment was given, a unique take on that same poem appeared by Len Wein in House of Mystery #200. To say the least, I was just floored by the coincidence.
  11. Yeah, and just think of what that little dog trailing behind the kid is going to do to the Flash, I mean, 'ol Flashie there is the same color as a fire hydrant (although some say dogs are color blind)!
  12. It was most certainly cardboard. Here's some images I found of one unassembled and one complete with kid in it.
  13. Seems like I remember some board member posting pictures of one of those subs they got as a child, but I can't remember what thread it was.