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  1. I was never a fan of Sal's art. He was good at the basics, but not a good completist. He should have just been used for layouts and let someone else finish it. Look how much nicer the art looks from these pages of Avengers #71, versus what's in those Spectacular Spider-Man pages. You can still tell it's Sal, but it's worked and detailed so much better. .
  2. Flattening the curve also gives us more time to catch up and find more viable ways to prevent and treat it, thus hopefully reducing it’s overall impact.
  3. I don’t think there are any with purple as a primary or contrasting color. I think the Trickster has in more recent times been using purple in his color scheme though.
  4. Why was “green” the favorite color of villains in the Silver Age?
  5. Yes, that is troubling. If I give them a large lot of books I usually ask for an advance, as like you here, I've found it can take months for all the payments to come through and I end up having to check with them about those last few stragglers.
  6. They won’t pay you until they get paid by the buyer, so if the buyers are lagging in getting their payments out, then the longer you are going to wait. I’ve found them to be quite upfront if you check with them about delays in payment.
  7. Great close up, powerful renditions of the Mole Man and the Skrull Slaver by the Jack and Joe. From FF #88 and #89.
  8. What a cool cover. Can't say I've ever seen it before. DC had some really great cover concepts in 1967-69.
  9. That's what got me about this one, after all these years, no one had separated the pages, it was left the way it was manufactured.