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  1. New addition to the collection, Adventures of Superman #497 (12/92) Second Printing, currently 1 of 4 in 9.8 grade. I won this on eBay for only $13.50, maybe the price was low because the auction ended the same night as Game of Thrones, or not that many people really care? I'm really pleased to add this to the collection, the book itself is beautiful. I just need the third print now, there are currently 2 in 9.8 out there somewhere.
  2. The only good sticker to have on a slab is either the Pacific Coast or Rocky Mountain pedigree sticker.
  3. I had no idea Dan Jurgens wrote on Thor, or for Marvel! Nice collection of sigs!
  4. If I had such a book, I would not tell anyone or display it for security and privacy concerns.
  5. Ahh, I see what you did there!
  6. Brandon Shepherd

    Detective 395

    Congratulations on the grail, it’s a beautiful cover and book for sure!
  7. Batman #241 F/VF range with Off-White to White pages $50 + $10 shipping Batman #242 Slightly Off-White to White Pages $30 + $10 shipping Or take both for $70 shipped See Page 1 and 2 for additional photos
  8. From Page 1, prices reduced, or all three can be had for $60 Shipped! AC #408 F/VF? Off-White to White Pages AC #410 VF+ w/ White Pages AC #443 FN/VF? Off-White to White Pages See Page 1 for additional photos.
  9. The Death and Return of Superman saga is so 90s, and also credited with the beginning of the publishing gluttony that paved the way for the market crash later in the decade. One such 90s thing about this set is the number of "Collector's Editions" released. I have most of these and enjoy them, but it has been frustrating finding them graded. These editions crowed just about every comic shop in America but I never see any raw 9.8 candidates. Most of the graded examples are also listed with high BIN prices, so I wait patiently for a regular auction. All four Superman titles cover dated June, 1993, were released with Collector's Editions along with regular or newsstand counterparts, starting with Adventures of Superman #500. AoS #500 was the prelude to the "Reign of the Supermen!" storyline, introducing four new Supermen. AoS #500 Collector's Edition came sealed with a trading card. I believe AoS #500 was the most ordered and distributed comic book of 1993. I had my eye on a few eBay auctions for 9.8 graded editions recently and was surprised to see them realize $50 to $75. The next Collector's Editions were the four Superman titles that followed AoS #500 with Die Cut covers, these editions also came with a centerfold poster. Then the real Superman finally returned, with two more (and shinny) Collector's Editions for Superman #82 and Adventures of Superman #505. What I have thus far. I just need the Collector's Editions of Superman #78, Adventures of Superman #501 and #505. I also need a scanner. As of this writing, AoS #505 has only 1 9.8 listed for both the regular and Collector's Edition.
  10. Welcome to the boards! CGC is the gold standard for comics grading. As others have noted, there have been periods of ups and downs in terms of grading strictness. This appears to be an era of tight grading. CGC has also had it's issues with Newton Rings but I still stick with them. CGC also has some great people on their staff who are very helpful in person at cons and through emails. The Registry and the Chat Boards are also nice (and free) services they provide.
  11. I spent some time catching up on this wonderful notebook, great stuff as always, friend! Shame on me for staying away for so long...
  12. Bidding ends 5/13 7:28 PM MST
  13. Got this guy on the bay! Bidding ends Monday night.