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  1. eBay strikes again! I haven’t seen the latest Star Wars yet. Don’t tell me anything (covering ears) la la la la la la la la!
  2. I'd like to propose a set name revision. Set: Superman (Doomsday Death Funeral Return) I'd like to request that the name be changed to "Superman: (Doomsday! Funeral for a Friend Reign of the Supermen!) The change would better reflect the chapters in this storyline.
  3. Jedi master to eBay seller of the six volume set: "The price is now $9.99."
  4. Does anyone here know if Batman #492 Third Printing came in one of those two or three packs as shown in @OtherEric post, or just in the box set that had the first part of Knightfall?
  5. I see this one, tempting... The census shows 0 9.8 second printings in grade, and one 1 in 9.6. I wonder how many of theses there are out there that are mislabeled. Now I'm interested in the Batman #457 variants also...
  6. Progress Check My first CGC book of 2020. I lucked out with this Vengeance 2nd printing. This piece was first listed on eBay and sold for $168.31 on 1/5/20. I was interested but I let it go. A few weeks later I noticed the same book/cert # listed again from the same seller. I checked with them to see if it really was the same book from the previous auction or if it was a duplicate and they had just used the wrong scan. To my relief it was the same book, the seller said that the winning bidder didn’t realize the book was a 2nd printing and asked to cancel the auction. I got another chance and a better price but that sucks for the seller. The same night I won this book a 9.8 of the 3rd printing also sold on eBay. The realized price was only a bit more that what I won for my 2nd printing, I thought the 3rd would go for much more. 4 down, 13 to go.
  7. Found this PEZ at Ace Hardware of all places. From Star Wars: The Last Jedi The Prea la The preator The... The Praetorian Guard
  8. First off, congratulations. What a display. Second, is that a Christopher Reeve Superman statue on the top left?
  9. Plastic crack. Actually, the car and the battle armor Batman are metal, but I’m sure it’s all good to still post here.