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  1. Talk about a gateway, now I have another Action Comics Weekly addition.
  2. I wonder if there is any merit to the rumor of an upcoming battle pack with Ahsoka and the orange troopers.
  3. I was lucky to find this one on eBay as it was listed as the 'wrong' grading company, the seller was also willing to deal. I've passed on so many of these weekly comics over the years (Action Comics #601-642) because the covers are hit or miss, but I really like the, um... calendar on the cover, yeah, that's it, the calendar is cool because it's dated Feb, 1989... Speaking of hit or miss, how does Phantom Lady's costume stay in place?
  4. THE REAL STEEL DEAL... ...IN YOUR FACE! I don't think I would call this a great cover but it has grown on me since it arrived in my collection. Superman must have oily skin, at least he won't have to worry about wrinkles as much. Sups, might I make a suggestion?
  5. Thought I’d update here, Assembly Square is now finished! I clocked in 15 hours building this beauty.
  6. Right?! I was so upset I punched all the collector’s packs and two packs at Toys ‘R’ Us back in the day. All those JLA #70 4th prints, AOS #499 3rd prints and MOS #20 2nd prints... So much damage! Now I really need tissues.
  7. The second to last book I needed, now in my hands. Now it comes down to Adventures of Superman #499... ... well, and Superman: The Legacy of Superman #1 and the Newstime special, tie-ins to 'Funeral' for completion sake. Superman: The Man of Steel #21 came from, it had been up for several months but I held off because I thought $99.95 was too much. I kept waiting to see if a 'Make an Offer' option would appear but it never did. also had an Adventures of Superman #499 in 9.8 for sale, but I did not care for the truncated DC Bullitt logo,
  8. If I had the money I would! That place has to make several thousand a day. A couple walked out with at least $800 worth of sets as I walked in.
  9. Got myself an early birthday present! Out of stock on but not in Lone Tree, Colorado. They were also out of bags.
  10. Good luck, if you get a 9.8 you’ll surely get a pretty penny for it.
  11. Wow, you have two Legacy of Superman second printings, that’s like capturing two Big Foots! Good luck my friend.