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  1. Superman #86 was my very first single, new Superman comic back in the day! Congratulations on the signatures and great video!
  2. The end 2020 saw the completion of the four Doomsday teaser/cameo issues second printings!
  3. Speaking of the Sand Superman and orange Neal covers, I also have this.
  4. That’s what I was thinking, the wording up top is almost truncated. That’s why I still have 15k!
  5. One last addition to my 2020 reign. I purchased another CGC 9.8 example of this book last October, however, I noticed later on that the top staple rusted. I probably should have tried to return it but I sold it off, with a rusty disclaimer. It's wired to see staple rust on a book from this era but the book came from a seller in Hawaii, probably the climate. Anyway, this piece is much more stronger in eye appeal and in a new holder to boot. 2020 was a terrible year to say the least but I was able to acquire several Reign of the Supermen pieces. Here's to a better 2021, Happy New