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  1. Here are a few quick thoughts and observations from my “bubble.” I’d say a majority of those collecting these books are only looking for raw, newsstand fresh, first printings. The real niche would be those collecting CGC examples. And then you have those who go for the Signature Series and the even smaller niche of getting the multiple printings graded. I’m no @RockMyAmadeus when it comes to analysis, But it looks like the seven Doomsday! Issues have the highest number of CGC submissions, with plenty of 9.8s for sale in the eBay bubble, especially Superman #75 and Man of Steel #18. The funeral issues don’t appear to be graded as much and the Reign chapter seems to be the least popular. I know that’s basic and I don’t have any numbers to quote. There is also the hubris that these boards (another bubble) have a big influence on the market. But maybe it’s helped to influence a few sellers to sub those multiple printings. Seeing the sudden census bump for the AOS #505 CE reminds me of Action Comics #686 second printing. A year ago this unicorn had its first 9.8 in the census, now today there are four. I also remember years ago when Man of Steel #18 fifth printing had less than 5 9.8s in the census, the book was called rare and now there are 38 9.8s listed, not a big number per say but it looks really big in the eBay bubble. Just some bubble thoughts that are not a statement of fact.
  2. Thank you, this is actually my second 9.8 of this book. I got my first one eight years ago really cheap, then I sold it a few years later on the boards along with a 9.8 AOS #500, which I got for only $24.99. I made a big purchase and I figured theses cheapie books would be easy to get again. Well, now a days AOS #500 regular edition goes for at least $90 in 9.8. I regret that decision now, as I had both books in 9.8 holders for less than $50...
  3. This is one of those threads where I stopped reading the comments several pages back, now I’m just looking at the pictures. Thank you @onlyweaknesskryptonite for the laughs.
  4. I’ve noticed this also with many of the multiple printings. I really want the regular edition of AOS #505 in 9.8 and there is only one in the census as of this writing.
  5. There is an Adventures #505 Collectors Edition in 9.8 on
  6. I’m laughing about your dream! Sorry to hear about the stress thou.
  7. Are they really in that nice of shape? I also thought I read somewhere that something similar happed in the late 80s with Mego Star Trek figures that really sank the prices down. Still, the MASK find is really neat.