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  1. A few years ago I began the project of reading every Batman comic and tpb I have from the mid eighties to the New 52. I made it to the end of No Man’s Land last year. I’m starting back up again and anxious to get to Jason’s return as Red Hood. I didn’t care for his return in the mid 2000s but I want to give it another chance and see.
  2. At least it’s not the Snickers commercial with Willem Dafoe.
  3. It looks like this buyer doesn’t care.
  4. I’m glad I threw this thread into the Lazarus Pit! Mu ha ha ha!!!!
  5. I came across this thread searching for “Batman #428 CGC 9.8 Value” on Google. I’m happy to say I just got one for less than some of the prices mentioned on page one of this thread, from 2009. Also, what a difference in census numbers a decade makes.
  6. I’ve brought a few labels to the CGC booth at a few shows when dropping off submissions, they thank me and act like I’ve handed them cash.
  7. Good ol Bay. What gets me is that anytime I sell a book for $100 or more I get instant payment, when I sell books that realize $20-$40 I get requests for payment deadline extensions.
  8. Sooooooo as a seller you can write negative feedback for a buyer who didn’t pay and it still marks as a positive? Whack. No more selling on eBay for me.
  9. This dip stick never paid, opened a case a got my final value fee back.
  10. Purchased on a family vacation in Hawaii back in June, 1994.