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  1. Brandon Shepherd

    This week in your Magazine collection.

  2. Brandon Shepherd

    This week in your Magazine collection.

    I know, I almost wish I never found it this year. Almost.
  3. Brandon Shepherd

    Infinite Bronze Horror Thread

    Latest pick up and my first Weird War Tales.
  4. I'll take it at 20% if still available .
  5. Is this it as far as new listings go?
  6. It was the, um, green hair. Yea, green hair, that’s why I picked it...
  7. Thanks! When I asked earlier in the thread if more Psycho books would be listed I had this cover in mind. I woke up this morning and found it was one of the few books left from the most recent batch. Thank you for being sleepy!
  8. Brandon Shepherd

    Would you ever choose to NOT sell to a specific customer?

    Kick ‘em when they’re up, kick ‘em when they’re down.