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  1. Hot Stuf’ #1 (Summer, 1974) $65 FN/VF White Pages Defects: Front cover stains Back cover rub Rusty staples
  2. Psycho #8 (September, 1972) Sold to @n2wdw FN/VF Off White to White Pages Defects: Spine Stress, binder tears, wrinkles. Interior front cover stain, writing on front cover.
  3. Vampirella #25 $64 June, 1973 NM- White Pages Defects: top right corner bend, front cover. Back cover, color breaks.
  4. Greetings, I'm listing a few Bronze Horror mags from my collection for sale on this thread. These are great books and I hope they can go to another great home. I picked these up a few years ago from a reliable boardie. Condition and Grading I'll describe each condition as best I can with photos, I'm not experienced with detecting restoration but I have checked each book, if a book you purchase from me is found to have restoration that I did not catch, the book maybe sent back for a refund. As for grading, I only have experience submitting modern books for grading, I respect and understand that it is completely different than grading differences between 8.0 and 9.0. I going with the grade descriptions from when I purchased the books. Please see photos for condition and feel free to ask any questions. All books will be well packed. The Terms Please no hall of shamers or probies. Payment I will only ship to mainland U.S. only and I only accept Pay Pal (USD). $10.00 for shipping, $2 per additional book. First timestamped gets it. Feel free to ask any question before submitting the smilie. Thank you for looking! B
  5. I got this for a fair price on eBay, with free shipping. It’s so nice, I think I’ll leave it sealed.
  6. I really should slow down with the LEGOS but I’m having so much fun! I ordered this gorgeous set from Amazon. I’m a little bummed the box got beat up in shipping. I ordered the overbox shipping but it came in an Amazon box. A small part of me wanted to return it but it wasn’t worth it. It’s more about what’s inside! I love the black and reds on this set. I also love the mini figures, especially the Knights of Ren. This set is tied with the Millennium Falcon for my favorite Rise of Skywalker set. I just need Poe Dameron’s X-Wing to have all the Rise of Skywalker ships.
  7. Latest pickup! Batman #497 Third Printing The outer cover almost matches up perfectly with the title logo.
  8. I’m really happy with this set. I was able to put it together in one night. I also really like the beautiful mini figure selection, such detail! I’ve really gotten back into LEGO due to the pandemic, I live really close to a Wal-Mart, but rarely went before the world shut down. Since it’s close and groceries are essential, and a toy there’s a toy section... Now I have most of the Episode 9 sets. Back to the Slave I, it’s probably going to be my favorite out of all the sets I’ve purchased so far. I do have a few gripes thou, those light brown circular pieces fall off easily next to the handle on the back of the set and the clear cockpit piece got scratched up big time in the polybag, but that’s all I can complain about. Question, since you had all the other versions, is the carbonate block piece that came in the 20th anniversary set the same piece that came with all the others versions?
  9. I won this on ComicLink recently for what I thought was a low price, compared to the average I got from a few recent sales. Another 9.8 just sold on eBay for $83 more than what I won my copy for. I didn’t buy this to flip but it’s nice to see books you have sell for higher prices than what you paid for them. I haven’t followed the prices on GPA or paid much attention to the hype surrounding Black Mask’s screen debut in the Birds of Prey film. I also haven’t heard good things about the film. I will be curious to see where prices will go from here. I have read this issue and the sequential Detective and Batman issues introducing Roman Sionis, a.k.a. Black Mask. This guy is savage. I wouldn’t agree with cover’s claim that Black Mask is ‘crazier’ than Joker or ‘deadlier’ than Ra’s but but he’s up there. Roman is straight out of American Psycho, I also thought of Oliver Stone’s Wall Street while reading the storyline, so he’s definitely a villain for the ‘80s.
  10. I scored this for cheap on eBay, no 9.8’s inside but still a cool relic from the past.
  11. I’ve tried for a raw issue of this book a few times over the years but it never worked out. I didn’t think I’d win this book for what I bid and that ain’t bad.
  12. I just need Superman #73 Second Printing in 9.8 now to have them all.