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  1. Came walking through the door this morning...
  2. Just picked up in a collection. Not sure why, but I just love the patina of it. Seems...right, somehow
  3. Those prices are around what I paid for my 9.6 a few years ago. Craaaaaaaaaazyyyyyyy maaaaaaaannnnn.........
  4. Last post in this was 2 years ago?!?! Let's wake it up....
  5. Not the nicest looking 7.0. Chipping. plus bad staple placement
  6. Might be Heritage is not the place to sell this book. TMNT is a book for the common man!
  7. Pretty strong price for this 6.0. $9k
  8. $9k for a 6.0
  9. I think the actual answer is, "whatever character is rumored to show up in a movie or TV show."
  10. SC22 is primed. The GL movie stigma has faded, WW and Aquaman movie were successful, and prime DC SA 1st apps are rare and scarce. Book has no where to go but up