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  1. Do you have artist Perlin, Jones or Sienkevich signing coming up also. Wanted to get all at once
  2. I wish IDW was doing a Signed Artist Edition. Similar to what they have done Sienkevich NEW MUTANTS or Keith THE MAXX
  3. Such short notice. Hopefully, there will be another signing opp
  4. Done. I grew up on Peter David's HULK. One of the best runs on that book
  5. Great choices. I would get an X-men #94. Might be a 9.0 but still a solid book
  6. I have 3 of them with the #000. I don't think CGC is aware of this error, because I have another that was graded a few months back and nothing was noted on the Label.
  7. Do you hard cover magazines also?
  8. Agreed. Most first issues have a high run, the second issues have a lower run. Ex: Conan the Barbarian #2, Wolverine #2 & Spiderman #2. In the case of GSXM (intro of team) has a high run but UXM 94 has a lower run
  9. My top 4: HULK 181 X-men 94 ASM 129 GiANT Size X-men 1
  10. Did Claremont ever reveal who betrayed the X-men in the future? It seemed to have been left hanging along with mysteries.