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  1. Dave reached out to me out of the blue admiring a book I posted in one of the club threads years ago and politely asked if I had any interest in selling. I told him that I wasn’t planning on selling it but asked him to make an offer. He didn’t mess around with any sort of lowball offer and I accepted. He told me he’d need some time to pay as he just made a very large purchase prior to our deal. We agreed on the timeframe for payment and Dave paid well I’m advance of that period. He had great communication throughout including emailing me to express gratitude for selling him the book as well as to tell me it arrived safely. He was an absolute pleasure to deal with and I hope to deal with him again in the future.
  2. Just checked. In 17 years on eBay, I have a whopping 9 sales: a pair of snowboarding boots that were new and didn’t fit me, some baseball cards and a card from Topps Huddle. Not a real Power Seller.
  3. I’ve never sold a single book on eBay and don’t have anything listed on eBay right now aside from a single SWCT card. I’ve ONLY sold books from my personal collection on the Boards. You must think I’m someone else on eBay.
  4. I’m on Page 7 and have a lot of catching up to do and don’t even know if I’m jumping in the middle of a big back and forth, but here goes... To me, this place is dead. Meaning, it’s not my go to place anymore. I rarely even log in these days and it’s mainly to see if friends have PMed me (instead of just texting) and I need to respond. And I don’t say that without having a heavy heart. I miss this place. A lot. I found this place doing a Google search for a DD #254 9.8 and finding a long dead sales thread and jumping in with a total noob move and throwing out a I also started WTB threads in Comics General. It was bad. But I took my lumps, lurked and watched and learned as best I could how the place ticked and what was what. It was easier because the old timers kept noobs in check and kept this place running smoothly. I feel like they’re all gone now for the most part. The only analogy I can come up with is that this place was a fun hang out or bar like Cheers. The old-timers had been in this place for a long time. They all knew each other. You could “trust” them in that if they were loons, would they really be around all that time without being chased away? They all had their seat at the bar and you wanted to be part of it and their conversation. It was worth investing time and energy getting to know people because they’d be there next month. It was like moving to a small town and getting to know your neighbor: the good, the bad, and the future HOS member. But you knew who you were talking to for the most part or someone did. It wasn’t ALL just based on money. But I feel like things started to change even before the “New Boards”. I don’t know if it was CBCS and the splintering of the Boards into the Comic Book Forum, CBCS Or Ditch’s Forum. But all of those old, familiar “faces” were disappearing more and more and being replaced by the latest “Joined: January 18, 2018” who was just trying to sell you his latest Variant cover and had no interest in really seeing how his place ticked. So, what was once the comfortable local watering hole where people knew each other became the hotel bar where you didn’t know if the guy sitting next to you was going to try to scam you or had dead hookers in his trunk. You also didn’t know if that fellow patron would be there in a month so why bother. We used to have Friday night threads, pernts, Locked Thread Points Challenge and comedic epic meltdowns. Then bums got hurt so those all went away. I honestly do miss this place a lot, but what was already starting to feel less and less like “Home” really felt like they tore down “Cheers” and put in an TJI Friday’s instead. The place was loud, busy and never felt right and you had to ask the hostess where the bathroom was because everything was different. Gone were familiar faces and replaced by the latest noob standing on top of a chair with his shirt off making an of himself for attention and then crying when he didn’t get the attention he wanted. That made it easier to adjust to life without the Boards. I’m not going to throw any sort of “I’m done with this place” because I don’t think I can ever fully walk away. But never really checking out has changed in to checking in very sporadically.
  5. What a person_who_is_obnoxiously_self-impressed. Oh no...a one year ban from buying from him. Why do people continue to buy from insufficiently_thoughtful_persons like that?
  6. I voted for Jr. by mistake. Move one vote from Jr. to Sr.