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  1. Real nice copy with an old grade date (2005). Pressing history unknown, but it has some pressable defects. As is, I wouldnt question it if it was sitting in a 9.0 case. Corners are very nice and clean. Asking 300 shipped ConUS. PayPal, check or MO. Take it in thread trumps all. More pics available upon request. * Looking for an ASM 300 and would be happy to consider a trade cash up or down depending on grade.
  2. Pal of mine is looking so shoot me a PM.
  3. Headed to work and after AJD - so I’ll take 7 10 cent horror or 42 headphones in that order. Thanks and great job.
  4. Looking for a reputable dealer for a Hemsworth signed photo for a friend. In an Avengers costume would be a plus. If this is in the wrong area, I apologize. Thanks in advance!!