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  1. SS 1 A real nice copy. No tanning About a Fine/Fine - Asking $385
  2. Subby 1 I’m guessing VG ish. Asking $225 NOW $160!
  3. IM 1 - Some tanning going on here but a gorgeous book with nice color. I’m going to guess Fine plus because of tanning. Purely a guess. Asking $425
  4. Been a bit since I’ve sold anything on the boards but thought I’d give it a shot. First in thread wins. Will haggle via PM please. Shipping is included in price to CONUS. Paypal, check or MO is fine by me. Books are guaranteed to be resto free. Returns no prob within a week of delivery if not happy for any reason. No books being sold here have been pressed or harmed in any way. Will consider trades up/down for an ASM 300
  5. Those fingerprints are going to hurt the grade. 9.0-9.2.
  6. Real nice copy with an old grade date (2005). Pressing history unknown, but it has some pressable defects. As is, I wouldnt question it if it was sitting in a 9.0 case. Corners are very nice and clean. Asking 300 shipped ConUS. PayPal, check or MO. Take it in thread trumps all. More pics available upon request. * Looking for an ASM 300 and would be happy to consider a trade cash up or down depending on grade.
  7. Pal of mine is looking so shoot me a PM.