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  1. the site was a great resource for looking up creative teams, publish dates, etc for comics but it is now defunct. what other sites do people use?
  2. I purchased a vintage Mark Texeira convention sketch recently and was pleasantly surprised to find a loose penciled page layout on the backside. The sketch was dated 3/20/99. does anyone have any idea what title/issue/page this is?
  3. I keep my AE books stacked inside their boxes and I have the large studio edition Frank Cho Drawing Beautiful women art book from Flesk that is 12"x17" stored with my AE and it bothers me that it doesn't have its own box...
  4. yeah, without even looking at the 'Romita' piece the sellers negative feedback for selling fakes and current listings that include Picasso, Warhol, Banksy & Watterson is all you need to see to know that you should run far far away. not to mention all the listings also include typical scammer CYA statements like "no COA, offered as in the manner of" or "this is being sold as a souvenir painting attributed to X, this is not being sold as a painting painted by X", "this was purchased at an estate sale/flea market/street fair/etc."
  5. Speaking of 'fair market value' and comps, I was recently contacted by a seller/artist rep based on the contents of my CAF gallery directing me to some of his inventory. now, I had seen the items he had listed for sale, they've been listed with prices for over 3 years and remain unsold. I never bothered contacting him or making an offer since his prices and mine were so far apart but since he pushed I replied and he was 'insulted'. So if there are no comparables to be found and if pieces are listed for years at a price and remain unsold what is 'fair market value'?
  6. The Donnelly's have always done shady stuff but passing off a recreation cover as the original is by far the worst. I once owned a cover (and some interior pages) for an unpublished Punisher 2099 "fill-in" story by Duke Mighten & Scott Koblish. The artist confirmed that the art was for an issue that never saw print. The cover had no title dress (corner art, title logo, etc) when I sold it via comiclink but after the Donnelly's acquired it was listed as an alternate "1st version" #1 cover:
  7. I've never commissioned a full blown big money studio commission but have gotten many con sketches and they have always been a cra pshoot, even with an artist you love doing a character they're known for, but it was much easier rolling the dice when prices were more reasonable. it's a lot easier writing off fifty bucks compared to the couple of hundred dollars now that many artists charge. My ratio was slightly better than 1:10 but I've had a lot of misses that have ended up on ebay. Early on I also had several con sketches that were prepaid for and were promised to be completed by the end of the show that ended up dragging on for years, some people seem to be fine with that but I couldn't stand that. I have many con sketches in my collection but most of them were purchased second hand where you see what you're getting.
  8. Beautiful piece. If you don't mind sharing, how much was he charging for that level of detail?
  9. thanks for the info. ugh... facebook. I used to be on the stelfreeze yahoo email group before it migrated to facebook which I don't use.
  10. Does anyone know if Juanjo Guarnido was doing any sketching (beyond quickie head sketches) at NYCC? and if so what his rates were? Also, Brian Stelfreeze, what is his current sketching policy at cons?
  11. How about the total lack of professionalism and downright criminal behavior of some artists with regards to commissions where money changes hands and people are left waiting years for their art and how the hobby in general lets it slide?
  12. I'd like to direct any fan's of Tim Vigil's prelims/sketches to check out this post in the marketplace where you can find some nice pieces very reasonably priced:
  13. bump. Just a reminder that the Vigil art auctions will begin closing on Saturday and Sunday nights. If you're a fan of Vigil's there is something for everyone: zombies, vampires, angels/demons, nudes and more! Everything is very reasonably priced with some pieces starting at just ten bucks, 1/3 of the listings already have bids and lots of watchers on everything so if you like something bid early and bid often! win multiple items and save with combined shipping.
  14. I picked up a box of books that was stored in someones basement and while flipping through one of the books came across what looks like some sort insect damage? see photo. Any ideas on what caused this? The box is in my car because I'm afraid of bringing whatever caused this into my house.