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  1. bump, the first batch of Tim Vigil art auctions close tomorrow. check 'em out, tons of cool sketches very reasonably priced. great way to scratch that original art itch without breaking the bank, get lots of bang for your buck!
  2. I am selling some art on behalf of Tim Vigil on eBay, check it out if you are interested: If you’re a Vigil fan bookmark my auctions, there’s lots more artwork to come...
  3. can you clarify about the JRJR piece, was that through Spencer Beck/ or some facebook group?
  4. About seven years ago I attended a construction industry convention (CONEXPO-CON/AGG) in Las Vegas where the Toshiba booth had an artist doing caricatures. Although there’s a good chance the artist has nothing to do with comics I would still like to identify the artist if possible.
  5. someone started a new similar thread but I'll add here too, I love getting sketches/remarques in books. I have over 50 in a gallery on CAF: Some favorites are by Mark Texeira, Mark Schultz, and Darwyn Cooke:
  6. cool topic. I love getting sketches or remarques in books and have over 50 of them in a directory on CAF: some favorites include David Petersen, Bill Sienkiewicz, & Brian Stelfreeze:
  7. Those are all the Sunday strip prelims that I mentioned in my post, I’m interested in dailys.
  8. Heritage auctions has sold thousands of Garfield daily strip prelim art pieces in the past year in giant lots (by year) but with the exception of a few Sunday strip prelims I haven’t see any trickle into the secondary market. If anyone reading this picked up any of these big lots and would be willing to sell or trade a few daily’s please let me know.
  9. there was also a Superman Spiderman crossover story from the Marvel Treasury Edition #28.
  10. Care to expand on this comment? What is the concern with that site? Are they known for quality problems?
  11. There are some fantastic pieces posted in this thread! I was introduced to RGK via the great IDW Father of Heroic Fantasy book which made me want more Krenkel so I picked up The Art of Roy G. Krenkel, Cities and Scenes, and some issues of Illustration Magazine. What other modern artists can evoke a similar feel in their work to Krenkel? I think these Tim Vigil illustrations have a Krenkel vibe:
  12. Here are a couple of Tim Vigil zombie sketches (these are currently listed on ebay along with a bunch of other Halloween themed art, ie witches, vampires, zombies, werewolves, etc.):
  13. bump... The Vigil Halloween themed art auctions end tomorrow afternoon. Check 'em out, lots of very affordable and fantastic art!
  14. I just listed 30 new Halloween themed Tim Vigil art pieces on ebay, Tons of witches, vampires, werewolves, and zombies.... check them out here:
  15. Bump. Auctions begin to close tomorrow night. I also added a bunch of pieces to my CAF: