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  1. When did eBay start collecting tax? Is it for all states or certain ones? I just got hit up for unexpected tax for a purchase made from someone in PA.
  2. He also had 9” x 12” tight shaded pencil “prelim” illustrations for 2K. ( he called them prelims because they were used for later larger finished illustrations but they were not your typical prelims).
  3. same here, I miss the word balloons, or better yet hand lettering. When did all digital lettering become common? I have pages from '92 that have paste up word balloons and some from '94 that don't so it must have happened some time in the early '90's. And the whole separate pencils and inks over blue line prints, when did that become common?
  4. Ugh, this scumbag is really cranking them out:
  5. Brian, awesome piece! I know the satisfaction of reuniting a prelim and finished piece, I have a couple of John Buscema pieces like that.
  6. Similar to the Mignola and Tim Sale threads, how about one for Mark Schultz? I saw Mark today at the ECCC and picked up a cool dino piece and he was nice enough to do couple small sketches in my books. He told me the prelim was for an unused wine bottle label for CapRock winery located in the Texas panhandle circa 2011. By any chance does anyone have pictures of the final labels he illustrated?
  7. Can you provide a list of the titles/issue numbers the lot of guides includes?
  8. Yeah, it doesn’t look godawful terrible like many eBay fakes but I agree with topfuel and think it’s fake. It looks ‘flat’ to me and off, but are there any examples out there of Mignolas finished pencils pre-ink? I’m not counting the loose sketches he sells.
  9. Thoughts?
  10. Zecks prelims are awesome, so tight, I have several:
  11. Awesome JSC piece! I’m a big fan of prelims, great way to get cool art at affordable prices. My latest prelim is a Tim Sale sketchbook cover.
  12. It says not available. This sold out quickly after it was released last year.
  13. FYI, If anyone’s looking for a copy of the remarqued Zeck Artist Edition there’s one with a Cap profile currently on eBay.
  14. Does anyone know how to contact Mark Schultz? Does he sell his art personally or have a rep? Any info is appreciated.