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  1. Sold some more books and added more. I'll continue to add throughout the day. I just added some reading sets from the 1980s - Twisted Tales, Rip in Time, Mr Monster, Boris the Bear - plus a few other items.
  2. I made a couple sales. I just added more to my booth. I'll add more later as well.
  3. It has been a while since I have participated in a VCC, but I would like to set up a booth this weekend. Is there any significance to the North, South, East, West halls? Are they organized by what sellers are selling? Or, do I just randomly choose a hall?
  4. I thought the first crossover was Pep #4/Top Notch #5 with The Shield and The Wizard. Both of those were May 1940 while MM #8 was June 1940. The Pep/Top Notch story ran through multiple issues and features of both titles.
  5. Thank you. I am only partially ashamed to say that I was not aware that was a comic character...
  6. I would be willing to bet that photo on the left was taken prior to 1923. If so, it is a public domain photo and has no bearing on what has been talked about in this thread.