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  1. Rules: No HoS, Probation buyers Shipping to the continental US included Paypal, check, MO accepted Amazing Spiderman #194 CGC 9.6 White Pages $495 I bought this book raw. This was the first book I have had pressed, and it was pressed by CSS. There was a tiny dimple on the cover that I thought could be pressed and get a 9.6, maybe a 9.8. The dimple was the only flaw I could see. The book presented vey well prior to the press.
  2. In addition, eBay is forcing the collection and payment of sales tax that is not due. Each state has its definition of nexus. Depending on the state, a seller may need to transact $250,000 in that state to be required to make state sales tax payments. They are forcing a payment that is not required and profiting from it (at least Paypal is and eBay will as well as their payment system ramps up).
  3. I like it. A day that will live in infamy.
  4. My latest one - 1987. At one point, I thought it would be cool to collect as many days of the year that I could.
  5. A few more interior pages including a splash that is appropriate given that it is Good Friday.
  6. Not at all. I flipped through the book hoping to see the page. The interior of the book is quite good with striking B&W art. I wonder the same thing as readcomix though. Maybe Iron Man of Ancient Rome was never published.
  7. That is a cool page of art, but it is not in The Centurion of Ancient Rome.
  8. eccomics bumped a Catholic comics thread in which I posted. It got me thinking I should post about these books. This is my copy of The Centurion of Ancient Rome. I searched for a little while before finding this copy. It is published by Zondervan Publishing House 1958. On the back cover, there is an ad for The Iron man of Ancient Rome. I have never seen a copy of that book. Does it exist? Has anyone seen a copy?
  9. It is near zero risk. Yes, the interest rate is low for the banks, but origination fees start at 5% (declining to 1% for loans over $2 mm). Most loans will be forgiven and paid by the Federal government. Making up to 5% on risk free loans from the government in 3 months is actually quite good. I would think JP Morgan skews to the higher loans and lower origination fees. Has anyone received funds yet? My wife applied (non-comic biz) on Friday. No funds here yet.
  10. When I learned to grade in the 1980s, I seem to remember date stamps were treated negatively. I've always liked them though especially cool dates. I think catrick had a horror book in one of his sales threads with a Halloween date stamp. Someone snagged it before I could.
  11. Bumping this thread. These never got listed on eBay. My selling limits would not allow it and the limits were not resolved in time for me to take advantage of the ebay promotion. Offers are always considered. If no Paypal is an issue, we can discuss using it as a payment. I am not looking for any trades at this time. If I were to trade, it would have to be nicely in my favor as I would plan to sell the books from the trade.
  12. Mask back cover. It was giving me problems in the original post.
  13. Mask Comics #1 CGC 1.0 $4,500 Grader Notes: coupon cut out left bottom of back cover large piece out right bottom of front cover large piece re-attached with tape right bottom of back cover large slice right bottom of front cover large, one half split bottom of spine moderate scribbling full top of front cover staple detached bottom of cover
  14. Crime Patrol #15 CGC 5.0 $4,500 This presents very well for the grade. The bug chew on the back cover held back the grade. It feels very nice in hand with nice page quality. Grader Notes: heavy creasing to cover heavy staining to cover light rusted staples to cover moderate chews right center of back cover moderate tears to cover
  15. Chamber of Chills #19 CGC 3.5 $6,000 A 1.8 just sold this week at Heritage for $3,120. Grader Notes: heavy creasing to cover heavy staining to cover heavy tanning interior cover heavy tears to cover