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  1. So, it may not be $150 minimum? If I was going to submit a $1,000 book through Standard for $65, but instead submitted the same book at a show, how much would it be?
  2. I've never submitted to CGC either. How much is onsite grading? Is it the "walkthrough" service you are buying? So, 3% of value with $150 min?
  3. If I recall, Shadroch, you lied about your dog being a comfort dog to get a break on rent. Damn capitalist want to stick their grubby fingers everywhere.
  4. Our town hosts Second Saturday events every month. This month's theme is Super Hero Saturday. One of the events will be a super hero themed escape room in a 1920s bank building. There will be a live super hero behind bars. Game players will have 15 minutes to unlock three puzzles and save the super hero. I saw the room last night and it looks pretty cool. Salem is ~35 minutes from Youngstown and Canton and ~90 minutes from Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Watch Tower Comics from Columbiana, OH will be doing some promotion at the local coffee house. Come by and check it out. Any shop owners or potential shop owners, let me know that you might be coming to town. Cosplay is welcome and encouraged. The event is: Saturday Sept 14th 542 E State St Salem, OH 44460 Games start every 20 minutes - sign up at the building 10:00 am - 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm Sign up begin at 9:30 am
  5. Always meant to pick up a Pop Hollinger you know how to decipher the ink code?
  6. Stalin, hammer & sickle, The Beaver Strikes all in one cover...