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  1. @wombatit's here! Thank you so much for the gifts! A special shout out to @skypinkblu for checking in on this as well.
  2. I received my #1 pick today from @comicdonna
  3. I'm still in shock that I received the 1st pick. I don't post much unless I'm looking to fill my golden age Batman run. I always look forward to the raffle and Secret Santa. Thanks to everyone that helps get them done every year. I collect mainly DC so with my #1 pick I'll be selecting #15 - (Showcase 55 - CGC 6.0)
  4. @The SledderYes I will be picking live. I can submit my pick now if you'd like.
  5. My raffle item: Mystery Box of Archie related comics
  6. I have purchased many GA Batman from Matt and everything about the transaction was perfect.