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  1. I was not a fan of the NOW Silver Surfer run. The story was and I am personally not a fan of the Allred interiors.
  2. $1500 is a very high price tag for a luncheon. However, if the remark is on one of his rare convention variants and is a legit character, I feel it could be worth it. I am a big JSC fan and I certainly dont feel alienated by the price tag. It could be the only time I would ever get to sit down and hang out with my favorite artist. If I can generate the funds, I will probably do it.
  3. While a Campbell variant might be what my PC wants, the investor in me would go with a NYX #3 CGC 9.8
  4. I guess I am in the minority in this respect. I hope he continues to pump out more work and I could care less what the print run is on any of it. As a JSC collector, I love the amount of work he is putting out and the fact that I can get it for"retail."
  5. This is as shocking a revelation as a *insert professional* wanting to do more *professional work* for money. The nerve!
  6. I keep holding out hope that Ashley Eckstien will come to Dallas.....maybe one day.....