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  1. Hi Adonis, These were home commissions. Dolton is an incredible talent.
  2. Love how these turned out. Now time to think about what I want for round 2
  3. I bought one of these Darkhawk shirts. I'm super impressed by the quality of the material and the print. https://www.ebay.com/itm/362769226091
  4. Pencils by Matt Dalton w/ colors by John Charles. I added the logos and tweaked it a little on photoshop
  5. Jim Lee attended last years Washington Summer con. His "VIP" CGC package handlers were Godfather's Comics. During his signing Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair were part of the package. You couldn't add any other signatures since Lee's handlers were just there for Jim Lee's "VIP" package. CGC wasn't there at that con, just another facilitator and they were not working together to add any other artists. Godfather comics took your books from you as soon as they were signed. I wanted to add Chris Claremont to my books, but that wasn't allowed. Luckily I didn't have Claremont sign first with the other facilitator, cause then it wouldn't have been authenticated. Idk how ECCC will handle this signing since CGC will be there, but the whole "Jim Lee experience" is pricey. That doesn't include grading btw, so you're looking at around $100 per book after grading. If you never met him before it might be worth it. The time you get to be in front of his is very limited. You are just prodded along the cattle line to speed things up. Just a quick signature and no sketch
  6. He was actually super quick. Waited about a week for my turn, and he cranked it out in a couple days. I'm super impressed by his level of detail. I'm going to send him some comic blanks for a couple more pieces. I think he would kill Moon Knight, and thinking of him recreating Darkhawk #17 with Venom instead of the Russian Dude.
  7. There's these boards from 1994 for $200 https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F122999546409
  8. Does anyone know where I can buy some offical Marvel art boards? I have a couple of commissions planned, and would love the artist to use those boards. The only place I saw them for sale was an old link from 2003 when Marvel made them available to the public. I imagine published artists have easy access to them, but are they allowed to sell them?
  9. I did send a window bag/board along with the slab with the color written on it. Now to think of it I believe I had the cut out on the upper part of the book. Maybe the bag was thrown away when it was cracked out?
  10. After a week in the mail I finally got my subs back. Pretty happy with the grades I received. 2/8 Todd's. Sharpie preference was pretty much ignored, but they looked good except for my Image United multi sig. His lone black signature really stands out against the other gold ones. It's was an odd choice especially when he signed half my other books in gold. My OCD is wanting me to start over again.
  11. Mike Manley reproduction, recently had Alex Sinclair color it
  12. I'm loving my new sketch cover by Scott Williams