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  1. 1. Deadly Class 2. Black Science 3. Tokyo Ghost Haven't read Low.
  2. Was that on Ebay? I was wondering why it didn't get picked up sooner. Yep, bought it from eBay...I think the seller has a few. He has another 9.9 up on eBay now. It's 071/251
  3. Awesome book! I got this one in the mail last week:
  4. Seem like #0 to me. Lots off scenario setting and back story in each...
  5. Agreed. Action 957 made me excited to get a new Superman comic every week. Having said that, Action 957 is not a good jumping on point. You still need to have read Superman: Lois and Clark as well as The Final Days of Superman arc. Superman Rebirth last week gives some context, but not enough.
  6. Episode 1 airs tonight here in Australia. Looking forward to it!
  7. Enjoyed #14 very much. Bummed though to wait another 3-4 months for the plot to advance. No mention of it in the August solicitations, so it'll be at least September. #14 was a great read though...
  8. The FCBD Black Mask book is now available for free (or donation) digital download. Link from the WCNGH Facebook page: NOISETRADE: FCBD Black Mask
  9. Finishing up next issue with #5. Said they might do another arc through another format. Really enjoyed this one. Wish it could have continued through Image.
  10. Proud to join the #1 club. If there isn't a club, there should be.
  11. I love how this thread starts with you discovering these variants and then building your collection. Congrats, so many great covers...