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  1. 1. Deadly Class 2. Black Science 3. Tokyo Ghost Haven't read Low.
  2. Was that on Ebay? I was wondering why it didn't get picked up sooner. Yep, bought it from eBay...I think the seller has a few. He has another 9.9 up on eBay now. It's 071/251
  3. Awesome book! I got this one in the mail last week:
  4. Seem like #0 to me. Lots off scenario setting and back story in each...
  5. Agreed. Action 957 made me excited to get a new Superman comic every week. Having said that, Action 957 is not a good jumping on point. You still need to have read Superman: Lois and Clark as well as The Final Days of Superman arc. Superman Rebirth last week gives some context, but not enough.
  6. Episode 1 airs tonight here in Australia. Looking forward to it!
  7. Enjoyed #14 very much. Bummed though to wait another 3-4 months for the plot to advance. No mention of it in the August solicitations, so it'll be at least September. #14 was a great read though...
  8. The FCBD Black Mask book is now available for free (or donation) digital download. Link from the WCNGH Facebook page: NOISETRADE: FCBD Black Mask
  9. Finishing up next issue with #5. Said they might do another arc through another format. Really enjoyed this one. Wish it could have continued through Image.
  10. Proud to join the #1 club. If there isn't a club, there should be.
  11. I love how this thread starts with you discovering these variants and then building your collection. Congrats, so many great covers...
  12. Haha. Like I said, I really wanted to like it. I pressed on for about six more issues then I wanted to, it just hasn't grabbed me. I hope it continues to do well though. Might try again and read it in trades in a few years.
  13. So I've decided to drop Descender. I really want to like it, but I just don't look forward to reading it each month. And (don't shoot me) I don't like the art. Not sure that I've ever come across a book or artist so resoundingly praised that I don't enjoy.
  14. Just read it. Felt it was a perfect ending to a great creative run. But,
  15. I just went on the Image website and answered my own question. Case closed. It's the start of the arc.
  16. So was #25 the last issue of Year 2, or the first issue of the last arc of Year 2? It didn't feel like the end of an arc...
  17. Fair enough, but as a business Image need to maintain the integrity of their brand. They should have jumped in immediately and funded the last two PP issues so you guys could finish on schedule. They should be encouraging you to complete the current RQ arc before putting the title on hold. And they should be enquiringly about Pisces. Ten months since the last issue is a long time if the primary reason is because Johnnie's father passed. That's an awful thing for anyone to go through, but most if not all of us on these boards have employers who would expect us back at work after a few weeks (hope that doesn't make me sound like a jerk). Maybe I don't fully inderstand the role of Image.
  18. I completely agree. To kill Panzerfaust with 2 issues left actually shows a pretty high degree of disregard for loyal customers. And as far as Kurtis being busy, maybe he should lay off the Dming and be more committed to his projects. From Bleeding Cool "His other Image title Peter Panzerfaust also remains on hiatus, But hid new book with Mindy Lee, Bounty is for Dark Horse Comics and out in June instead." Oh man. I now have three titles by Kurtis in my 'Maybe one day' pile. I forgot about Pisces. That died after #3... Still hoping all three make a comeback, but may have to take a pass on Bounty. Not seeing much incentive to start a new title.
  19. As a big fan of this book (and PP) - that hurts. I can accept the decision as long as there's not a new title coming out in the near future from Kurtis. Whilst Image is by far and away my favourite publisher, they do have a tendency to put zero focus on finishing out titles properly, and huge investment in a never ending conveyor belt of new titles. I get that sales can be a defining factor, but if I was building a strategy for Image I'd make one of the goals to have less #1 and more #30+. I really feel that readers would be more loyal to the titles they enjoy if the weren't constantly having to reevaluate their pull list to accomodate more new titles from their favourite artists. PP was two issues from completion when the book became no longer financially viable for the artists. I get that, but surely Image needed to step in at the time and fund the last two issues for the sake of their brand and their audience. First ever rant. Apologies.
  20. From memory #27 was the end of the first book, and Uber: Invasion starts some time this year. Not sure if it will launch as #28 or with new numbering.
  21. One issue to go. I'm not crying, I just have something in my eye ok!