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  1. Please add the following to "Silver Surfer (1982-1998)": Incredible Hulk #463 Incredible Hulk #464 Thank you!
  2. Hello, Please add Silver Surfer: Black #2 (Camuncoli Sketch Cover) Silver Surfer: Black #4 (2nd Printing) Silver Surfer: Black #5 (Tormey Variant Cover A) Silver Surfer: Black #5 (Tormey Variant Cover A) to "Silver Surfer: Black (Complete)." Thanks.
  3. Hello, Please add Marvel Fanfare #51 (cert #2120196019) to "Silver Surfer (1982-1998)." Thanks. Slot Created. Thank you
  4. Hello, Please create the following two sets: Cosmic Powers (1994) and Cosmic Powers Unlimited (1995) Cosmic Powers has six issues (1-6), and Cosmic Powers Unlimited has five issues (1-5). Thanks.
  5. Hello, Please add Cosmic Powers Unlimited 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 to "Silver Surfer (1982-1998)." Thanks. Slots Created. Thank you
  6. Ultimates 2 (2017) set has #1 "variant edition" listed, but there is no corresponding book in the census for issue #1. Can you please delete this slot for this set?
  7. Hello, Please add Marvel Illustrated: Swimsuit Issue #1 to both "Silver Surfer (Master Set)" and "Silver Surfer (1982-1998)." Thanks. Slots Created. Thank you
  8. So, the Wizard Authentic Edition, by definition, will only get a qualified label when it is graded?
  9. In the census, "Presidential Material" issues are all #nn. https://www.cgccomics.com/census/issues_bytitle.asp?title=Presidential+Material%3a+Barack+Obama&publisher=IDW+Publishing https://www.cgccomics.com/census/issues_bytitle.asp?title=Presidential+Material%3a+Barack+Obama+%26+John+McCain&publisher=IDW+Publishing https://www.cgccomics.com/census/issues_bytitle.asp?title=Presidential+Material%3a+John+McCain&publisher=IDW+Publishing In the registry set "Obama Master Set," the issues of Presidential Material (regular, 2nd print, 3rd print, 4th print) are not numbered consistently. The regular (1st print) and 4th print are listed as "#1" and not "#nn." Is this something we can fix? Get it aligned to the numbering in the census? Thanks!
  10. What's the difference between the regular, Wizard Authentic Edition, and Wizard Special Edition of Devil's Reign 1/2 (1997)? Devil's Reign 1/2 census link: https://www.cgccomics.com/census/grades_standard.asp?title=Devil's+Reign&publisher=Marvel-Wizard+Pub.&issue=1%2F2&year=1997&issuedate=3%2F97 Regular looks like this: I assume that either the Wizard Authentic Edition or the Wizard Special Edition is different from the regular because of the silver "Witchblade" lettering, but I have no idea which is which. My guess is that the silver lettering edition is the "Wizard Special Edition"...does that sound right? The only other version of this issue that I've seen is a signed edition with the lettering of the regular version (see below). (Also, I'm not sure what the square "hologram" in the upper left hand corner is...is this what makes this the "Wizard Authentic Edition"?) The census lists only one graded copy of the Wizard Authentic Edition, and it's a qualified 9.6, so is it possible that this signed edition with the hologram is the "Wizard Authentic Edition"? And if so, why is it not just a regular copy with a qualified grade? Is it possible to see what the slab indicia say for each of these editions? Any thoughts/comments are appreciated. Thanks all.
  11. Great transaction, 100% recommended -Chris