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  1. Hi Molly, Please add the following to "Silver Surfer (Master Set)" and "Silver Surfer (1982-1998)": Green Lantern/Silver Surfer: Unholy Alliances #nn (cert. #1394254001) Thank you!
  2. Hi Molly, Please add the following to "Ultimates 2 (2017)" set: Ultimates 2 #3 (variant) (cert #1463505025) Ultimates 2 #4 Thank you!
  3. Hi Molly, Please add the following to "Rocket Raccoon & Groot" set: Rocket Raccoon & Groot #1 (2nd printing) (cert #1463505006) Rocket Raccoon & Groot #4 (Campbell variant cover) (cert #1463505007) Thank you!
  4. Hi Mollie, Can you please add the following to the "Obama Master Set"? Obama: Inaugural Edition #1, cert #0955077031 Thanks. -Chris
  5. Hi Molly, Please add the following to "Obama Master Set": Archie 616 variant Archie 617 variant Thank you!
  6. Hi Rich, I'll take one. Please PM me with book options and cost. Thanks!
  7. Not yet. Bowen's stuff is still the hobby standard. Do you have his statues and busts from his Bowendesigns company? John Yes, I do. That's why I was asking....would love some Bowen work on Guardians of the Galaxy
  8. Hi Mollie, Can you please add the following set? Weirdworld (2015) (e.g. Cert. #1406615001) Thanks. -Chris
  9. Hi Mollie, Can you please add the following to the "Obama Master Set"? Youngblood v4 #8 (regular), cert #0158022003 Thanks. -Chris
  10. Hi Mollie, Can you please add the following to the "Rocket Raccoon & Groot" set? #7, regular #8, regular #9, regular #10, regular Thanks. -Chris
  11. I'm sure this has been addressed somewhere on the boards, so please feel free to reply with a link... Is Randy Bowen back in business yet? I know he had an ugly divorce the forced him to liquidate Bowen Designs, but I wasn't sure if he was making statues again. Anyone have any news about this?
  12. Hi Mollie, Can you please add the following to the "Silver Surfer (2016)" set? #6, regular #7, regular #8, regular Thanks. -Chris
  13. Hi Mollie, Can you add the following sets? Ultimates (2016) Ultimates 2 (2017) Ultimates 2 (2017) might not be ready yet because the census only shows issue #1. Thank you.
  14. The only way you get a true test is if you ask about Donald Trump's first appearance, Canucklehead However, your microaggresion has been duly noted....., :think: Truer words have never been spoken...
  15. BTW, just to make a point....this post is STILL up and running, which I support. Both of my "Trump in comics history" posts were yanked. Kinda BS, IMHO.
  16. Voldemort has a verified Obama signature on the ASM issue. They deputized a congressional representative as a witness to get the signature. WAIT, WHAT?? For real? Need pics.
  17. This is worth a Now imagine if we could see the moderation section of the board, where the thread still exists, and the name of who poof'd it. Hmmm, cgcmod666.... That doesnt tell us much, ok now imagine if the person had to moderate it under their actual name. cgcmodWaterCoolo.... ok, now we are getting somewhere. Ok, now imagine if they actually had to post a reason into the thread when they pulled it. "This thread is full of political commentary, deleted" - cgcmodWaterCoolo. Ok, now people could disagree with that, but at least they would know the what and why, and could try and make a new thread and make sure no politiking happens. But, if there was only two political comments, then we could say, hey cgcmodWaterCoolo, maybe just delete those two and restore the thread, seems only fair. Thanks friend!
  18. 1st Obama is Licensable Bear #4. I would think it's a politics thread when politics is being discussed. That would be the logical deduction. But I saw at least the last Donald Trump first appearance thread, and there was nothing political about it. And yet, it got yanked. The first one went bad and was removed. The second one was pulled because the mods don't take kindly to people duplicating threads that were removed. I was OP for both Trump 1st appearance threads, and I didn't even get to see any of the comments in the first thread. All I knew is that they yanked it. The second thread was all above board, as Lazyboy said, all about comics history (FYI first Trump is probably World War 3 Illustrated #10, still need visual confirmation, working on getting a copy of it). I received a private warning PM about the second thread, and I asked for the rationale for pulling the second thread. Response: "While referencing a character, these are real political people, which is not allowed on the boards." My response: "So, again, not to be belligerent, but how do any of the Obama books or books with Hitler on the cover or any other political figure in comics get discussed on this forum? Shouldn't a thread be judged on its content? If you actually looked at what was being discussed on the second Trump thread, it was a discussion of comic book history and had ZERO to do with politics. I just don't get how you can, in good conscience, censor a discussion of comic book history that does not veer into political opinions." I have no personal political/ideological interest in promoting Trump, but not being able to discuss comics history on the CGC forum is pretty terrible.
  19. Also depends on publisher. Marvel books have been pretty terrible lately to get 9.8s...paper quality is just poor.