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  1. I'm not going to say that George Roussos (as George Bell) butchered Kirby's pencils, but I really disliked the way that he inked him on Fantastic Four, Sgt. Fury and others around the same period.
  2. Swan pencils, Colletta inks. Batman Family # 7
  3. Arrived in the mail yesterday. This is the original Jack Kirby cover art for True Bride-To-Be Romances # 17 (Harvey Comics). The original published art was produced by taking a photo and creating a larger stat of the couple and placing it over the existing art (as seen in my second pic...I just placed the stat close...) Having a Kirby romance cover is pretty special for me. I believe that these are Jack's inks over his pencils but I may be wrong on that. Either way...yowza!
  4. Two different eras of Jack Kirby Romance pencils.
  5. "Isn't it a shame..." "Clearly improved..." This advertisement for these 'products' is clueless, arrogant, and sickening. What are these people thinking or is that giving them too much credit? They could have chosen another way to advertise their product, but instead they chose this route. Very sad.
  6. How did the Blackhawks get in those covid spheres? Cool book.
  7. In addition to lbcolefans posted cover, I thought I might augment it with this. The art is the only thing that still existed, and I recreated (amateurishly) the stats and logos (they're not attached...I placed them on the art for the picture just for fun)
  8. Love it. I now have to put it on my list (I have never seen it before and for a Kirby Romance fan....outstanding!) Thanks, D.L.
  9. I consider all of my personal collection books to be keepers. Even though some of them are a bit scruffy, it was hard enough to find some of these then to wait for a great copy, even when they were cheaper a number of years back. I had to get the ones I wanted, and nowadays I would rather add a comic I don't have in my collection than to chase after a great copy (and spend a small fortune)...bird in the hand sort of thing, I guess. These are some of my personal favorites.
  10. It took me a lot of years to find a copy of All Top 16. That is a keeper for sure. Beautiful book.
  11. So many covers to love...I know I've put up too many, but believe me, I had to stop myself from putting more (good thing the OP didn't put a limit on it). Looking at this group I guess I have a thing for yellow, orange and red.
  12. I'm no Turtle expert but doesn't it say Second Printing in the top left corner?
  13. Published in 'The Art of Ramona Fradon' (Dynamite Publishing)
  14. Published Archie's Mad House # 35 Dan DeCarlo pencils / Rudy Lapick inks
  15. Published Hot Stuff The Little Devil # 34 Page 1 by Warren Kremer