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  1. I'm no Turtle expert but doesn't it say Second Printing in the top left corner?
  2. Published in 'The Art of Ramona Fradon' (Dynamite Publishing)
  3. Published Archie's Mad House # 35 Dan DeCarlo pencils / Rudy Lapick inks
  4. Published Hot Stuff The Little Devil # 34 Page 1 by Warren Kremer
  5. It could be trimmed on all fours sides...if... you open the cover to the centerfold and lay it centerfold down. Then it could be trimmed at the top, the bottom, left and the right side.
  6. A continuation of the thread. The Teen-Age Romances possibly features the largest (or massive) heads ever drawn by Matt Baker on a cover.
  7. This will probably be the last one...but you never know, there's still a couple of weeks left of the year to go. Kind of an unexpected purchase from a storage locker picker. It was there with a stack of drek. A beater but I hadn't ever seen a copy in person before (and it was fairly cheap...so yay!)
  8. I have a lot of love for master artist Roy Krenkel. I love his Ace Burroughs books and have been a fan ever since.
  9. I bought a collection that had heavy mothball smell and I placed each comic between pages of regular newspaper. The newspaper absorbed the smell. I switched the newspaper out every couple of days. It took about a week but the newspaper did the trick. I did the same thing with a collection of OA that I had purchased. I guessed that the artist was a heavy smoker as all of the pages smelled like cigarette smoke. I had success with this, although it took a couple of weeks to work
  10. LB Cole Cover. Only the art remains original...the logo etc, I recreated (sort of) and just put them on the art (unattached) so I could see what it looked like before the logos etc. were stripped off. Doesn't hurt that it features great Baseball players as well...since I am a Dodgers fans (although my roots don't go back all the way to the Brooklyn era)
  11. Those are outstanding, and I admit that I have never seen any of those before. Thanks for posting them.
  12. I wasn't collecting OA back in the mid / late 80's but a dealer had this on their table asking 35 bucks. I loved Everett's run on Subby (both the GA issues and also Bronze Age Marvel issues 50 - 61 which I purchased off the stands) so I had to shell out that $$ when I saw it.