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  1. When this showed up as a BIN on eBay about 10 years ago for what I considered a ridiculously low price I jumped on it faster than I have ever moved before. The center panels and the bottom left panel are incredible. Aw, heck, the whole thing is awesome. Happy to be so fortunate as to own a Frazetta.
  2. Bob McCartney...the pseudonym for the great Bill Ward. Some great covers here!
  3. Yes, I agree that dealers are not in a rush to sell at 'fire sale prices' nor should they be. A good deal for a buyer can (and should) be a good deal for the seller as well, and doesn't have to be a 'fire sale'. And it does appear that the 'model works' at least on the surface because that is what many sellers do. I would say that in a lot of businesses good 'turns' are good business models. Perhaps OA dealers are different (I can't speak to that since I have never been an OA dealer) but keeping your money in motion, generating income and letting your money work for you will usually benefit your bottom line better than letting an asset sit and not generate income which then you use to buy more inventory and pocket the rest. Of course the perception of it 'gaining value' as it sits can be a driver. I would say that 11 years and counting as Vodou points out 'in this case' might make this at least the exception. I guess some of my OA has accrued value as it has just been in my possession but I am not a seller nor am I in business. Those guys in that business are experts in that business and that is where they make their living and I don't. I don't feel comfortable stating more regarding that than I already have. I also agree that a buyer may come out and purchase that specific piece at that specific price. It just may be 5 more years down the road. I further recognize that most if not all OA dealers will discount items that they have had for awhile. I believe that is adjusting somewhat closer to what is considered to be a fairer market value. For example two years ago I purchased a piece from a OA dealer. It had a list price of 4K and had only been in the seller's inventory for less than a year. When I inquired about the piece he immediately, without my asking, dropped it to 3.5K more than a 20% discount. It was a stunning piece and I was happy to buy it. The seller was happy to sell it. This probably happens all of the time.
  4. You are right. Kirby is King but that page is not worth $14,000 or it would have sold long ago. I say that because a Kirby FF page is on my 'want list' and I could pay that much if I thought the page (or some others) was worth it (and I absolutely love Medusa). Good art at a fair price will sell. Good art at a not so fair price usually won't. A lot of 'fishing' goes on all the time and by a lot of folks (OA dealers, eBay sellers, etc.). I told an art dealer at SDCC 10 years ago when he asked me if there was anything good out there with other dealers; I said, 'yes, however the pricing seems to reflect what the market might be in 3 - 5 years'. I haven't seen that changing much. I am as perplexed as others seem to be on OA that is desirable but the pricing from the sellers doesn't seem to generate interest at those prices and since it never comes down it becomes a bit of a 'museum piece'. Everyone likes to think that they struck a good deal, meaning that they paid a price which was fair to them and they walked away happy. I have made some good deals and I have overpaid on a few where the art really 'spoke' to me. Hard to argue with the 'experts' though so my point of view is purely from a fan of OA and if the price doesn't match what I am willing to pay, I just walk on by.
  5. My 'comic' room is always in a bit of a mess . I'm always doing something in there. These are two areas of the room where I have the room to put something on the wall. Just too many bookcases that eat up wall space, but it's the only room in the house that has no exposure to natural light. Oh...probably obvious that I am a fan of Jack Kirby.
  6. I've had this tucked away since about 2007(?) and recently sent it in for grading. Got it back yesterday so I thought that I would join the club.
  7. I missed Valentines day but thought I would contribute today with a few that I found while digging around in a box that was sitting in a corner.
  8. I am referring to the crack / press / regrade and yes, getting a book pressed means that a person buying the book wouldn't have to go to that trouble. They just want a good looking book. Buying a book that is worth being pressed / submitted and is not pressed gives an individual the chance to raise the grade themselves. Not in all, but in a lot of cases 'higher grade = higher value'. If a book has been pressed already there is less chance of an additional pressing raising the grade. You get what you get. I am specifically speaking of individuals who purchase books to resell them. Nothing wrong with that IMHO but that is a solid reason why some individuals would not want to purchase a pressed book.
  9. I agree with seanfingh but there are also individuals that prefer to only purchase unpressed books so that they can have the opportunity to press them and possibly raise the grade.
  10. davidtere

    I dig the fatties

    oops...wrong thread!
  11. Here is a pic of the indexes if you ever want to follow up on them.
  12. I don't know about a 'historian' or 'archivist' however George Olshevsky compiled the Marvel Comics Index (I believe he stopped after 12 volumes) which at the time (index 9B Daredevil was dated 1982) contained a wealth of information regarding each marvel comic series. He could very well be still around. The 9B volume (I think was the last one) was distributed by Pacific Comics (Shanes brothers) and Steve Shanes could still be in the San Diego area as well and could possibly provide information or help. Good luck.
  13. I invite you all to the 'Pool of Peace' (as long as Odin doesn't mind).
  14. I followed this thread without leaving any comments as most of my thoughts were covered by other boardies. The one common denominator that appeared over and over again and I want to comment or add to the discussion is the utmost professionalism that was showed throughout by RMA. His patience and desire to make 'things right' absolutely stunned me. I have to applaud his ethics to set a higher bar when I know personally that I would probably have thrown my hands up in the air long before. He is the kind of eBay seller that you want to do business with and proved it. You are the man, RMA. My hat is off to you.
  15. As always Dr. Love, you made me look again and the girl in the background on the left is clearly Everett. Can I borrow your Ouija board? I always have a thing or two that I would like to confirm.