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  1. LB Cole Cover. Only the art remains original...the logo etc, I recreated (sort of) and just put them on the art (unattached) so I could see what it looked like before the logos etc. were stripped off. Doesn't hurt that it features great Baseball players as well...since I am a Dodgers fans (although my roots don't go back all the way to the Brooklyn era)
  2. Those are outstanding, and I admit that I have never seen any of those before. Thanks for posting them.
  3. Picked this one up from Albert many moons ago. It scratched a big itch.
  4. I wasn't collecting OA back in the mid / late 80's but a dealer had this on their table asking 35 bucks. I loved Everett's run on Subby (both the GA issues and also Bronze Age Marvel issues 50 - 61 which I purchased off the stands) so I had to shell out that $$ when I saw it.
  5. Happy Birthday to Jack 'King' Kirby - The man who Jim Steranko dedicated his 'History of Comics by saying: Dedicated to Jack Kirby without whom there may not have been any comics to write a history about (below is my contribution of a 100% Kirby)
  6. There are lots of 'one page stories' in humor titles like Archie and Harvey comics if you like that kind of thing (I do). Since I collect a lot of those titles, I mostly just pick up one pagers or complete stories, as opposed to a random page (unless that page is special because who the artist is and what they were depicting) Here is a recent 'one page story' pick up that has one of my favorite Harvey characters. Didn't hurt that it's by Warren Kremer.
  7. While I don't have a copy of the first Kirby comic that I ever got (which was Marvel Tales # 1) I do have the first Kirby sketch that I ever acquired. Does this qualify me for membership?
  8. Enjoyed all the write ups. Very cool that you took the time to do this.
  9. This is the one that started it all for me. What a beautiful copy.
  10. I have a few of them...but then again I don't consider them any different than any other toy action figure that feature a certain character (I admit to having my fair share of toy figures mostly super hero). Most of mine are the figure with the vehicle (Batman sitting in Batmobile, Wonder Woman in her Invisible Jet, Ghost Rider on Motorcycle). I guess I like the vehicle more than I like the figure. I didn't buy them because they were a 'pop' or because of their (perceived) value. All of them I bought at a local swap meet, so I paid less than retail from 'pop' collectors that were getting rid of their collection, except for the invisible jet that my daughter gifted me for Christmas a few years ago. As far as being collectible...pffft!
  11. I agree. That looks totally legit.