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  1. This is the one that started it all for me. What a beautiful copy.
  2. I have a few of them...but then again I don't consider them any different than any other toy action figure that feature a certain character (I admit to having my fair share of toy figures mostly super hero). Most of mine are the figure with the vehicle (Batman sitting in Batmobile, Wonder Woman in her Invisible Jet, Ghost Rider on Motorcycle). I guess I like the vehicle more than I like the figure. I didn't buy them because they were a 'pop' or because of their (perceived) value. All of them I bought at a local swap meet, so I paid less than retail from 'pop' collectors that were getting rid of their collection, except for the invisible jet that my daughter gifted me for Christmas a few years ago. As far as being collectible...pffft!
  3. I agree. That looks totally legit.
  4. So many great stories. A true giant of the industry. RIP
  5. I still have all of my Groo comics. I was once offered a significant amount of cheese dip for them but declined.
  6. Always happy to add a Betty and Veronica piece to my collection. I picked this up from a great seller on CAFCON the other day and it just landed this morning. Harry Lucey and Martin Epting.
  7. I remember purchasing comics from Robert Bell who advertised in comic books as far back as 1968. If you paid the 25 cents for his catalog, he would include a 'free' 'Bell Bag' for a single comic. The Bell Bag was a comic sized bag that had Bell's name and address printed on the flap. I can't recall what he sold the bags for. No boards however.
  8. I want to thank the mayor, the council and all city management in San Diego for making these difficult decisions to contain the virus. I also appreciate the daily 'briefings' that have been televised from the mayor, the chief of police, the fire chief and others (council members) to show what the city and county are doing and need to do to 'flatten the curve' and keep people as safe as possible. Stay safe fellow boardies.
  9. Any Premium member can participate (buy / sell, etc.) . I just purchased a very cool piece there. Good luck and stay safe.
  10. Thank you Brenmark for solving an over 20 year mystery. also thank you...this is my 100th post.
  11. Thank you Lions Den. These photos were taken on a 'brownie' camera during the summertime mid 60's in Saginaw Michigan. Discovering our summer friend's comics which they kept in their tree house behind their family restaurant really opened my eyes to Marvel monster comics which is mainly what they had. The freedom that the 60's offered for a kid who lived somewhat rurally was incredible. I appreciate the opportunity to have lived that. Marvel 'breaking out', 80 Page DC Giants were the Wonder Years for sure. Most of the kids that I knew read comics or had them lying around the house. I remember one friend giving me a Tales of Suspense # 55, another friend giving me a Daredevil (Marvel) #2 and yet another friend giving me a stack of early Adventure featuring the Legion of Superheroes. Those were the days!