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  1. I agree with my pal, Dr. Love that the TAR cover is one of the best Baker romance covers. Certainly in my top two. That comment gave me an excuse to post mine.
  2. Thanks for posting this. I can't and will never forget.
  3. Looking forward to the images of 'the nook'. Nice touch of jalapeno garnish on top of the margarita. The enchiladas look great as well. Good food, good drink and good comics. Salud!
  4. Agreed. Sinnott's inks made everyone's pencils better.
  5. I for one am grateful for the changed location for this show. While I don't have the tons of experience that most others have regarding this show, I have been coming to the show for at least the last 8 years (maybe more...the memory is not what it used to be) and it is an amazing comic show with multiple exhibitors featuring an incredible selection of comics and other comic related stuff (including OA). My problem with the prior location is many others also discovered this great show and the last few years it has been crowded beyond belief and I struggled with the amount of people (my fellow comic lovers) trying to access the tables, boxes, etc. just trying to get a look at what was there. I personally don't do well with large crowds and although the show was great, as Terry mentioned 'it was way too small to accommodate'. My thanks to Terry for promoting this show (said to be the best 1 day show in the nation by many) and for taking the risk of changing the location at a cost in which he may lose money. Hopefully that is not the case and we will all benefit from the changed location that affords everyone a lot more room in which to enjoy this show. I look forward to it and hanging out with my friends that will be traveling with me to spend the day.
  6. That is one incredible and gorgeous book. Wow!
  7. A couple of fun finds at the swap meet this morning (after a few days of Southern California rain) for the DC fan in me.
  8. My contribution to the thread is a couple of Corum pages with Kelley Jones inks.
  9. Not sure what is causing the 'musty' smell that you mention in your ASW 10, but I have had some moderate success of removing smells (cigarette and mothball) by putting the comic inside of a few pages of regular newspaper for a day or so. The newspaper absorbs some if not all of the 'smell'. I had purchased some comics that had really pungent mothball smell and I placed them in newspaper (flat) for a day (or so) and then switched out the old newspaper for a new batch. It reduced the smell to almost undetectable. I did the same thing with some original art that I purchased from the Giordano book 'Drawing Comics with Giordano' from eBay. The pages had a very heavy odor of cigarettes and this method greatly reduced the smell. I probably could reduce the odor more if I did the 'fix' a number of times but I got bored and just put them away (it was a lot of pages and required a lot of newspaper). Hope this helps.
  10. I agree with Grapeape. This looks legit.
  11. I never ordered from Rogofsky but I ordered from Robert Bell on numerous occasions from 1969 to 1972. Bell would always request that you list other comic choices in case the one you wanted wasn't available. It seemed that I never got my first choice but that never stopped me from ordering. I was fascinated by Golden Age Comics even as a kid and because of Bell I learned about Captain Midnight and other Golden Age books that otherwise I would never had encountered. Even though I was a regular at San Diego Comic Con from 1969 on, I probably bought more GA books from Bell than at SDCC where I went specifically to fill holes in my Silver collection. As someone stated earlier in this thread, there is a dealer at the Southern Cal Comic Con (last year in Yorba Linda) that still sells comics using Bell Bags. My head almost spun off when I saw that. Good times.