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  1. Great books! You have to either take down the books on eBay or close this thread, as you cannot sell in two places.Thanks.
  2. Hey, I currently own a TMNT and Albedo. These are two books that have never left my collection. I’ve had my 9.2 TMNT 1 for seven years, and got it raw from a guy (who has now become a friend) who sold me over 100+ turtle figures moc throughout a 3-4 period. It has a lot of sentimental value, as it was the first turtles I’ve ever owned. I remember flipping through it raw. It has the sigs on the inside cover. Aside from that, I’ve owned over 6 copies, which I’ve traded and sold. I could say this- TMNT is ALWAYS a great book to own. Every copy I’ve touched I’ve wanted to keep and hoard. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do so. There are some that have a few copies though. When I pick up a first print, it gives me a high. It sounds funny but it’s true. I have done very well on every copy I’ve owned. Let’s be honest- there are not many that wouldn’t like to own a copy. I bought a 9.4 Albedo around the same time on eBay. I had that for years until I traded down last year to an awesome boardie. I’ve owned a few copies as well, and it’s a book I would love to hoard. Usagi is bad a.. for those haven’t read him. I’ve had a connection to him since the 89’ figure. Usagi, Panda Khan, and Samurai Leo had some fun back then. Regarding Cerebus, I never had a connection to the character or book. I haven't really read the series either, which I’ve heard is pretty cool. Aside from being a hard to find book, I could say that I’ve never been dying to own one. Great thread, and Happy New Year to All! Let’s hope those for a happy and healthy 2020. Let’s also hope to get those books that we love too!
  3. I’ll be picking live! The elves are getting big. God bless! For those that are low on the totem pole: there is hope! For years I was last or near last, last year 46, and this year 3! Hallelujah.
  4. It was my pleasure! I’m glad you enjoyed them! The Black Magic is a crazy read!
  5. I open a gift and what do I see... a big gray mask- Rocksteady!!! My wife and son popped into a thrift store weeks ago, and my son spotted it! It’s awesome Happy Holidays to all of my turtle heads!
  6. Thank you so much to @Dormian You had me at the thoughtful card and wrapping! You’re not going to believe this, but I was looking at this Ross Spidey a couple weeks ago saying how much I love this cover and that I wanted one! I love the variant too. I had neither. Really cool SS!! I greatly appreciate it. I hope you have a blessed holiday and new year!!! You rock!
  7. Yeah baby!!!! The Christmas miracle! Just in time- I was sweating! I hope you enjoy it. Have a blessed Christmas.
  8. Now $685 Shipped Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and a blessed New Year to All!
  9. I got mine today. Thank you!! I’ll be ripping into it on Christmas Day.
  10. We appreciate you and all that you do to spread joy and cheer!!!! Thank you!!!!