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  1. Does it get any better than this? Thank you for posting this beautiful panel. Spidey surely gets close to the heart.
  2. No Ho’s or Probies Shipping via USPS and is included. US only. If int’l, please pm me prior. No returns. Payment by check or money order 1st I’ll take it in the thread wins and trumps any ongoing pm’s. If you need more pictures or have any questions, please just ask. Thanks for stopping by, your friendly neighborhood SpideyFein. Fresh and Crisp from CGC, Spidey 91 CGC 9.8 White Pages 1 of 41 graded at 9.8 Last copy sold for $1200 in June ....
  3. SpideyFein

    Colossus is awesome kudos page

    Just completed my biggest deal with Dave yet- 5 figures. He’s always a pleasure to deal with, and loves the books. You rock man! I look forward to our next deal.
  4. Very nice. Great pickup. I should have just pulled the trigger. That copy is very pretty.
  5. Hey All, I’m looking to buy a nice CGC 2.0-2.5 Hulk 1 (1962). No chipping, writing, or tape. I could care less about the back cover and am looking for a nice presenter. I could spend up to $9K, and am ready to roll when the right copy presents itself. SS copies will of course be considered. I have a Hulk 181 9.0 and FF5 3.0 available for trade as well. Thanks! -Dan
  6. Guys and Gals, I appreciate the reviews. It is been a bit crazy and I haven’t gotten the chance to see it. I needed a push. What a fantastic, feel-good movie. My favorite part was seeing him flip through the ol’ Spidey books. If you love Spidey, go see this movie!
  7. SpideyFein


    You really whipped out the big boys!!! Great stuff. That SC22 is a stunner!
  8. SpideyFein

    A key acquisition 36+ years in the making.

    Now that is the hunt of a lifetime. Vivid memories- avid collector- It’s now in the hands of its rightful owner!! I think Hal looks just fine btw!! He’s shining. Happy Happy New Year!