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  1. This is very sad. God bless him and his family. We had exchanged several messages about books and life. He was an awesome guy!!!! The boards will miss you my friend.
  2. It happens to all of us. The Internet literally sucks us in These are all staged, and even though I know that, they’re still fun to watch. I wasn’t quite sure until I spoke to Greg Reece. He was on the show a while back and confirmed this. Of course, Torpedo didn’t mention green labels, the possibility it could be lower, etc. It’s crazy. I love Kevin and the way he tells the story of the turtles. He’s one of the nicest dudes!!!!
  3. Very interesting. It stayed at the same amount. I don’t if this guy is happy, or a bit somber as he may have thought it would have gone higher and he wouldn’t have won it. Just a few short years ago, an 8.0 1st print was this much. Crazy!
  4. We must all try to cherish all that is in front of us, good or bad. RIP! Your work was brilliant and you will be missed.
  5. I agree!! I've been looking at this thing all day and thinking the same thing. This book in this grade rarely comes up. It's a beauty as well.
  6. Great pick up. Schomburg Torch in all of his greatness, blasting through the air! At a very nice price if I may add. Congrats to both.
  7. @Kalel38 Providing comics continue to appreciate as they have in the last 20 years, your predictions may be right, but 9.8 third printings fetching 5- 10K would be wild. Please know I would love to see them rise like you. Again, these are all predictions and we could have good conversations and fun with it. I agree with you that is indeed a first appearance, but it’s not the same as the 1st printing. Up until this wild bump, the turtle’s biggest, no one was going crazy for 3rd prints or seconds for that matter. We shall see where it goes.
  8. The third printings, although there are only 30K or so, are indeed third printings, which devalues the book from the onset. What I mean is that although there are few compared to SA and BA books, it is a reprint. Looking at comic books and reprints, there are a handful of books where second printings are worth money, nevertheless a third printing. I am not being pessimistic, and as you know I'm a turtle lover from the start, but I don't think a 9.4 third print will go much higher. Could it sell for 13-15, yes, but we are then talking 5X what it sold for just two months ago. 3rd prints were inexpensive from the start, so we have to take that into consideration as well. Were third printings undervalued prior to this craze? Most would say no but some would say yes. To have a third printing go for 1K is still nice if you ask me. I predict we see 9.8 third prints top out at 2.5-3K, and that's being generous. I know that's a bold statement to make, considering we are just starting to see the craze ensue, but these are all just predictions, and we all have our theories on where the books will end up. We all love our turtles, so let the good times ride.
  9. There was a 9.4 listed for 1K or best offer yesterday. It went within the hour. Bro, I will help find you a copy- no joke! Pm sent!
  10. I think what Oak is saying is that they all have a cooling off period and I agree. October is correct as well. Since I’ve followed turtles 1 closely for many years, and have had the honor of buying, selling, and owning nice copies, I’ll give my 2 cents: 1st printings have had two bumps in the last 10 years. This is surely the third. The 7.5 that sold for 12k set a precedent, as it was an auction. At the time, there were no other 1st printings available below 8.0 (This has to be taken into consideration). Now that an 8.0 can sell for close to 15, the bar is set high. Turtles 1 is NOW last years GSX 1, and Hulk 181 from 2 years ago. Each book had significant bumps over night, and have since cooled off (from wild highs). No book sustains all time highs all the time. That being said, I see a 7.5 settling around the 10K mark when the dust settles (3-6 months from now). Could it go higher- yes. We all have to remember that a 7.5 was 5-6K just a couple months ago. This was the bump! All grades will now receive their respective bumps. 2nd printings seem to be doing well, and going wild along with the others. @Ryan. I personally think you should be patient and see if you could find a raw, make an decent offer, and hopefully get one. I wouldn’t pay sky high prices right now. We all know they are bound to cool off, but I feel your pain of selling your copy before the boom. I’ve done that with other books and it sometimes leaves me with a grimace. I then recognize that i was happy to have owned one, and I will one day find another. It may not be now, but if you stay hungry and looking for a copy you’ll get one. You’re a savvy dude! 3rd printings doubled in price along with the others, and if any will see a cool down it will be these. There are more copies, and there have historically been more available at any given time. Right now, any copy of any printing is being viewed 100’s of times. As you could see, people will put a 3rd print 8.0 up for sale for 1k now (was a 100-250 all day just two months ago), and at the same a 9.4 for 1k. Ask yourself, which one do you buy? The same day, another 9.4 3rd print is then listed for 1800 (Was a 250-450 all day just two- three months ago). We are seeing wild prices all over, and I’m happy to see it! As an owner of a 1st and 3rd, I’m surely ok with it. That being said, this a boom, and it’s easy to get caught up in it. I’m wanting to upgrade, find other copies, etc. I love this book, and I know we all do as well. It’s one of my all-time favorites, and surely deserves the recognition it’s getting!
  11. That’s nice to hear! Everything’s ok on our end. It’s been a good summer, and I’ve been riding my bike a lot, which has been a blessing. On the turtle tip, I’ve been tempted to pick up other copies. I then have to check myself and come back to reality. To put things into perspective, a 9.8 third print could have been had all day at $8-900- all day, just 2-3 months ago! For years I was going to get one, and held off. Today, I was tempted to get a 9.4 for a 1k!!! I had to take a step back off of the hype train
  12. Oak, showing his turtle love!!!! I know you always had a soft spot for the turtles! Nice copy!!!! I hope you’ve been well.
  13. This of course makes it even cooler! Are all of the pages upside down? I think you did the right move getting it signed. I love his quick head sketches. You of course are correct regarding how tough is sigs are getting. Thanks for sharing this beauty. I have a few Laird sigs, most I’ve gotten off these boards. and one that is cgc’ed. @Turtle was kind enough to sell me a Turtlemania 1 and get his sig at a signing. I coincidentally met him at a show where I cracked it and got Eastman too. I remember answering his call prior to teaching a yoga class, with all of my students around me. That was an important call @Ryan. sold me a nice double signed FCBD 1 which I eventually got Eastman on too. I have a couple more cool Laird pieces, but wish I would’ve gotten more when I had the chance. I’ve yet to meet Peter, and still have hope!!
  14. This is shooting for the stars indeed!
  15. Should I feel silly that I’ve never seen this or knew it existed! This is awesome. Now I need to know the background info- how many exist, etc.? I’m tempted to send a couple oddballs in as well, but I have no intent of selling them so I think I’ll leave them as is. They take up less space as well. If you want, you could send it over this way for preservation. I’ll keep it safe and warm.