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  1. Nice pair of Daredevils and awesome books. Great seller here!
  2. Ill take Conan 21, King Size Conan 1, and Marvel Premiere 3
  3. RIP! God bless. He made many beautiful memories for tons of people!
  4. No post credit, which sucked, but Stan makes his last cameo! It’s unlike any others, and will surely put a smile on your face.
  5. Life has changed!!! I thought they added the right amount of comedy, action, and thrill ride to keep you on your toes. If you’ve followed these movies from the beginning, I think you’ll be blown away.
  6. Since the Mirage books and original run had black and white interiors, they all had the same red colored bandanas. It was the Archie animated series, along with the cartoon that introduced the different colored masks that we all have become accustomed to. The animated series also introduced Bebop, Rocksteady, and Krang. Growing up in the 80’s, I wasn’t even aware of the red masks until I got into the Mirage books and studied their history. My first comic book was TMNT Adventures 5, with “Man Ray”, or “Ray Fillet” as we know him today! Here is a sketch I got Andy on the boards by Michael Dooney back in 13’. It’s currently hanging on my office wall.
  7. X1000 This piece is off the chain!!!! Surely one of the nicest old school group shots out there! A big big Congrats!!!
  8. Fantastic and trusted seller here!!!! Hey Dom!!!!! I hope you’ve been well!!
  9. I’ll take Hulk 1 via pm!!! Hulk Smash!!!!