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  1. Sharon, you are incredible!!!!!!!! These are great!!!! I just brought one of my students and my son a character mask, and I could say with utmost certainty that these masks make mask wearing a lot more fun for children!
  2. This is the take away point. As a buyer, I always want what I perceive as FMV. As a seller, I try to sell at what I perceive FMV to be, but I determine that, and everyone’s idea of FMV is different. This is the wild world of collectibles. Comics are indeed collectibles. I will say that although these boards have mods, we are given the ability to conduct sales threads independently, with a lot of freedom. Fortunately, there are rules in place that most generally follow. The boards is a community, yes- a community of collectors and others who enjoy funny books. Facebook, Instagram and others are indeed communities as well, but they are different. The majority of boardies recognize this, and that’s why many have been here for over 10 years. Many also move on from the boards because they can’t handle the rules. Members stay here because they trust one another. Not everyone, but many trust each other. If there were a few copies of a book for an an average of $300 on eBay, and a reputable seller or someone I’ve done business with before had there book on here posted for $300 or 10% higher, I’d take it. Many would do the same. Would I send a respectable offer? Possibly, but as Buzz said if you want a book, take it. If you don’t want it, just move on. Regarding people that overprice their books- they usually don’t stay on the boards too long. If they do, people usually let them know via pm about their prices. It does happen in their threads at times, but for the most part it should be taken to pm’s.
  3. As many have said, Spidey is surely different from the rest. This question still bugs me to this day. It was about 6 years ago when I sold my Spidey run (1 was a GRR, beat up 2, 7, 9, 13, 14-700) and I remember it like it was yesterday. The big decision- sell my run or keep my TOS39. I kept the TOS, and still have one (sold an SS for a 4.5 Blue). I’ve since built the run up, but focusing on 1-100. I’m missing many of the lower numbers, but I know I’ll find them as they are readily available. So, I chose the 1 key years ago, and today I would choose the run. Don’t get me wrong, my collection wouldn’t be complete without my AF, but all would agree there’s nothing like flipping through 1-100 and those early Ditko and Romita Spideys. Oh, and Stan’s storytelling is some of his best (my opinion). Is my overall opinion on key/run a tad jaded- yes. I think many would agree that once you’ve owned an AF15, no matter the length of time, your collection changes. If you love Spidey though, those issues are a must. Someone may be big on the keys, but there’s something truly special about a Spidey run.
  4. Rest In Peace Joe! Your work was truly one of a kind! You will be missed.
  5. Congrats on the sale man! That is a lot of books to ship! You did a great job with the packing/shipping. I’m sure you were tempted to just spend the big money on shipping after the headache of organizing, grading, and packing them up. I’m glad you did your research and it all worked out. I’m also glad you still have your Spideys. Something tells me you’ll never let them go- smart man.
  6. As I was drooling on my screen, I didn’t notice. I thought the 4.0 was a duplicate pic. Knowing you there is another in a box somewhere! Incredible man!
  7. I was waiting for a Spidey group shot! I still can’t get over the dupes of so many sweet GA, including 3 Green Lantern 1’s!!!! Goodness. Great stuff as always!
  8. We hope you feel better! Rest that bad boy. Hopefully you’ll be moving the hip like old times sooner than later.
  9. That’s a beautiful thing! We are happy to hear she’s doing well!!! 82 is a great number.
  10. Guys and Gals of this awesome forum, I think what Bob was and is trying to do is start a conversation/thread with positive stories- those that make us smile and keep us believing. Believing in what you want to believe in is surely up to you. One other positive thing is that many of us have gotten more time with our families. Yes, it’s stressful not knowing if there will be work, or having enough of “this”or that,” but we must keep in mind that many of us survived on very little growing up (at least I did). It is difficult to stay indoors, but this is what we are currently presented with. We must continually try and reflect on the concept of gratitude. Yes, this may sound corny, but many of us have a lot- love, food, warmth of a cozy house, family, and let us not forget our funny books. If you are in need during this time, please reach out to others. There is support. Bless you all. We will get through this.
  11. Great thread Bob and nice work in Sharon’s thread! Some of you may know I’m a special education teacher/consultant and work with children and adults with autism and various disorders. Most schools have transitioned to distance learning (learning from a teacher/therapist via online platforms) by now, it has been a great challenge for many individuals and families with children with disabilities. It has been a pleasant surprise to myself and many others that some students have excelled. Some parents thought their children would only be able to attend for five minutes, and they’ve attended for hours. I teach children at schools, homes, job sites, and on the college level, and they've been able to attend and are enjoying maintaining some structure in their lives. There are also many that distance learning is not appropriate for and some families are struggling greatly. Teachers are doing their best to give parents as many resources as possible. Yes, it’s very challenging and we are all doing our best. In these tough times, we have to stick together and work with one another. We are all feeling this. When faced with adversity, it’s amazing what we are capable of. God bless.
  12. Sharon you are incredible!!! There are many awesome things for kids and even big kids!! Check it out all. Peace!!!
  13. Sharon, Bob, and the crew. You are the reason why these boards stay alive and full of the joy we all felt when we saw our first superheroes! I’d like to donate a $25 gift card to Michael’s as well. I could send it upon someone taking it in the thread. This will be an e-gift card. May we try to stay peaceful during this time.
  14. To this day, it’s always a toss up- watch tv or read a comic that’s been sitting on top of my dresser for weeks. Of course, this is contingent if I don’t fall asleep as soon as my son goes to bed. I fully agree though. It’s nice to have some quiet time and read!