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  1. We hope you get some rest and get well soon! Sending positive energy your way!
  2. John’s a great dude. He purchased an Avengers slab, had great communication throughout, and everything was as smooth as silk. It was a pleasure. Thanks!
  3. Jeff was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. He purchased a high grade Spidey slab, paid immediately, and was great to talk books with. Thank you!
  4. Hey Justin, I think you did a comprehensive job with the Donald Duck video. You got your point across clearly and the viewers could fully understand what was happening. Great editing and inserted clips too. I also liked the artistry touch at the end with the brush and characters. Very nice.
  5. Jack (awesome fella) shipped me a nice batch of FF’s very safely and super quickly! He even threw in some sweet extras! Thank you so much!