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  1. Does anyone know what the 9.8 went for on comic connect? I can’t seem to find it. Thanks!
  2. I'm not sure. It only fits the old style, and it's a top loader. The top part of the frame comes off with four peg holes, the slab slides in, and you easily put the top back on. I've always wanted to get more, and will definitely do so if and when I get a house I have them away from sunlight, and have never had issues. I love rotating them, but as the years go on it's tougher and tougher to find the older style, thinner slabs. Having all of my slabs sit in a box is torture. If we can't read them, they should be seen. The deserve to see the light of day.
  3. Here it is along with a Spidey Index SS Lee. It’s clean with nice corners, and a little spine wear. I love the early (new) team. I just need a nice GSX, but will have to wait for pigs to fly
  4. Wowza!!!!! That’s a clean copy with nice gloss! I hope it finds a new home on the boards! Omaha coming through with the 🔥
  5. Bump If you have a nice AF15, I have other nice silver keys I’d consider letting go too. Thanks
  6. I'm aware of The Mutants/movie connection, but I had to mention it not just due to the doubling that occurred with many silver/bronze keys with announcements, etc., but the recent doubling that occurred again. Technically, if it's a $2000-$2500 book, then it nearly quadrupled from January. Stranger things have happened, and there's of course some manipulation present as mentioned above, but it's wild. One could argue that it was undervalued, along with many other keys that have recently taken off, or that people are trying to get some grip on the new team since GSX is becoming out of reach for
  7. I usually try to keep it positive, and there have been 100+ threads about the current wild market, but there must be serious manipulation with X-Men 94! I know books have doubled and tripled, with every sale on many books being higher than the last, but these recent numbers on 94 are INSANE. This is coming from someone who has a 7.0 hanging on their wall in the office. I suppose those who can't get a GSX are now "splurging" for a 94, but c'mon! After going up to $600+ in January, then nearly doubling to $1100+ ("expected" crazy double prices we've seen in March) and now it nearly doubles
  8. I agree. The early (new) X-Men with Cockrum are incredible. The action pops out of each cover!
  9. I have the other foil unsigned, and always wanted a remarked! Thanks!
  10. This was a TOUGH one, as they both present very well for the grade, both white with great colors, square, and all that good stuff. That being said, I went with the FF for the purposes below. The ped made the decision very difficult as well. I’m a Stan guy, and that sig is so clean with the 75’ neatly placed an inch away too!! We have to look at the timelessness of both books, and as stated above, FF started it all. Would there have been X-Men without FF- probably, but they may have been very different. The concept of a “superhero team” had been done before, but Stan and Jack made it