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  1. Jack of Hearts! A childhood favourite that probably has zero chance of making the MCU.
  2. So... how many of them have Whitman variants?
  3. I can live with people calling Whitmans "Whitman variants" - it's when they call things that have no association with Whitman or Western Publishing "Whitman variants" that I begin to weep.
  4. Perhaps Marvel Tails #1 and Spider-Ham 25th Anniversary Special #1, but I’m at a loss after that...
  5. My understanding is that the show will be called ‘The Great Machine’ for just this reason. The Great Machine is the name used for the main character within the story. Personally, I love this series, and think it’s tailor-made for TV. It could easily lead to other BKV adaptations as well...
  6. I always love when this thread bounces back to life... Here's my new pickups this week:
  7. I agree completely. Having said that, I am a huge Adam Hughes fan, and I think this is better than the original.
  8. I may be jumping the gun, but Marvel Team-Up 82, 83, 84 and 85 seem to be moving a bit... Not necessarily a big jump in price, but copies seem to be selling. This is a four-part story featuring Spider-Man, Black Widow, Nick Fury and Shang Chi, which seems tailor-made for the movie crowd.
  9. I love the "random guy with shotgun" in the background... Now that he's in the movie, though, I should track down his first appearance to flip it on ebay.
  10. Here's another deadbeat to add to the list: briapasco He made on offer on a copy of Betty #186 on December 22, which I accepted. This was followed by radio silence, even after I sent multiple messages and invoices. After about two weeks, on 4 January, I opened an unpaid item case, which he has ignored. I closed the case today. Ebay says "You will receive a final value fee credit and the unpaid item will be recorded on the buyer's account." He is not a noob who doesn't know his way around ebay, but a reasonably high volume buyer and seller with feedback over 2700, so this seems to be pretty deliberate.
  11. I have a very nice copy in about the same condition... it's an amazing book, and I think it's quite undervalued given how hard it can be to find. As with the other Rudolph treasuries, this is primarily composed of stories reprinted from DC's 1950-1962 Rudolph series. For full details on all of the book's contents and creators, you can check out the book's listing on the Grand Comics Database at
  12. My feeling is that this one isn’t too difficult to find - though, like all Whitmans, it can be tough to find in high grade. It's just that the standard version of this book commands some pretty good prices, so the Whitman builds on that.
  13. I’ve seen the Legion book 5 or 6 times in the past year, but Flash only twice. The Warlord book seems to be particularly tough in high grade (at least to me). And (as always) I wonder what book DCCP 22 was bagged with...