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  1. I think my LCS in Niagara has a 9.2 of #1... I can PM you contact info if you’d like.
  2. Sorry... still haven’t had a chance to look. and how high is high grade? I did pull an Eternals “Whitman” from a box the other day...
  3. I haven’t read it since it first came out, but I remember it for gorgeous art and a reasonably good (but not outstanding) story.
  4. I once tried to think up the worst possible Amalgam Comics combinations. My top (bottom?) three were: Mr. Fantastic + Plastic Man + Elastic Man = the Fantastic Plastic Elastic Timber Wolf + Wolverine = Tambourine Booster Gold + the Juggernaut = the Boogernaut
  5. Further thread hijacking here, but then getting back on track... I'm a Whitman guy, and I'm not sure what a Marvel Whitman is... Warlord, can you show a few images? You say "big diamonds, small diamonds... and starbursts", but do you basically mean anything other than a newsstand? Some people take the big diamond = Whitman, small diamond = direct stance, but that doesn't seem to be the case here... If you can show me what combination of diamonds and UPC boxes you're looking for, I'm sure I have some some (lots?) of these, but want to make sure I understand what you're after.
  6. You could always go for reprint editions other than Milestone books, like Marvel Tales #137 for AF 15, True Believers Daredevil #1 for DD 1, or Amazing Adventures #1 for X-Men 1. There are probably Marvel Legends giveaways for most of these as well.
  7. Have you got a list? That could help... In general, although I buy them whenever I see them, most Whitmans are not especially valuable unless in very high grade. I think this will change, so I’m definitely scooping up what I can, but there are a lot of sellers whose prices are getting ahead of the market. I think the Green Lantern, Flash and Batman issues are harder to find than the Superman, Action, DC Comics Presents or Brave and Bold issues, with the rest in the middle, but that’s a huge over generalization.
  8. I just tried bluffing the only Hardy Boys collector on the boards...
  9. I like to think it's 19 slabbed copies of The Hardy Boys #3. All graded at 4.5.
  10. I had a few published... would CGC let me sign those for a Signature Series label?
  11. I like the way he hid the grades on all the slabbed books.
  12. And another - one of the tough ones, courtesy of @DonSal1976
  13. I have some pre-hero JiMs, but they're ghosts and body snatchers... No good monsters!