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  1. Wanted : Uncle Scrooge 179

    PM sent. I think I may be the "go to" guy for Whitmans these days...
  2. WTB Space 1999 Magazine CGC

    Dwscw is Doug Sulipa... I don't think he's on here, but you can contact him directly (Google Doug sulipa comic world) and he will often discount books from ebay prices.
  3. The Search for George Olshevsky

    I remember reading about him as a kid, in feature article in a weekend magazine distributed with the Hamilton Spectator. Maybe circa 1977? For some dedicated researcher, that might be another archival source to go with the CBC footage.
  4. Odd price symbol

    I don't know enough about Australian editions to say definitively. The older ones I've seen (which would have pre-decimal prices) tended to be smaller, but I've only seen a few. I assume (?) they also switched to more standard sizes at some stage. New Zealand also used this currency system, but as I have not heard about NZ editions, I assume they had access to Australian editions.
  5. Odd price symbol

    The / symbol is the sign for the currency unit "shilling", and not for "pound" (which would be £) as suggested above. The - symbol is used for zero pence (pennies). Thus, 1/- means a cost of 1 shilling and no pence. In old monetary systems based on the British model, 12 pence made 1 shilling, and 20 shillings made 1 pound (so 240 pence equals 1 pound). Britain used this system until 1971, and many British colonies adopted similar systems. As has been suggested above, this likely means that your copy is British, but it's important to note that Australian comics were also priced this way. If you post a photo, there are lots of people here who could identify it for you...
  6. Don't forget Travis Charest - a stunning artist who left for Europe, and gets too little love back home.
  7. That's 'cause Texas is late to the use of y'all. in the (real!) South, y'all has many well-established variations, and "all y'all" has been used for centuries.
  8. Batman 324 whitman

    And for the sake of providing some further thoughts on relative scarcity of DC Whitmans, some additional thoughts: Earlier Whitmans are easier to find in high grade than later Whitmans Whitman treasuries are generally easier to find that many regular issues, and presumably had a different distribution mechanism Traditionally collected titles (like Batman, Action or Superman) are easier to find in high grades Traditionally un-collected titles (like DC Comics Presents or New Adventures of Superboy) are harder to find in high grades The most common Whitmans seem to be the exception to the previous point - DC Comics Presents 1, 2 and 3 are EXTREMELY common, and often found in higher grades; perversely, they are among the highest priced Whitmans in Overstreet #1 issues (such as DC Comics Presents #1 or New Adventures of Superboy #1) are generally easier to find than other issues of those titles, and are generally in higher grade Whitman "experiments" like Sgt. Rock #329 or Warlord #22 are tough in all grades, but especially in high grade As a final aside, since Whitmans were sold bagged, and the contents of each bag are fairly standard (i.e. the mix of books ion each bag was apparently not random), I'm really curious to know what DC Comics Presents #22 was bagged with.
  9. Batman 324 whitman

    Say the name of a book three times in the mirror, and bingo... it appears. Yesterday, I found a copy of Woody Woodpecker 191 in an antique mall just outside of Hamilton, ON. That's my 2nd copy of that one... The more I try to figure out the scarcity question, the more it eludes me. It might also be worth noting that several copies of the (allegedly) very tough Action 508 Whitman have popped up in the past couple of weeks, including 3 on ebay. Edit: It might be worth noting that all 3 Action 508s were from Canada (1 form Ontario, 2 from Manitoba)
  10. Proper punctuation is undervalued, in my opinion. FTFY
  11. Sure, but ya'll could be short for "Yes, all y'all". Or would that be y'a'll? After awhile, it all starts to look like Hebrew.
  12. I'll take that bet... I'd put money on Captain Marvel being Marvel's "first female super-heroine movie". I'll also bet that they cast Brie Larson in the role and release the movie on March 8, 2019. Just a hunch...
  13. Do you collect comics with nudity?

    Art is subjective, but we obviously have very different definitions of "tasteful"... And while I agree that the Silvestri look is more "polished" than the Liefeld look, I still wouldn't call it realistic... Look at the feet, or hands or, uh... "vast tracts of land" on the seated figure in your example, and compare them to the size of the character's head... It's as stylized as Liefeld's work is, just in a different way.
  14. Books you just cant find in the Wild

    Yes - it's right there in your picture.