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  1. Copper's Heating/Selling Well on Ebay

    Ok, I'll help out... here's a few of my recent copper sales. And for @1Cool, these were not 9.6/9.8... Labyrinth #3 for in VF/NM for $27.50 Alf #48 in FN for $27.50 Saga of Crystar #8 in NM- for $19.50 I don't think any of those are heating up hugely based on those prices, but market strength in less than perfect grades is a good sign...
  2. Miracleman

    Hey, it worked for Kiefer Sutherland...
  3. Miracleman

    Aside from the nudity, sex, decapitation, dismemberment and casual violence, it's pretty tame.
  4. Miracleman

    #15 is the big one... The early issues are actually pretty common, but later issues were all over the map in terms of print run and distribution, and can be tougher to find. Some of the early TPBs/HCs are pricey. These books seem to be in a bit of a slump at the moment, but they're a great read, and possible a good long-term bet.
  5. Miracleman

    For starters:
  6. I have a very nice 7.0 WP that presents much better. It's an old label, and might get a higher grade today, especially with a press. PM sent.
  7. Favourite "Accidental" Auction Win

    As an early New X-Men collector, I once bought a copy of Marvel Premiere #15 thinking it was Iron Fist #15. Since MP #15 is Iron Fist's first appearance, I'm now laughing all the way to the bank...
  8. Bendis leaves Marvel for DC

    It could be both...
  9. Brian Michael Bendis moving to DC

    Wordy? Yeah... wordy. His? Right - Bendis. Wordy. All his stories? They can. Can't they? Sometimes... All the time. Yeah.
  10. Bargain bins across the country

    There's a 10 cent bin at my store... maybe 500 comics? But they've been there for at least 10 years... still, if Valiant needs some more foil or chromium for future Quantum & Woody covers, I can hook them up.
  11. "What is on eBay may be an accurate representation of what is for sale, but it is not an accurate representation of what exists." This seems to be self-contradicting... it is arguing that while it is impossible to derive positive data from ebay, it is OK to derive negative data. Basic logic lets us know this is nonsense. What is on eBay may be an accurate representation of what is for sale, AND it may be an accurate representation of what exists. To proclaim that it is definitively NOT an accurate representation is to pretend to omnipotent knowledge. This is the beginner's mistake of trying to prove a negative... In any event, move along... these are not the droids we're looking for.
  12. Mostly Comics just down the road in St. Catharines has a 298 in stock. You could give them a call...
  13. Bronze Age Treasuries

    I think this was part of a set produced around 1982 (?) by les Editions Heritage that included both Archie and Marvel books. Les Éditions normally published in French, but this group was in English. I have a Hulk édition reprinting Hulk 181, and I remember others being available at the same time. These are magazine size issues, though, rather than treasuries, IIRC.
  14. For me, it’s about a 4.0... but because it’s an inexact term, it can be used to hide a lot of sins.
  15. Thrill of the hunt! Recommendations needed!

    I was going to suggest Scooby Doo... putting together those runs as they weave their way through various publishers would be a fun challenge. However, you wanted something with great art and l'm not sure it would qualify. i think there's something to be said for the Gold Key/Turok approach outlined above... such books are often in the bins, and (mostly) won't break the bank, but do require effort and patience. i might suggest the Flash Gordon books... some amazing painted covers, but also some solid artwork by guys like Williamson, IIRC.