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  1. Since I know that some like to keep track of sale prices, I sold the Pilote 420 (first Valerian) mentioned above. No takers here on the boards, but it sold for $540.00 (Canadian) plus shipping on eBay. It was my undercopy, but that's strong enough to tempt me to sell my last one...
  2. For any who might be interested, I just posted a copy of Pilote 420 (first Valerian) in the regular sales forum. Since it's a magazine, I thought I'd mention it here.
  3. Pilote 420 - First Valerian! Extremely HTF! Sale Rules: No Probies or Hall of Shamers. Paypal only. Price includes shipping within North America, and I will share costs with shipping elsewhere in the world. The first unconditional offer (as determined by time stamp for any direct PM or in the thread) wins. I'm open to considering offers, but an unconditional beats anything in negotiation. The Book: This is the legendary Pilote 420 from France, published in November of 1967. NOTE: The book is in French (seems to go without saying since it's from France, but hey, you never know...). This is the first appearance of Valerian, featured in the upcoming movie Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. The book is tough in all grades, but especially hard to find in North America. The last copy to sell on ebay (March 30) went for $500.00 plus shipping, and appears from photos to have been in lesser grade than the copy offered here. I would grade the book at VG (4.0), with good cover gloss and color. A picture is attached, but additional scans are available. In addition to the Valerian story, the book contains an Asterix and Obelix story, and many other pieces by top French artists - including a back cover by Cabu, one of the artists tragically lost in the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks. Asking $500.00. If there are no takers here, this will go to ebay at a later date.
  4. Awesome sale... nice to see it do so well for you!
  5. DC Special Series. I'd love to have a slabbed run of this one... it's so wonky, it's great... some issues are reprints, some are all-new anthologies. Some issues are book-length standalone stories, and some connect to other ongoing DC titles. Some are digests, some are treasuries, and some are dollar giants... There don't seem to be many people looking for these, but they're pure copper awesomeness.
  6. Those are awesome! Storyteller was one of my favourite series of all time - I especially liked Freebooters. I really wish we had more of it to go back and enjoy... i always felt it was an unfortunate confluence of the early 1990s market collapse and the treasury format that did the series in... i love treasuries, and they were prefect for BWS' art, but a lot of collectors are averse to anything not in the standard floppy format. i've got to think, though, that a new BWS series from someone like Image would do pretty well... that may be wishful thinking on my part, though.
  7. It's a shame... BWS: Storyteller is probably one of my favourite series of all time. IIRC, though, it basically launched into the market crash, and while I'm a fan of the treasury format, many weren't/aren't. i've got to think, though, that if BWS launched a reasonably solid title through Image today, it could do alright. Regardless, does the BWS Studio do other work, even outside of comics? I'm not aware of anything since the Opus books.
  8. I wish BWS was drawing comics again. Does anyone know what's up with him these days?
  9. WTB Slabbed DC Whitman variants Thanks for looking... This is the first time posting this on the new boards. I'm trying to assemble a set of DC Whitman variants in CGC 9.0 or higher, with 9.6 or higher preferred. I will consider lower-graded slabs for tougher books, but I'm not looking for raw books at this time. I know this is a task that may take years to complete, but please PM me if you think you can help!
  10. Hi Mollie - Could you please add the following books to the Adam Hughes cover set? Betty and Veronica #v3 #1 (Archie Publications, 9/16) Convention Edition B Doctor Strange #11 (Marvel Comics, 11/16) variant edition Thanks very much!
  11. That needs to be published... what an awesome buy!