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  1. I'm not so sure... my Bitter Root #1s just got bought on ebay, after sitting for months. Of course, I didn't pull a divad and sell them at $47 apiece...
  2. I can double your money for you if want...
  3. Only the ones with the 25 cent covers.
  4. Simu Liu is Chinese, not Korean - born in Harbin, China.
  5. Numeris (Canadian equivalent to Neilsen) estimates about 1,000,000 viewers weekly in Canada, plus it streams on Netflix.
  6. Simu Liu is pretty well known in markets as diverse as Canada, Korea and Singapore. Don’t confuse the fact that you don’t know him with the idea that he’s unknown. In fact, in casting him, Marvel may be tipping its hand that the film’s marketing strategy is less about the US than it is about the international market, as many others have suggested here. Overall, it also seems that the approach here seems NOT to be to cast the next Robert Downey Jr., but to find the next Chris Pratt and turn him into a star.
  7. I would guess that it’s an original drawing, meant to be an image of the reporter himself - same hat, similar glasses, etc. Maybe for a retirement or get well soon party?
  8. Back then, everybody was Kung Fu fighting - those kids were fast as lightning! In fact, it was a little bit frightening, but they fought with expert timing.
  9. I think that depends what you mean by fan base... For years, every time someone in these boards talked about great series of the past, MoKF would be mentioned by multiple boardies. It never registered that way with me - but I was bigger into obscure characters like Starlord and Rocket Raccoon. It wasn’t me that made GotG big, and MoKF’s fan base won’t make Shang Chi into a hit, but even these small groups of supporters suggest that the concepts could resonate more widely.
  10. Kind of like Incredible Hulk 271, Marvel Preview 4 & 7, and Jungle Action 5?