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  1. Blackest Night #7 is the 1st White Lantern. Some are suggesting a Naomi connection via that route. Your mileage may vary.
  2. I, for one, love your updates... but this one might benefit from a little more, um, specificity. i need all the help I can get sometimes.
  3. New listing on ebay:
  4. I had a high grade V2 1-3 set up on ebay for over a year with no takers, and a low price with best offer. 3 and 4 are hard to find, but the market is small.
  5. I snagged a Y The Last Man #4 out of a dollar box yesterday, and was surprised to find that a number of recent ebay sales were in the $25 to $35 range. It also seemed that #2, #3 and #5 were edging up, though prices vary. I knew #1 was climbing, but had not picked up on these. It also struck me in looking at completed sales that while there are many Y trades available, and a few slabbed copies, there are not many raw copies. Does this suggest that supply is fairly limited? Could this drive prices fairly rapidly as the TV show develops?
  6. I had one today, who made an offer on a bagged 3-pack of Whitmans. I accepted his offer, and he sent the following note: Hey how’s it going I was seening if you can cancel this order because it’s something I got similar all ready I didn’t even know I really Apologize for the inconvenience You can 't make this stuff up.
  7. Yes, that's the scarce She-Hulk variant.
  8. He's in Canada... in which case, it's still "honour".
  9. To make me buy 2 copies... the only hope I have of ever getting my money back is if @divad decides to sell my copies for me.
  10. Hi Mollie - Could you add Phantom Lady #nn (Verotik, 1994) to the Adam Hughes Cover Set? For a graded example of this book, please see registration number 1990392002. Thanks so much!
  11. I remember scouring the newsstands for copies of that book... If Shadowhawk ever helps the Avengers fight Thanos in the MCU, I'll be rich.
  12. Not true! I post it here when the Guide is released!
  13. I'm the OP... let me first say how great it is to see all this activity in the thread. I file my Market Report to Overstreet in December every year (and it gets published the following July), but I'm always keeping an eye on the discussion here. The original rationale was that the existing lists in Overstreet (as has been referenced above) were based solely on price, which meant that for things like Bronze and Copper books, it was always rare variants (like the 2D edition of Miracleman 3D) that dominated those lists. To my mind, this doesn't tell me a great deal about the overall market, and my mandate from Overstreet was to try to increase late bronze, copper and modern content in the market reports. I try to cover lots of ideas and trends (and I'm always open to feedback), but my sense was that an ever-evolving list of what the marketplace saw as "keys" would be of interest, as it mixes ideas of market demand, content appreciation, and the cultural "zeitgeist" in a way that a numerical price list doesn't. And rather than just using my own list, I though it would be cool to leverage the collective knowledge of these boards to support that effort. The result is a list that I'm sure nobody is 100% in agreement with (including me), but that hopefully represents a general consensus about what the Copper Age keys are... or at least the beginnings of a consensus. The fascinating thing for me is that the list does change from year to year. For a time, Apocalypse appearances really were "hot" - and they climbed onto the list. That's clearly not the case now, but as the hobby changes, so does the list. It is (at best) an imperfect exercise, but I feel that input and discussion can only improve it, and the OSPG more broadly.