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    This is me, too... I remember when I would scour the bins for dollar books like Catwoman, Wonder Woman and Zatanna with AH covers. When those dried up, I moved on to things like Serenity, Rose and Thorn, and Tomb Raider, then Lady Rawhide, Vampi, and Légionnaires. Now it's Maze Agency, Valor and Classic X-men. These have all pretty much dried up, and even the drekkiest is $80-$100 stabbed in 9.8. Will this spread as far as Justice League? Hard to say, but nothing with AH surprises me anymore.
  2. WTB Love and Rockets 1982

    I have a 2nd print of #1 if that's of interest...
  3. Books you just cant find in the Wild

    Every number 10 is the equivalent of a freshly-printed $20 bill. If you have such easy access to them, they're a ready sale on ebay.
  4. I'm not sure there's a reason per se... it just never got in to the Guide in the first place. Maybe in the beginning, it seemed too much like a newsletter. Although FOOM and Amazing World of DC Comics are in the OSPG, a lot of others aren't. Once the Marvel Age series ended, it kind of fell off the radar. Now I think the growing interest in Copper titles, and in first appearances, and the (admittedly small) group that seeks first "mentions" of key characters are all combining to ignite interest.
  5. Lost Darkseid story

    It's been decades since I read it, but I remember Super Team Family #11 through #15 to be great stories...

    I had a fun one today... a buyer opened a request for a refund, claiming not to have received an issue of New Mutants he had purchased from me. The book shipped on April 3, and -unbeknownst to the buyer- I had added tracking, which showed successful delivery at 12:06 pm on April 5. When I pointed this out and provided the tracking number, he withdrew his request. The buyer's ID is adrian293411
  7. Lost Darkseid story

    Maybe Super-Team Family #15 with Flash and the New Gods?
  8. I think Marvel Age is starting to pop... Marvel Age #38 has a Masters of the Universe appearance that sometimes does well, and #129 has an Adam Hughes cover. The Annuals (with #4 mentioned above) are potentially big, as they mostly contain comic stories (rather than news and articles), with lots of key characters (Spidey, Wolverine, etc.) and some first appearances. I'm an OSPG Advisor, and have recommended that these be added to the Guide. That might give them a bit of a credibility boost, which could send them chugging along... I suggested that they were essentially the 1980s/1990s version of FOOM, which is in the Guide, and has jumped substantially in recent years. The folks at Overstreet said that they would consider adding them... I guess we'll see in a couple of months.
  9. I have a copy of Martin Baker's A Haunt of Fears: The Strange History of the British Horror Comics Campaign (1st edition, Pluto Press, 1984), which explores the development of the Children and Young Persons (Harmful Publications) Act of 1955. Although this is a non-fiction book, it does include some reprints of the comics at the heart of the debate. This basically recounts the UK equivalent of the Wertham story... Let me know if this would be of interest... Brock
  10. Price Variant Club

    I know this thread is mostly about Marvels, but there's a listing on ebay for the rare 35c Amethyst #2 variant that ends today. It's mislabelled, and has gone unnoticed - currently sitting at about $1. i would grab it myself, but the seller only ships inside the United States. Here's the listing (which, obviously, is not mine):
  11. CLOSED

    Any interest in Mystic #1?
  12. I was thinking about a couple of possible additions to your list... maybe Death Rattle 8/Xenozoic Tales 1, and Bizarre Sex 9/Steel Dragon Stories 1/Omaha 1. Perhaps Grafik Muzik 1 (first Frank Einstein/Madman) as well?
  13. DC Comics Presents 22 Whitman

    Hi Doug - Sorry this took a few days, but I'm travelling this week. I will PM you in the next day or two, but I really appreciate you responding here! Brock