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  1. Are you poking me? Yes, as some Boardies know, I sold my last startup two years ago, and am biding my time until I launch the next one. I just always worked on the assumption that unless we were talking comic prices, money was an ungentlemanly topic...
  2. Art is always subjective, so I’m Not going to dispute your opinion, but since Conan was his first regular series, coming early in his career, and before his own style really developed, it’s an odd rationale to use. It would be like saying you don’t like Todd McFarlane... Even his Infinity Inc. run is hit and miss. For me (and again, I know this is subjective opinion), Windsor-Smith revolutionized comic art by mixing the bombast of Kirby with a formal pre-Raphaelite styling that had not previously been seen in comics, and he later added the light and colour of Gustav Klimt. It was a kind of sophistication that few have been able to match in the comics field. By the time we get to his Storyteller series, he’s truly breaking new ground... his abandonment of comics due to his disappointment with the industry in the early 1990s is such a loss to the hobby.
  3. Does your post mean this book is especially hot in South Africa?
  4. Here's one of mine... a triple cover of Secret Wars #9. The outer cover is about 9.4 and the inner ones are better.
  5. Here's one I found in my boxes recently...
  6. I was a big First fan, collecting American Flagg, Dreadstar, Lone Wolf and Cub, and Mars. I haven’t read any of them in years, though... do any of the titles still hold up?
  7. I’m a little more nuanced... I sold my Marvel Previews 95 for $500 because I have a hard time imagining a catalogue holding that price long term. However, I have a UF 4 and UF 4 variant that I’ll be hanging onto. A comparison to Batman Adventures 12 a few pages back seemed very apt to me, and I think these books still have room to grow.
  8. Are those Whitmans all price variants? Those are soooo hard to find - six at once is amazing!
  9. I pulled this one from the boxes today, and thought it looked pretty groovy...
  10. No worries - I’m glad you found one!
  11. No response here, so it's gone to ebay... Happy to do a deal here on the Boards if anyone is interested!
  12. I have a copy of the Niagara Falls variant of #6 in about VF+8.5 to VF/NM 9.0, and I'm in Canada... Any interest?