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  1. I learned more about Navajo pottery from that newsletter than any other comic book newsletter ever.
  2. Technically, the answer is “the ability to use it to pay your taxes.”
  3. I have a couple of long boxes of Hughes covers... let me see if I can find these, and I’ll PM you. Are there any other Hughes books you’re looking for while I check?
  4. If ever you needed proof that “the market” is insane, this is it. Why Canadian price variants command a premium but UK ones don’t is practically the textbook definition of market irrationality.
  5. Once again, the unstoppable “You can use logic” meets the immovable “You can’t prove a negative”.
  6. I will organize a group of boardies to storm the Bastille and free you if you run into problems.
  7. That’s one of those things I never really noticed before, but I’ll never unsee now.
  8. If I'm correct, that is also a first, but will ship on April 21.
  9. Well, a raw copy sold on ebay last Sunday for $889.00 - from that perspective, I suppose this makes more sense.
  10. Here are today's new arrivals. Action #495, Flash #275 and Justice League #169 are all the highest copies of those books on the census, while Flash #278 is the 2nd highest. It's worth noting that the Justice League issue is not noted by CGC as a Whitman edition - technically, there are no copies of this book on the census. CGC seems to have a real quality control issue with DC Whitmans. Based on my own experience, I would suggest that about 15% of these books are mislabelled, either not noting them as Whitman editions, or assigning them an incorrect issue number.
  11. It seems likely... The Grand Comics Database is fuzzy on this one, and lists everything as "later printings", as is, which lists only "Reprints" generically, stating they will have either a $1.25 or a $1.50 cover. However, has more detailed lists and photos (though these are only the covers, and not the indicia) suggesting 7 printings of each issue, with some clues for identifying them, and with the suggestion that the $1.50 cover price appears with the 5th print. I have some $1.50 copies of #1, #2 and #3 currently listed on eBay, where I've ident
  12. When I was about 13 and first starting to really collect, I was a New X-Men completionist... I wanted every appearance, but my knowledge was limited. One day, I was looking through the bins of a rather unscrupulous dealer, and found an Iron Fist comic. I was sure that the X-Men had appeared in an issue of Iron Fist, but I couldn’t remember which one. I took it to the dealer, and asked if I could open it to check. He said no, but assured me that it was the X-Men issue, so I bought it for the enormous sum of $7.50. When I got home, I opened the book up, only to find that it had no X-Me
  13. I'm not sure this is entirely accurate, though I may be nitpicking. I believe that Elfquest #2's 2nd, 3rd and 4th printings were all priced $1.25, and the $1.50 price began with the 5th printing. Elfquest #3's pricing works the same way - that is $1.25 for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th printings, and $1.50 beginning with the 5th. Elfquest #1 and #4 also follow this pattern. I believe there are 7 printings of each.