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  1. I'm working on a set of these, too, but I have a duplicate of Wonder Woman 140 with white pages. Do you need that one? It's on eBay at the moment, but I'm happy to do a deal here. Also happy to trade, if you've got doubles...
  2. I had a Hansi and a Twist-a-ciser growing up. I guess when my Mom threw out my comics, she went to Gatineau...
  3. Batman 324 whitman

    Ha... I would, but I'm addicted. But this issue is hot right now because of the CBSI attention... you might be able to squeeze out another $10-$15 on eBay, depending how beat a "super beater" is.
  4. Batman 324 whitman

    IMHO, these are more common books, but if they are 9.0 or better, they would likely be worth grading. Most would only have a handful of graded copies currently... having said that, thye could take awhile to sell, as the pool of Whitman collectors, while growing, is still relatively small. if you do get them graded, I would be happy to make an offer on some. I have one of these in 9.2 and two others in 9.6, and in all 3 instances, they are either CGC highest or 2nd highest. Having said that, there's a 9.8 of one of these B&B issues that has gone unsold on eBay for some time at about $175, so - for these particular books - I think the ceiling is still a little lower than that. Hope that helps...
  5. Batman 324 whitman

    This is a rarer Whitman for sure, but I personally wouldn't make as big a deal of it as CBSI and others are suggesting. Maybe among the 30 toughest, but definitely not the top 8. Still, like Donut says, take what you can find in NM for $16...
  6. So I've listed this on eBay at about 1/2 guide OBO... I'm in no rush, so we'll see what happens.
  7. Airports. Canada, U.S, and $11,000 in Comics

    I've met Andy from Forest City Coins, and I can say he's one of the most pleasant and approachable guys out there. He also has a great inventory of comics for sale.
  8. Airports. Canada, U.S, and $11,000 in Comics

    Let us know what you hear from Metropolis... it would be great for future reference.
  9. Those Walmart DC Comics

    No, these digests had wide newsstand distribution, but were also distributed through Diamond and available in comic shops.
  10. The best used to be the one maintained by STL an their variants site, but that's long gone... Here's a link to the list on the CGC registry:
  11. So this is my first time trying to post an image on the new boards... Hopefully this works, but I have a feeling I may be spamming everyone with a massive image.
  12. I'm looking for some help from the hive mind - thanks in advance for any thoughts. i'm trying to figure out some pricing for a sealed 18-pack of Dan Curtis giveaways from 1974. There are 6 copies each of #3 (Twilight Zone), #4 (Ripley's Believe It or Not), and #9 (Grimm's Ghost Stories). All look to be NM, with the exception of one copy of #9 that is about FN. Overstreet says that this lot is worth $270.00 - but that's for 18 singles, and not a sealed pack. eBay completed listings (I see 54 of them) show no packs (sealed or otherwise), but also no completed sales for any copies. Any suggestions on how I might go about pricing this for eBay? Given the completed sales data, amd I dreaming to think this might be saleable? Has anybody had any luck in selling any of these lately?
  13. This is leading things a little astray, perhaps, but I'm working on one of these right now. About 2 years ago, I decided to try to put this get her a CGC graded set of DC Whitman variants in high grade. I'm working on CGC 9.0 or higher, but trying for 9.6 or 9.8 where possible. So two years later? I have fewer than 25 books (out of 160+). The good news is that every book I've got is the highest or 2nd highest graded copy, and even with only a small number of books, I'm #1 on the registry by a wide margin... the bad news is that many, many of these books have no graded copies. Complicating matters is the fact that - in my experience - about 10% of the CGC graded copies out there are mislabelled, either failing to note that they are a Whitman variant, or incorrectly identifying the issue number (for most Whitmans, the issue number does not appear on the cover). This means that the census itself is often unhelpful in identifying what's actually out there. The problems, though, are part of what makes it challenging - and fun. I think I've got years ahead of me on this one...

    Hi Mollie - Could you please add the following two books to the "Adam Hughes Cover Set"? Serenity: Firefly Class 03-K64 #3 (Dark Horse Comics, 10/16) Adam Hughes cover Lady Death: Oblivion Kiss #1 (Coffin Comics, 4/17) Adam Hughes cover Thanks so much!
  15. Wolverine3, if you have the Robotech variants for all those books, you're set.