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  1. Brock

    Atari inserts in Batman newstands?

    Only when it has a Mark Jeweler insert and a double cover. And is signed by Stan Lee...
  2. Brock


    This one has appeared before in this thread.
  3. The problem here is that you're proposing a system that has three main drawbacks for the person who creates the system: 1) the dealer has to pay more to create such a system (your "coding expenses") 2) the dealer risks losing sales as a possible buyer hums and haws over what is in the cart 3) the dealer risks losing potential sales while a buyer "squats" on a book, and potentially sources it elsewhere - or even uses th dealer's price as a negotiating point to get a better deal from the dealer's competitor This is fundamentally different from a buyer "holding" a book for a few minutes at a con. It's asking a dealer to finance a system that is contrary to his/her own best interests. In theory, you could build such a system and market the "hold it in your cart indefinitely" feature as a competitive advantage, but I have a hard time imagining this would produce any greater income in the real world. And, if you're a dealer, "greater income" is the reason why you would have a shopping cart system in the first place.
  4. Brock

    AVATAR/BOUNDLESS...Am I the only one...

    Yes. Yes, you are. i always wondered who the guy was who bought those books.
  5. As a buyer, I always assume that a book's not mine until I've actually paid for it. I also assume that a seller is always within his/her rights to proceed with an actual sale over a possible sale, unless I've actually reached out directly to make some other arrangement.
  6. Brock

    Has anybody ever seen this?

    Great find... I love that kind of thing! Sorry I don't have any knowledge to share, though...
  7. And then there's this one... It seems to be pretty tough. Is this "equivalent" to a DCU from a larger pack, or is it something different?
  8. Let me try to add to the enjoyment (though I think these are mostly common ones)...
  9. Brock

    1% of books are 40% of the CGC Census

    298 - 36,300 299 - 36,300 300 - 42,900 301 - 33,100 302 - 33,700 303 - 35,200 304 - 35,700 305 - 35,000
  10. Brock

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    I wa part of a team that just pitched a Turok game revival to Universal... they didn't go for our pitch, but did go with another, so new Turok games are a possibility.
  11. Brock

    Richie Rich

    I would have thought there would be tons of minor keys around first appearances... first Cadbury, first Jackie Jokers, first Super Richie, etc. Is that not the case? i loved Richie Rich as a kid, and probably have a couple of hundred issues from the 60s, but I can't say I've paid a lot of attention to the prices.
  12. Brock

    Long running titles that nobody collects

    We could probably add Defenders to the discussion...
  13. Brock

    Books you just cant find in the Wild

    I picked this one up the other day... These were a landmine awareness giveaway form UNICEF in Bosnia, and most are found in Serbocroatian, Albanian, etc. The story is that the English language version is quite rare, and was distributed only to military officers for proofreading... This seems rather dubious to me, as a proof would be fine for proofreading, rather than a final printed edition. Also, they don't speak Albanian in Bosnia. Does anyone know the real story on these?
  14. The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. By Neal Stephenson. it's nowhere near his best, but he always amazes.