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  1. Right. And one unknown that you have to put aside is what pieces are out there that you would want in an ideal world and which of them, if any, ever becomes available. Otherwise you could never really be satisfied with your collection as you'd be thinking about all the great pieces you'd love to have but that are nowhere to be found or otherwise unavailable.
  2. Why isn't Marvel and DC trying to establish a kids book line to compete more directly with Scholastic?
  3. Any other noteworthy stuff get newly posted?
  4. From the HA description: "It seems that Miller himself inked the page sometime after that point. " That leaves a lot of leeway. Hopefully Frank can recall approximately when he inked it.
  5. Heading into the homestretch and looks like a lot of pieces still below FMV.
  6. I got the piece I was after
  7. Gene may know better but I don't believe this cover made the rounds.
  8. The Cap #137 at $96k by Sal B may be the even crazier result. And what about that Heck Avengers splash for $96k? That'; more than Heck Avengers covers have sold for in the past and way more than any previous Heck Avengers splash.
  9. There seem to be some differences in condition of the Kirby Thing pin-up from the pic someone posted of it at SDCC and the pic in the auction--eg creases not shown in the auction
  10. So that picture is before they realized their mistake and then put a $5k sticker on it?
  11. well that's a whole different kettle of fish and one that the Bros are unfortunately guilty of (as covered by multiple threads).
  12. I agree--I don't care how a price is portrayed (post-it vs printed), as long as something is actually priced and doesn't fluctuate based on who is asking. Dos Bros. obviously use post-its so they can make a change on the fly if they have to.
  13. I'll finish that for you "with each providing shipping/tracking info to the other"
  14. My reaction on seeing that Boris Gor painting was a bit different---my first thought was to think of which Boris Gor painting of his I'd like to own! I read a bunch of books of that crazy series in my teens and early 20s (and would often skip over whole sections that were too tediously into John Norman's theories and social commentary) but generally enjoyed the covers, including the Boris ones (even the chessier ones) even if some were a bit more obvious than others. Of the Boris ones (I think he only did 8 of the reprints) Priest Kings of Gor had a cool alien. Raiders of Gor had one of the few illustrations of the protagonist clearly from the front (a bit better than Outlaw of Gore which also had a slave girl and salve captor on it). But I wouldn't buy say Captives of Gor unless I was looking for that type of good girl (bad girl?) art (which I'[m not). By the way, owning Boris Gor is risky based on HA archives. Nomads sold for $11.3k in 2007 then only $9.5k in 2015. Outlasw sold for $10k in 2009 then only $7.5k in 2016. Oh, and I'm 95% in Gene's camp on the preceding discussion (I would say 100% but I'm sure there's SOMETHING I didn't quite agree with ).
  15. so $75.6k with the juice for the Cockrum X-Men splash---what do X-Men collectors think?