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  1. I consigned a few pieces and was happy with the overall results.
  2. Did you find that there was a lot of late bidding on your items?
  3. It passed so quickly that I didn't vote. I like seeing all the things I missed during the year.
  4. Reading these posts reminds me of losing a BWS Iron Man page on Ebay a few years ago where I was the high bidder for a good period of time (but at less than FMV) - but the seller was lured into canceling the auction and selling it privately without letting me know she was taking private offers. I reported her to Ebay.
  5. What did the FF #326 cover sell for last time around? (Wasn't it in a CLink auction about 2+ years ago?)
  6. Here's another attempt to quick flip:
  7. +1. That Avengers 158 may have been the best long term "bargain" in the entire Platinum session.
  8. Right. And one unknown that you have to put aside is what pieces are out there that you would want in an ideal world and which of them, if any, ever becomes available. Otherwise you could never really be satisfied with your collection as you'd be thinking about all the great pieces you'd love to have but that are nowhere to be found or otherwise unavailable.
  9. Why isn't Marvel and DC trying to establish a kids book line to compete more directly with Scholastic?
  10. Any other noteworthy stuff get newly posted?
  11. From the HA description: "It seems that Miller himself inked the page sometime after that point. " That leaves a lot of leeway. Hopefully Frank can recall approximately when he inked it.
  12. Heading into the homestretch and looks like a lot of pieces still below FMV.
  13. I got the piece I was after
  14. Gene may know better but I don't believe this cover made the rounds.