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  1. 4 figure deal for the 2nd time in a year. Trustworthy and reliable! Look forward to buying back books again lol. Thanks Adrian!
  2. haven't really used the new forums much. where would be an appropriate thread/section to post if a CGC book was lost during delivery so that (if in case someone out there is trying to sell the stolen book) I can be made aware of it? -Mike
  3. what is that cloudy residual area on the lower left of the front case? -Mike
  4. Great deal on a 3 figure book. Fast shipping and def would do business with again.
  5. Harley Quinn 0 Campbell Sketch 9.8 $900obo per PM
  6. there's a FS thread right now in the modern section with a JSC Harley fyi
  7. any pictures of the signature series?