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  1. Super quick payment, great communication, and very fair offers. Couldn't ask for a better buyer!
  2. I have two books available today - Amazing Spider-Man #15 and #194. 1) No HOS or PL 2) Shipping is free to the U.S. and includes insurance 3) PayPal only 4) First wins; open to PMs 5) Kudos - Amazing Spider-Man #15 - 6.0 (could possibly press to a 7.0) - ASKING $475 SOLD VIA PM Amazing Spider-Man #194 - 9.2/9.4 - ASKING $200 $180
  3. Fast payment and great communication! Don't hesitate to make a deal!
  4. Fast payment and great communication! Couldn't ask for a smoother transaction! He's a great guy to work with, and no seller should hesitate to make a deal.
  5. Leaving these up through the night. Don't worry about offending me with an offer! Thanks!
  6. CLOSED - Please PM for books that may be available Selling my Amazing Spider-Man Collection... Hey, everyone, I'm set to record my first E.P. during the summer, and I really need the funds to make that happen. I haven't posted on the boards much lately, but I figured I'd list some books from my collection on here first before eBay. I hate to sell these books, but I know I can't afford to record unless I do. It's definitely bittersweet. Like I stated, I haven't been active much with buying/selling, so if I'm way off with any of my prices, a kind PM is appreciated. All of these books were purchased by respectable board members. Thank you for your time. I'm also willing to work out package deals or selling all together. Rules: 1) No HOS or PLs 2) Shipping is included to U.S. 3) PayPal preferred 4) PMs welcome 5) First wins over PM Amazing Spider-Man #2 - Purchased with photocopy cover, but inside is original - ASKING $210 SOLD Amazing Spider-Man #8 - ASKING $105 Amazing Spider-Man #13 - Purchased with tape already removed - ASKING $160 SOLD Amazing Spider-Man #15 (Really hate to let this one go) - 5.5, maybe 7.0 with press - ASKING $390 Amazing Spider-Man #20 - ASKING $145 Amazing Spider-Man #25 - ASKING $108 Amazing Spider-Man #39 - Subscription crease - ASKING $70 Amazing Spider-Man #41 - ASKING $55 Amazing Spider-Man #46 - ASKING $90 Amazing Spider-Man #194 - 9.2/9.4 - ASKING $200