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  1. They weren't at the time. But many decades later, and the sole Incredible Hulk #145 in cgc 9.8 grade sold last year for $2700.
  2. Several years ago, Heritage auctioned off the entire Master of Kung Fu run from the Western PA collection. In two lots, I acquired 61 of the books, the complete run from 66-125 plus the Annual. Gorgeous near mint copies, although with off white to white pages.
  3. I owned just a small handful of Silver Age books from the pedigree, like the Spiderman Annual #3, but a whole lot of Bronze. Amazingly, after 21 years of third party grading, this Western PA copy is still the only 9.8, from the one month that Marvel raised prices from 15 cents and made every book a giant-size:
  4. Good morning, and welcome to a flash Sunday morning sale. One book. Payment is accepted via PayPal, check, or money order, and is due within 7 days of purchase. Outside of the US? Please contact me for shipping price information before committing to a purchase. The comic is returnable for refund within 7 days of receipt, but that's a hassle for both of us, so please take the time to peruse the large high resolution scans and feel free to enquire for a detailed description of the condition and flaws of the comic front and back. The book is graded conservatively to ensure your satisfaction
  5. I'm surprised no one's mentioned CGCs fee structure for grading. Books valued at over $3,000 are automatically graded in the walk-through tier, and the grading fee is 3% of the comic's fair market value after a $150 minimum. It presents an air of partiality to the grading of high value books - with that said, I'm in no way suggesting it's come into play with this or any other collection or set of submissions, just that partiality is built into their fee structure.
  6. That's no different than the numerical grade. In my experience, there's at least as much wobble, if not even more, on the structural grades than there is on the page quality designations. Like many, for every comic I've submitted to CGC I've guessed what grade and page quality designation they'll receive. And overall it's far easier to hit page quality than it is the structural grade.
  7. Some people collect comic books, and not comic book covers. To such people, the entire book matters, including the quality of the interior pages. Beyond that, while you can still see the front and back covers of comics encased in CGC slabs, you can't see them as well as when they're inside of mylar bags and not nearly as well as when they're in your hands.
  8. Aaaand they're off! The last 65 of my slabbed picture frame Marvels are now in the hands of ComicLink, in preparation for their June focused auction. There are 52 Western comics that include 15 top census copies and a handful of pedigree issues, missing only the Outlaw Kid run that was sold last year. There are also 13 undercopies. Here's the list: Westerns Gunhawks 1 9.4 ow/w Kid Colt Outlaw 156 9.6 ow/w top census (1 of 3) Kid Colt Outlaw 157 9.4 w Kid Colt Outlaw 1
  9. The guy sold the vast majority of his inventory raw, even many in that price range. I imagine he sold it the way he acquired it.