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  1. The Hulk #159 is yours! The sale is now CLOSED. Thank you again, everyone who took a peak at these books.
  2. Special Marvel Edition #5 cgc 9.6 white pages $85 SOLD! John Severin war cover. Exceptional copy with white cover paper and a near perfect registration of the picture frame cover.
  3. Thor #194 cgc 9.6 ow/w pages $105 Loki story, drawn by Big John Buscema and inked by brother Sal.
  4. Thor #269 cgc 9.6 white pages $40 Simonson cover/interior art.
  5. Sgt. Fury #94 cgc 9.4 ow $100 Tough Marvel bronze war to find in near mint condition, this copy has near perfect cover registration. The ish has a terrific Gil Kane cover and sweet interior pencils by Ayers.
  6. Fantastic Four #218 cgc 9.6 white pages $33 John Byrne art. Spiderman crossover, appearance by the Frightful Four.
  7. Marvel Spotlight #4 cgc 9.4 ow/w $165 Third Werewolf By Night, with terrific cover and interior art by Mike Ploog. Beautiful copy with nice registration of the picture frame cover.
  8. Marvel Feature #3 cgc 9.6 white pages $170 Third issue with Dr. Strange, Hulk, and Subby identified as The Defenders. Beautiful white paged black picture frame copy with an awesome Gil Kane cover.
  9. Marvel's Greatest Comics #36 cgc 9.6 ow/w pages $120 Gorgeous copy of a tough picture frame book. Reprint of Fantastic Four #49 with a cool and brand new Galactus cover by Sal Buscema.
  10. Our Fighting Forces #155 cgc 9.6 ow/w pages $75 Part of the great run of Bronze DC war comics created by 'King' Kirby.
  11. Detective #529 cgc 9.8 white pages Top census copy $58 SOLD! Smoking copy that looks fresh and brand new, just like on the day I bought it off the rack.