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  1. I found this in a dealer box at a monthly Philly show a long time ago. Had it slabbed and sold it since.
  2. The ComicLink auction of 96 high grade Marvel picture frame Bronze Age books ends next Tuesday through Thursday. Many of the books are sitting at high bids at a fraction of GPA average, including a number of top census and pedigree copies. Here's a few of the sweet deals as of now: First Elric, old label goodness Oakland pedigree, white pgs Reintro of Antman, white pgs current high bid: $102 current high bid: $69 current high bid: $132 Ploog Werewolf By Night Gorgeous Surfer, Watcher black cover Oakland pedigree; one of top 5 census copies current high bid: $72 current high bid: $140 current high bid: $75 Doom vs Subby; top census copy Top census copy, 1 of 4 Scarce above near mint and with white pgs. current high bid: $154 current high bid: $219 current high bid: $56
  3. You didn't mention if the books you're looking to sell are slabbed or not. That has a big impact on your choice of venue.
  4. So the bidding is now well underway, and there are amazingly low top bids for some ultrahigh grade BA Marvel books. Here are some examples: Elric Top census copy; Suscha News pedigree Top census copy, 1 of 3; Twin Cities pedigree current high bid: $33 current high bid: $168 current high bid: $276 Top census copy; 1 of 2 One of top 4 graded copies Top census copy; 1 of 2 current high bid: $56 current high bid: $11 current high bid: $16
  5. I really like the Attuma story in FF #33, with the FF hunting him underwater, helped by the special concoction Reed created to supply them with oxygen. There's a scene where Reed hides the team from Attuma's minions by making himself into the shape of a giant manta ray.
  6. As a small consolation, my consignment books can all be tracked from the links in the sales thread I created in the "E-Bay Sales Advertising" subforum. It won't help with any of the rest of the auction or any of their other auctions, of course.
  7. Just did. Maybe it would help if you reported some of the listings as well.
  8. Submitted to show that sometimes the best looking picture frame Marvels don't have the highest numerical grades:
  9. For early Bronze, they're all pretty nice. But nothing tops the Suscha News pedigree for overall paper quality, structural preservation, and cover registration - they're almost all sensational examples, so much so that in a couple of cases I wound up keeping 9.6 Suscha News copies in my picture frame collection and selling 9.8 copies I'd intended to be upgrades (like the Conan #19 posted last week). For paper quality of the early Bronze, I'd rank Twin Cities, Massachusetts, and Rocky Mountain copies above the other non-Suscha pedigrees, especially when it comes to the whiteness of the cover stock. But they're all cool, including not just those you mentioned but the Winnipeg, Western Pennsylvania, and Don Rosa copies as well. I'd be interested in the take that Barton and other contributors here have to your question, knowing that they've seen a lot of Bronze pedigree copies.
  10. Cover art includes an unused cover version of ST111 featuring Ditko's Dr. Strange. It turned out that ST146 wound up the only Ditko cover devoted exclusively to Dr. Strange - his last work on the title.
  11. Eh, in truth it hasn't always been that way for a long time. Remember the Jason Ewert scandal? And at least as far back as when CGC began ignoring bad pressing jobs in their grading. Both of which took place a long time ago:
  12. More importantly, can you wet wash someone's involvement in the hobby? Just reading about these shenanigans makes one dirty and in need of restoration.