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  1. One more tough black picture frame before stopping for awhile:
  2. Another tough black picture frame to find above near mint:
  3. By the end of the year, all of mine should be gone.
  4. The John Severin cover gives it something of the feel of a 50s Atlas horror book.
  5. If that's where you go to hang out with the richest, most beautiful, smartest, youngest Londoners, then no wonder your search disappoints.
  6. Yes. Reading comic books should be fun. Collecting comic books should be fun. And collecting is not a contest, but a personal hobby driven by one's own satisfaction and enjoyment. There's always somebody out there better looking, more athletic, smarter, richer, younger, and with a more impressive collection than you or me. Doesn't change the fun and enjoyment. If you're finding it tough to connect with others who collect what you like to collect and are near your own age, I'd recommend spending time at your local comic book shops and going to a comic convention in your area. Good luck and enjoy the hobby!
  7. Looks like a soft 9.4 to me. It reminds me that I once owned an FF50 in cgc 9.4 grade, and after selling it noticed it showed up in a cbcs 9.6 holder.
  8. Hi Scott. From your list, I'll be selling by consignment ASM 107 and 114, Creatures on the Loose 20, Marvel Premiere 5, and Ironman 44 in the March Comiclink focused auction. All are CGC graded 9.4 (Ironman 44) or better (the rest).
  9. That was informative and enjoyable to read. It does have a bit of inaccuracy, saying the pedigree was "built by Kennett Neily between 1948 and 1964". Silver and bronze age collectors and fans of the White Mountains know that the collection ran well past that date range, covering all of the Silver Age and at least as far as 1973 for Bronze. Indeed, the 25+ year commitment of the original owner to buying and preserving these comics is a feature making the pedigree that much more impressive.
  10. To make up for the commerce pitch, here's a nice member of the batch:
  11. Coming up for sale in the ComicLink March focused auction are the following picture frame titles, 79 comics in all. Here are some analytics. Of the 79, 18 are from pedigree collections, and 28 are top census copies (2 are 1 of 2, and 2 more are 1 of 3). My CGC registry set can provide more details if anyone's interested. Thanks for indulging some salesmanship: Amazing Adventures Amazing Spiderman Captain Marvel Chamber of Chills Chamber of Darkness Annual Combat Kelly Creatures on the Loose Daredevil Defenders Ironman Marvel Premiere Marvel Super-Heroes Night Nurse Outlaw Kid Shanna the She-Devil Tomb of Dracula
  12. The first book you show looks like it has the top edge trimmed. Beware of restoration when you look over the collection.
  13. I found a scan of the copy I bought off the rack. It was my first issue of Marvel Spotlight, as I hadn't yet discovered the coolness of the Werewolf books. This copy was sold here on the Boards many years ago.