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  1. I had Kirby sign my mid-grade copy of Cap 100 at Phil Seuling's New York Comic Con in 1975. Sold it on the boards last year.
  2. I always liked this issue. A real clash of Marvel Universe titans, and a cool color palate on the cover.
  3. This one here is an actual pointer about purchasing a press machine.
  4. Welcome back, and thanks for the kind words, Paul. There's no reason to be sad on my behalf. The time had come - I've reached a certain age that it makes sense to liquidate non-liquid valuables and unburden of things that take up a lot of space and are challenging to move. Probably the most difficult thing to accept was not parting ways with the slabbed collection, but the thousands of Bronze and early Copper age books that I bought when they were new back in the day. The good news is that the market for high grade slabbed picture frame Marvels is very strong, even through the world chaos and economic challenges of this year.
  5. Besides the illegality, I see additional problems with that scheme. First, the seller is out around $18,000 for the buyer's premium. Second, the seller lost the chance to sell the book to the underbidder, whose bid differed from the $90,000 hammer price only by the bid increment, far less than the $18K the seller lost on the scheme. And finally a comic grabbing this much attention can't easily be pawned off on another selling venue, as the hobby is now well aware of it and the Heritage archive provides a digital identifier of the book.
  6. It was a 9.4 and went for $9,100. This one might approach $20K.
  7. Unless you have insider knowledge, maybe that's the way it was, and maybe not. It remains plausible that after not receiving the check after two weeks, only then did the seller decide to keep the book. Only the seller knows for sure, and I wouldn't presume to ascribe fact or motive without knowing. One loose end I wanted to address is the 30 day time window for transactions to be completed. If I were a buyer sending a check or a seller accepting one, I'd expect that two weeks is the reasonable time frame for seller to receive payment, unless buyer and seller have agreed to a time payment arrangement before the deal was considered to have been completed. It takes up to a week for a check to clear and up to a week for an order to be shipped and received, both of which contribute to the 30 day transaction period. Perhaps flexibility with the 30 day deadline during a time of problematic mail service would be helpful.
  8. Ah, then the next logical step after that is for some companies to grade the cellophane wrap on the boxes that contain the booster packs that contain the Pokemon cards. Can't wait.
  9. Personally, I would never consider buying a multi-thousand dollar comic from an unknown seller who posts terrible photos and can't be troubled to take the slab out of the bag.
  10. As a lover of Marvel comics, among all the great first issues and appearances it was FF #1 that meant the most to me as a collector.