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  1. Western Pennsylvania pedigree; 1 of 1 top census copy
  2. Here's the copy in my raw picture frame Marvel collection:
  3. Not everybody seeks out pedigree comics, I get it. But to my way of thinking and collecting, there are lots of high grade Bronze Age copies of most issues. But only 1 came from the Don Rosa, or Twin Cities, or Rocky Mountain, or Winnipeg collection. That alone makes it stand out from the crowd. Even better, one can own dozens or even hundreds of books that all came from the same original collection. And for me, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Additionally, for Golden and Silver Age collectors, when the numbers of high grade copies are low and certain pedigrees feature exceptionally well preserved paper and inks, a pedigree book often has superior eye appeal to a comparably graded copy without provenance. When I was actively buying high grade books for over two decades, I loved collecting comics from pedigree collections as well as ones from known collections of exceptional books that weren't officially recognized as pedigrees by CGC or the hobby at large. And I agree with you that comics I bought off the rack and owned for 40+ years always had more personal significance than those bought on the secondhand market. Like these two:
  4. There's some sweet early Silver in the Northland collection.
  6. That issue stands out as the one that ends the continuous run of Kirby cover and interior art that began in Journey Into Mystery #97. Good luck finding it - at least you know it's in a box somewhere.