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  1. Ah, but some of the early DCs, which are typically tough to find in decent shape and with decent paper, were very nice.
  2. Roughly around 50%. That's about what I paid to win the FF #s 26 and 28 from the Heritage auction, and about what the two books fetched when they were sold years later. Curator Silver Age Marvels have arguably the best preserved cover stock and the whitest, most color-rich covers of any collection. Structural grades contribute a lot to the overall eye appeal, but they're not the only story.
  3. There are a ton of FF48 copies in NM+ and higher condition, but only one Curator pedigree copy. The Curator FF comics are insanely preserved, even those with teensy bits of wear that take them out of the highest grades. I traveled to the Heritage auction of the run in NYC just to see it and to bid on a few issues, and the chance to see the run on display was memorable.
  4. It's such a classic Marvel comic, and one of the rarest SA Marvels to find in NM condition that I'm not surprised it's now fetching top dollar.
  5. I think it's a carryover from an error made in the Overstreet guide. Edit: I take it back. I checked the guides I have that pre-date the advent of CGC, and they say nothing about any variant back cover.
  6. It's not the scan of the back cover of the comic. Read the auction description. Besides, one brief glance should tell you that a 2009 event program with characters from The Next Generation couldn't possibly have been published as a back cover in 1967. Sheesh.
  7. Uh, it appears to be an event program from 2009, including characters from Star Trek follow-on programs that aired well after 1967, the publication date of Star Trek #1 from Gold Key. The auction you linked was for two items, the Gold Key #1 and the 2009 event program you posted. What am I missing here?
  8. The back of my #1 looks like the back cover I posted, which is the 9.6 Twin Cities copy auctioned originally by Heritage. In the earlier board discussion, no one produced an example of a copy with a different back cover.
  9. It's been discussed before on the Boards. There's doubt that a second version of #1 exists. This is the version that it seems every copy has: