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  1. The daredevil sketch is the way to go ..much better then his Batman
  2. I think after august or whenever the free money runs out will see things slow down. Also schools and work opening back up will slow the free time people have to play with collectibles. The new hires should be helping with the back log but hearing the grading etc hasn’t been good ..same thing is happening in the cards at Psa
  3. Mine is in sfg right now Im hoping for a 9.8 .but those are hard to come by with this book. ..I’m guessing another 700 books..
  4. I guess there is a gold foil for the walking dead deluxe 13 coming out this week
  5. I would also check frank and sons in city of industry ..also instagram mainly the SoCal dealers ..might be hard but some have been getting some big collections this past year.
  6. Thanks ..I know the pain of getting rid of stuff also.
  7. Ok just got my books in ..I’m happy with the sketches ..I knew going in they were going to be slightly better then his normal turtle . Also was shocked on the 2nd print though it was a 9.0
  8. I agree ..I think with the in house signings pressing after is the way to go ...to many hands touching the books
  9. Do you have any pictures before you sent them in?