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  1. fatlab123

    Torpedo Comics Spreads it's Wings?

    Agreed plus at the Las Vegas store he would have store signing every month with the biggest names in the comic book business from frank miller to Jsc . Hope the same happens here.
  2. fatlab123

    Celebrity Signed Books

    Hard to follow that ...for the wwf fans
  3. fatlab123

    Torpedo Comics Spreads it's Wings?

    Yes I live about the same
  4. fatlab123

    Torpedo Comics Spreads it's Wings?

    I hope they are...the Vegas shop is full high grade books of all years. The orange circle is getting new restaurants but the antique business is almost dead so hope that brings more people to the area. The college kids close by don’t support anything but the bars.
  5. fatlab123

    Torpedo Comics Spreads it's Wings?

    I was by the new store in orange . I think it’s a bad spot big red comics never seemed busy. I though torpedo was going to open somewhere in la . That is what some were saying last time in Vegas
  6. Thank you for another great contest !
  7. My guess is $1212.34 . Thank you
  8. fatlab123


    This is isn’t going to help much.. but I saw someone was going but I can’t remember who....i wanted it for Murphy
  9. fatlab123


    Checked out the vcc ..good luck
  10. fatlab123

    Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!

    I like it also...but did you consider the space above the books...maybe opening it up..shelve for Statues or anything else ..
  11. Amazing Spider-Man #692 60s Variant – NM – $15 Amazing Spider-Man #692 80s Variant – VF/NM – $40 Amazing Spider-Man #692 90s Variant – NM – $15 Amazing Spider-Man #692 00s Variant (Copy A) – NM – $20 I’ll take it
  12. Got mine today ..thank you dr x...can’t wait to read it
  13. fatlab123

    Sad News, Dr.X's mother passed away today

    Very sorry for your lose..my condolences