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  1. I "know" that guy from the EC Fan Addict Club on Facebook (he has a "day job", apparently now trying to run an online comic shop on the side). Presents himself as a hardcore EC collector, and a while back was saying that CoT #19 was one of his favorite issues and that he wanted to hoard as many copies as possible (I actually sold him a copy to add to his hoard...the 8.0 he now has listed on eBay). Apparently, he has decided to move on from that idea...interesting decision to list them all at one time.
  2. Hello all - not sure whether you've seen this thread over in CG ( ). It didn't sound right to me at first, but after Googling around a bit, it seems to ring true - the upshot is that PayPal will soon (in May) stop returning the variable fees to sellers when sellers issue a refund to buyers. I haven't had coffee yet today, so it took me awhile to get my head around the situation, but if I understand correctly, things will go like this (for example): Let's say that I have $100 in my PayPal account to start with; then, I sell a $1,000 book to someone and they pay me using PayPal - after the 3% (rounded) transaction fee, I receive net $970 from the buyer, which brings my PayPal balance to $1,070. Then the buyer returns the book for a refund - I hit the "issue refund" button on PayPal - the buyer receives their $1,000 back, and $1,000 is deducted from my PayPal account, taking my PayPal balance down to $70 - i.e., $30 lower than it was before I entered into this transaction! Of course, under the old PayPal policy, PayPal would only deduct $970 from my PayPal account, and kick back the other $30 to the buyer from the fee that PayPal originally deducted (therefore restoring my PayPal balance to the original $100 balance that existed before this transaction took place). This sounds crazy as hell, but it indeed sounds like what's about to start happening. ***In that thread in CG, as well as out there in various places on the internet, people are discussing how this will affect eBay transactions, etc. I'm posting this here because I think it's worth discussing how this will affect sales threads here on the boards, and what new sales thread rules/norms may need to arise in response. No returns accepted? PayPal no longer accepted? Returns accepted but with a 3% "restocking fee" if you pay with PayPal ? How will you amend YOUR sales thread rules? What will I do in my sales threads? Thoughts?
  3. Congratulations, Mitch!! Happy to have been collecting along with you for part of that ride. Welcome to the club! I only need one hand to count how many people I know of, hobby/world wide, that have a complete #1-46 collection...
  4. Here's my one and only Tec - part of my motorcycle cover collection (the second earliest motorcycle cover I know of...the earliest being Star Comics #10, 3 months prior to the Tec #16). I decided that the conservation was something I could live with...the label is mostly blue
  5. Anything in the grader's notes that identify the issues? (Would think there ought to be, anyway!) No and no, unfortunately. I bought it slabbed, and CGC doesn't indicate the contents of annuals, as a matter of practice ( ...hopefully CGC will eventually start noting the contents, but I don't think it has happened yet) For us to find out, I'll have to crack it out of there. Maybe one of these days....
  6. Aside from @Robot Man and me, I know (only) 4 other people who own a copy, and I know them by first and last name. This is one of those kinds of books. Here's my copy (you guessed it...NOT FOR SALE ):
  7. Another awesome thing about this pedigree is that Lee Hester had Jack Davis do the artwork for the certs :