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  1. Weird Fantasy #21, CGC 8.0 OW, $750 SOLD to JRBaxter
  2. Weird Fantasy #18, CGC 9.2 CR/OW, $1,200 Northford pedigree copy
  3. Weird Fantasy #17, CGC 8.5 OW, $700 SOLD VIA PM
  4. Weird Fantasy #7, CGC 8.0 CR/OW, $850 Northford pedigree copy
  5. Weird Fantasy #14(2), CGC 5.0 CR/OW, $265 SOLD VIA PM
  6. Tales From the Crypt #46, CGC 7.0 OW, $795 SOLD to Neurosis138
  7. Haunt of Fear #16(2), CGC 7.5 OW/W, $995
  8. Here's what's still available down there: Haunt of Fear #16(2), CGC 7.5 OW/W, $995 Weird Fantasy #7, CGC 8.0 CR/OW, $850 Northford Weird Fantasy #18, CGC 9.2 CR/OW, $1,200 Northford
  9. Hello all, Offering up a little mix of slabbed duplicates/undercopies, including a couple pedigrees Here's a link to my KUDOS THREAD The No PL/HOS members; The first "take it" posted in the thread wins (whether a straight thread take it, or a "take it via PM" if we reached a deal via PM). If you want to remain anonymous by purchasing via PM, this means there will be some risk of losing a book if someone posts a "take it" in the thread before I can mark the book SOLD based on your PM. Having said that, I'll mark books SOLD as soon as reasonably possible. If I put a book ON HOLD, that book is not available for purchase until it comes back off HOLD Payment I'll take PayPal, personal checks, or USPS money orders; I'll expect payment within 10 calendar days, or the book will be available for sale again (unless we've made other payment arrangements) I'll gladly consider longer-term time payments, but PM me to discuss terms before taking a book if you need that. Shipping Terms USA: - Shipping via priority mail: I'll charge you what USPS will charge me (typically between $10 and $14 for one slab, depending on how far away from Salt Lake City you are ); Canada, UK or Australia - Again, I'll charge you what USPS will charge me (we'll figure which is cheaper - first class or priority mail international - that'll depend on package value and destination); on higher-dollar books, we may want to discuss the availability of insurance (or lack thereof) before committing...PM me and I can put books on hold while we figure it out Other International Destinations: - case by case basis...I'll need to see if I'm comfortable with available shipping options - PM me Returns/Refunds I will accept returns for a refund for any reason within two weeks of your receipt of the books, as long as the books are returned to me as they were when you received them. Because these are slabs, if you want to return them, shipping both ways is on you (unless I screwed something up). Thanks for looking! Ed
  10. I've actually put a lot of thought and discussion into this exact question about Moon Girl #4 vs #5 . I used to try to argue among friends that #4 contained the first horror story, but I have since been convinced that the story in Moon Girl #4 is not a "horror" story precisely because Moon Girl is in it - therefore, it's a "superhero" story, not a "horror" story. So, I'm now calling the story in Moon Girl #4 something like "the first EC story with a horror element in it", whereas Moon Girl #5 contains the first pure "horror story" Seriously, before I came to this acceptance, I was hoarding copies of Moon Girl #4, awaiting the realization by the hobby that it was the first horror story