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    Welcome to the boards, Joe! How about a Pacific Coast with a Neal Adams cover... From "The Pacific Coast Pedigree is widely regarded as the pre-eminent Silver Age collection of comic books in the world. ...Aside from the incredible brightness of the books, they are also known for near perfect registration. PC's are among the most coveted pedigrees in the hobby as exemplified by how few copies are on the market at any given time." I'd ship this one to you (in the USA) for $250. Let me know if interested. Best, Ed
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    hey, geeks...

    Indeed! HNY..... !!
  3. EC ed

    Any LOVE for Back Covers ?

    I like this back cover house ad from International Comics #5 (Nov-Dec 1947) - shows the interesting EC title line up of the day, and more interestingly shows a never-published cover for Tiny Tot Comics #10 down in the bottom right (it was switched from a Halloween cover to a Christmas cover because of production delays, I believe):
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    Sky Octopus to Octopus Man
  5. EC ed

    elibowman Feedback Forum

    Eli recently purchased a big stack of raw books from me, and it was an all-around pleasure. KUDOS!
  6. Nah, I'm only after the comics, not associated ephemera (yet, at least ). Besides, although that set is awesome, I don't see the AA logo anywhere Now, if we really want to pick nits, there is indeed one item that I "need" to find. Specifically, there is one promo/giveaway "comic" from 1945 that bears the AA logo ("Tomorrow the World") - I'll be keeping an eye out for that one.
  7. Interesting observation/question. Indeed, I think you're right. I basically have all of the Picture Stories from the Bible issues, and quite a few of them (especially the "Complete" editions) don't have a cover logo of any brand...I think those books spanned the "DC branding era," the "All-American branding era" and the "EC era." I can't think of any other books from the era that are without one of the logos (i.e., the Big All-American and Picture Stories are the only examples I can think of).
  8. I think you got them all! (great eye for detail, by the way )