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  1. One and only A few books still available up there!: Weird Science #13, FN+ 6.5, $235 Weird Science #16, VG/FN 5.0, $200 Weird Science-Fantasy #25, VG 4.0, $80 EDIT 10/09/18: THREAD CLOSED
  2. @Yosemite !!!! Let me go mark all of those sold for you - thanks much! (I'll PM you later)
  3. Weird Science-Fantasy #28, VG/FN 5.0, $95 SOLD TO Yosemitecover edge wear/chipping; corner wear
  4. Weird Science-Fantasy #25, VG 4.0, $80 sm. piece out lower edge fc; lower spine corner abrasion/tear; general wear; sm. tears around staples
  5. Weird Science #16, VG/FN 5.0, $200 bit of schmutz on back cover; back cover thin dust shadow; general wear fc; light stain fc running through the “S” in “SCIENCE”; light, thin stain bottom edge fc
  6. Weird Science #13, FN+ 6.5, $235 few small chips bottom edge bc (looks production related); mild interior cover tanning; light general wear
  7. Weird Science #8, FN- 5.5, $135 SOLD TO Yosemite diag. crease lrfc; sm. chip leading edge fc; light crinkling here and there
  8. Weird Fantasy #22, VG 4.0, $75 SOLD TO Yosemite moisture stain lower spine corner through book; sm. chips/bits of paper loss tip llbc and lower edge fc; general spine/edge wear; grease pencil mark in the “W” on fc; tanning halos
  9. Weird Fantasy #19, VG/FN 5.0, $100 SOLD TO Yosemite cover edge wear; few sm. chips leading edge bc; spine stress; slight tearing around lower staple (still solid attachment); three-quarter-inch lower spine split
  10. Incredible Science Fiction #32, VG- 3.5, $60 SOLD TO Yosemite general wear; weak spine – beginning of some splitting between staples; cover detached lower staple (book presents very well, but the lower staple detachment is a technical grade killer)
  11. Finally found some time to tee up a few raw EC undercopies - hope some of you can use these! Here's a link to my KUDOS THREAD General Rules No PL/HOS members The new board software does not display precise thread post times (either in PMs or in sales threads), which can result in the inability to determine whether a PM post or thread post came first. One thing remains certain - it is easy to tell whether one post in a thread came before another post in the same thread. So, the first "take it" posted in the sales thread wins. If we reach a deal via PM, I'll mark books SOLD in the thread as soon as reasonably possible - but if someone else takes the book in the thread before your PM take is acknowledged in the thread (by either you or I), the thread poster is the winner, I'm afraid; so, there is some risk of losing a book if you try to remain anonymous via PM. If I put a book ON HOLD, that book is not available for purchase until it comes back off HOLD Payment I'll take PayPal, personal checks, or USPS money orders; I'll expect payment within 10 calendar days, or the book will be available for sale again (unless we've made other payment arrangements) Shipping Terms USA: Raw Comics: shipping via USPS priority mail, $7 for up to 5 books, $12 for 6 or more books Canada, UK or Australia: we'll need to figure shipping charges (either via first class or priority mail international, depending on package value and destination) Other International Destinations: case by case basis...I'll need to see if I'm comfortable with available shipping options Returns/Refunds General Policy: I will accept returns for any reason within two weeks of your receipt of the books, as long as the books are returned to me as they were when you received them. You cover shipping cost back to me unless I messed up. Restoration and raw books: I will offer a six month return policy for any raw books I have sold as unrestored that you submit for grading that come back as restored (or conserved). Upon the return to me of the slabbed book within six months of the date I shipped the book to you, I will refund your original amount paid to me (for the book plus shipping them to you). I will not refund any fees associated with grading/slabbing, including shipping the books to the grading company, or return shipping to me.
  12. EC ed

    Feedback thread - newshane

    I recently bought a sweet high grade slabbed Vault of Horror from Shane - the book is awesome, the price was awesome, Shane is awesome. I hope he sells more stuff I need!
  13. EC ed

    the out-of-register run

    Did you see this one out in G/S/B? May be close to the cut line, but def. a bit off-register:
  14. For what it's worth, I believe that I know this book...if it's the one I think it is, it used to be in a restored 7.5 holder (color touch). I believe that a previous owner had the color touch removed, resulting in the damage that you see (both the line on the guy's shirt, and the bottom left corner damage). That is, to remove the color touch, paper had to be essentially removed/routed out...leaving you with the 6.0 unrestored book...and a nice looking one, at that!