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  1. Not sure whether that's true (there's always Halperin)...but if so, you get the assist
  2. Good thing EC didn't publish any romance books, so no need for you to pursue any such thing as that...
  3. E.C. Fan Addict THREAD

    A stunning accomplishment, Mitch. CONGRATS!!
  4. Favorite "jilted" romance cover

    Poor Sally....
  5. Favorite "jilted" romance cover

    Jilted Brother
  6. Favorite "jilted" romance cover

    Jilted Sister
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  9. Aisle 13: - Other Magazines Savage Sword of Conan #4, FN 6.0, $5 sm. chip lower spine corner; light bc stacking dirt; spine stress; cover edge wear Savage Sword of Conan #6, FN 6.0, $5 few dimples fc; spine wear; lower spine corner crunchie Savage Sword of Conan #21, VG 4.0, $2 heavy spine stress; long vertical crease/bend fc Savage Sword of Conan #22, FN- 5.5, $3 bc dust shadows; moderate tanning halos throughout book, but everything still supple; general wear Savage Sword of Conan #23, FN+ 6.5, $4 diag. crease llbc; sm. triangles out lower right corner of some interior pages (production-related); bit of a crinkle upper spine corner Savage Sword of Conan #24, VF- 7.5, $5 light edge wear; light spine stress; sm. diag crease lrfc
  10. Aisle 12: Mad Magazines Mad #25, VG+4.5, $70 slight spine roll; general wear; half-inch lower spine split Mad #26, VG 4.0, $45 half-inch lower spine split; general wear Mad #28, VG/FN 5.0, $70 "very useful Income Tax Guide" cover (there were 3 different cover variants); full-length vertical crease bc kills the technical grade…otherwise a sweet copy; light fc edge wear Mad #30, VG/FN 5.0, $90 front edge slightly rolled; moderate spine/cover edge wear Mad Disco, VG 4.0, $4 record present but detached; cf detached top staple; top staple still holding on to cover, but barely Mad 101, GD 2.0, $1.25 bc fold-in creased; 2" cumulative spine split; staple rust no migration Mad 109, VG+ 4.5, $3 fold-in not creased; no staple rust; foxing; 1" spine split Mad 113, VG 4.0, $2.75 bc fold-in creased; no staple rust; 3/4" spline split below lower staple Mad 114, VG 4.0, $2.75 bc fold-in creased; minor staple rust no migration Mad 117, VG+ 4.5, $3.50 bc fold-in creased; no staple rust Mad 118, GD- 1.5, $1.25 bc fold-in creased; no staple rust; 3" cumulative spine split; cover almost detached upper staple Mad 119, GD 2.0, $1.50 bc fold-in creased; 2" spine split ______________________________________________________________________________ Here's a group lot of old Mad Annuals - these will provide hours and hours of reading insanity Here's what you get, along with approximate grades: The Worst From Mad #1 (GD/VG), #2 (VG-), #3 (VG-), #4 (GD/VG), #5 (GD/VG), #9 (VG-) (total OSPG $120) Mad Follies #3 (VG/FN), #5 (GD) (total OSPG $15) More Trash From Mad #11 (GD) (OSPG $2) Mad Special #1 (GD) (OSPG $4) Bonus inserts are missing from all books. If they had the bonus inserts, OSPG would be about $280 for the group...without inserts, OSPG gets cut in half to $140'ish... Get this pile out of my house for $50 shipped in the USA.
  11. Aisle 11: Assorted Other Publishers Battle 65, VG 4.0, $30 mild interior cover tanning; couple minor tears on a couple interior page margins; 1/2" vertical tear lower edge FC; moderate cover wear/creasing; bit of chipping out of the leading edge FC Battle #66, VG/FN 5.0, $45 bc dust shadows; interior cover tanning halos; quarter-inch tear leading edge fc; spine wear Classics Illustrated #138 (1st printing, HRN 136), VG/FN 5.0, $10 bit of paper loss lower spine corner/edge + bit of chipping/chew top edge - otherwise sharp Crime Does Not Pay #78, FN 6.0, $40 cover edge wear; bit of tearing around upper staple - still solid attachment Crisis on Infinite Earths 2, VF/NM or better, $3 Crisis on Infinite Earths 9, VF/NM or better, $5 Daredevil Comics #40, VG/FN 5.0, $48 couple chips out at top and bottom of spine Green Lantern #73, VF 8.0, $25 light wear; spine stress accum; hint of a reading bend next to spine House of Secrets #90, CGC 8.5 OW/W, $60 Micronauts #1, CGC 4.5 OW/W, $5 If you've been looking for a cheap "new case" slabbed book to experiment with, crack out, etc., here it is Superman (2nd series) 75, FN-, $1 Death of Superman; fourth printing Wonder Woman 178, VG/FN 5.0, $45 general wear; spine stress; back cover stacking dirt; half inch vertical tear bottom edge bc; several small fc indentations Wonder Woman 188, FN+ 6.5, $15 price in pencil top left back cover; light cover wear; tiny 1/8" upper spine split Young Men #8, CGC 7.0 W, $175
  12. Aisle 10: Assorted Silver/Bronze Marvel Amazing Adventures 6, VG- 3.5, $65 moderate FC wear & creasing; distributor/dealer went heavy on the ink spray on the top and bottom edge Creatures on the Loose 22, VF 7.5, $8 First comic book appearance of Thongor; nice copy; tiny chip off the urfc knocks it down; also, tiny bit of wear on the leading edge fc Ghost Rider 21, VG+ 4.5, $2 creasing, etc.. Incredible Hulk #152, FN/VF 7.0, $10 small diag. creases tips of urfc and lrfc; bit of reading stress Ka-Zar 1, VG+ 4.5, $5 Hidden profanity cover; 68-page squarebound giant.; "75" in pencil on back cover; 1/4" tear leading edge back cover; 3/4" lower spine split; writing/store stamp on Kazaar's chest Marvel Super Heroes #14, 6.5 FN+, $18 square bound; general wear; diag. creasing/wear lrfc; cb diag. crease tip of urfc Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars 11, VF/NM or better, $5 Marvel Team-Up 18, FN-, $4 moderate ncb wear on the fc; light diagonal crease lrfc Marvel Team-Up 29, FN+, $2 bit of creasing on the back cover; moderate spine stress; small diagonal cb crease lrfc Marvel Team-Up #104, VG/FN 5.0, $1 general wear; bit of smudging fc Marvel Team-Up #108, VG 4.0, $0.75 moisture wrinkling top edge bc; foxing; chip out of tip lrfc Marvel Team-Up 124, FN, $1 Marvel Team-Up #128, VG 4.0, $1 general wear; diag. crease lrfc; staining here and there Marvel Team-Up #133, VG- 3.5, $1 general wear; heavy bc creasing Marvel Team-Up 148, VF-, $1 Not Brand Echh #1, NM- 9.2, $65 light spine corner blunting; couple spine bumps Not Brand Echh #2, FN 6.0, $7 cover edge wear; bit of creasing here and there on tips and edges Not Brand Echh #3, GD/VG 3.0, $3 moderate overall wear; triangles missing lower fc corners; ink price & scribble top bc; tearing around staples (although still attached, technically speaking) Not Brand Echh #4, VF- 7.5, $10 light cover edge wear; spine stress; slight tearing around top staple Not Brand Echh #5, FN/VF 7.0, $8 light, general wear; couple of cover bends here and there; small “120” written in pen top margin of splash page Not Brand Echh #6, FN/VF 7.0, $10 light, general wear; couple of diag. ncb bends lrfc Not Brand Echh #7, FN/VF 7.0, $7 light cover edge wear; vertical cb crease lower fc next to leading edge Not Brand Echh #8, VG/FN 5.0, $3 chip out ulbc corner tip; sm. stain top edge bc; cover edge wear; cf detached top staple Nick Fury 5, FN 6.0, $16 cover edge wear; cb wear tip of LRFC; spine stress accumulation; tiny semicircular stain top edge FC Outlaw Kid #4, FN 6.0, $3 couple of very light vertical non-color breaking creases FC that you can't see in the scan; minor tearing around lower staple Secret Wars II 9, VF+, $2 Spider-Woman 4, VG, $1 Spectacular Spider-Man 11, VF-, $4 Spectacular Spider-Man 17, FN, $1 Spectacular Spider-Man 18, FN/VF, $4 Sub-Mariner #2 (Copy A), VF+ 8.5, $52 light cover edge wear; a few spine stresses; nice gloss Sub-Mariner #2 (Copy B), GD+ 2.5, $5 interior cover tanning halos; general wear/creasing; 4” back cover tear coming down from the top edge; last interior page has similar tear Sub-Mariner #3, VF 8.0, $28 mild cover miswrap; light edge wear; mild spine stress Sub-Mariner #4, FN- 5.5, $10 diag cb crease LRFC; normal edge wear; “R.O.” written in ink lower margin of splash page Sub-Mariner #6, FN 6.0, $8 date and name written in pen on splash page margins (see scan below) Sub-Mariner #7, VG/FN 5.0, $7 diag crease urbc; 2” vertical. pen mark bottom center fc; “R.O.” in ink lower splash page margin; light creasing lrfc Sub-Mariner #9, FN/VF 7.0, $14 wear on the fc upper edge overhang; minor spine stress accum.; mild abrasion on Subby’s face in the fc logo box Sub-Mariner #10, VG 4.0, $6 ink bottom edge; cb creases on tips of urfc and lrfc; cover detached at lower staple Tales to Astonish #49, GD/VG 3.0, $70 lots of BC crumpling/creasing; some light moisture staining (several nickel/quarter sized spots) on back cover; same story on the front cover; looks like a couple of the edge stains also hit a few interior pages; bit of paper loss/chipping LRFC; everything is held solidly together; supple pages Tales to Astonish #101, VG/FN 5.0, $10 few stain spots upper edge bc; light interior cover tanning halos; general wear The Thing 1, FN/VF, $1 Thor #145, FN+ 6.5, $18 creasing/crinkling upper spine corner, front and back; Thor #147, GD/VG 3.0, $5 heavy cb creasing fc; tape pull llfc Thor #149, GD+ 2.5, $5 heavy creasing; sm. piece missing top edge fc; tearing along spine; half-inch tear leading edge fc; everything attached ] Thor 216, VG- 3.5, $1 Thor 217, VG+ 4.5, $1 Thor 221, VG/FN, $1 "Thor 221" written in grease pencil on back cover; creasing llbc Thor 276, FN+, $1 Thor 330, FN+, $1 Thor 361, FN/VF, $1 X-Men #37, VF+ 8.5, $78 dust shadow back cover edge, and a tiny sliver of one on the leading edge fc; tiny cb crease tip of urfc; minor spine stress accum. X-Men #67, VF- 7.5, $38 tiny spot of schmutz upper bc spine; light cover edge wear; slight reading creasing lower spine back cover…not bad for a square bound, though Uncanny X-Men 158, VG/FN 5.0, $4 wear top edge BC; light, general cover wear; center crease that barely breaks color on the FC - crease runs about 2/3 length of book; cb wear on the top of URFC
  13. Aisle 9: Tales of Suspense & Iron Man Tales of Suspense Tales of Suspense #46, CGC 7.5 OW/W, $350 Tales of Suspense #49, CGC 6.5 OW/W, $275 Tales of Suspense #58, VG+ 4.5, $85 moisture stain upper spine corner hits both covers and some interior pages; couple other water droplet stains here and there; diag. crease ulbc; cover edge wear; half-inch split/tear upper spine corner Tales of Suspense #59, VF- 7.5, $195 small diag crease tip of LRFC and URFC; mild tanning halo around interior cover edges; deslabbed old label 7.5, comes with label Tales of Suspense #62, VG 4.0, $18 moderate spine stress accum; general cover wear/creasing; hint of a light nickel-sized moisture stain LRFC…very subtle Tales of Suspense #68, FN 6.0, $18 initials "DP" on margin of splash page; 1/2" tear in margin of 13th page; top edge dist. ink; general wear Tales of Suspense #69 (Copy A), FN- 5.5, $18 moderate interior cover tanning halos; spine stress; top edge wear; bit of a creasing/slight tearing issue BC below bottom staple Tales of Suspense #69 (Copy B), VG- 3.5, $8 moderate back cover wear; big horizontal crease on the FC; spine stress; other heavy creasing FC Tales of Suspense #75, VG/FN 5.0, $35 wear/microtearing top edge BC; moderate spine stress; spine corner wear; first Sharon Carter. Tales of Suspense #79, VG+ 4.5, $9 few BC leading edge tears; spine stress/wear; general edge wear Tales of Suspense #82, VG/FN 5.0, $8 a few tiny cover moisture stains; moderate spine wear/cover creasing Tales of Suspense #83, FN+ 6.5, $16 very small half-circle light moisture stain bottom edge of book…hits all pages Tales of Suspense #95, FN/VF 7.0, $18 interior cover light tanning halos; ink stamp back cover; cover edge wear Tales of Suspense #97, FN- 5.5, $18 small stain/schmutz spot bc; general wear/creasing Tales of Suspense #99, VG 4.0, $7 diag. creasing BC; upper BC edge wear; FC diag. crease Iron Man Iron Man #4, VG+ 4.5, $10 diag. crease ULBC; interior cover tanning halos; general wear Iron Man #5, VG+ 4.5, $10 light tanning halos; cover edge wear; couple tiny moisture spots top edge FC; general wear/reading stress/etc. Iron Man #19, VG- 3.5, $5 few small stains here and there; spot of color loss (tape pull?) on the upper FC edge; general creasing/wear Iron Man #23, GD/VG 3.0, $3 pretty big stain BC that penetrates to interior cover; another small bit on the FC; geeral wear; FC basically detached from bottom staple