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  1. Or just straight up teach him the dark side somehow..
  2. I watched the power rangers one today, all I can say is that Haim Saban was struck by lightning (twice)!!! First in bringing them to the US and then when he bought the rights back from Disney at a fraction of what Disney paid him when he sold the rights.
  3. So far the first two hours of this series has been hands down better than the last four Star Wars movies ( Force Awakens, Rogue One, Last Jedi, Solo).
  4. Well whichever IG model it was, it was freaking awesome.
  5. Not up in the Google Play store or on Roku yet either. I'm rather surprised that Disney didn't make the app available for download awhile ago.
  6. Forbes is reporting that this weekend the movie will pull in around $10 million and end up at 65 to 75 million domestic total run. Overseas is not helping offset the difference. This is a colossal bomb.
  7. I'd agree with that. I think every studio out there would be extremely happy to get a 6.6x return on a movie, they'd take that all day long.
  8. Exactly!! If Hyperspace worked like that all they would have had to do is put a R2 unit in an x-wing and the Star Destroyer in Episode IV would have been done for. Screw the plans that the Bothans died getting for the rebellion.
  9. I'm 48 (well tomorrow I will be), so I'd say that Buzz and I are in the same "generation". Not one of my friends or the people I deal with said they refused to watch Solo because Ford was not in it. I've honestly never heard that claim before now. I didn't see Solo (nor did a fair amount of people my age that I know see it) because most of us agreed that Episode VII was mediocre, and Episode VIII was garbage. After seeing Episode VIII I made a conscious decision to not see anymore Star Wars movies, not Solo, not Episode IX this December, none of them. I'm not the only one I know that thought like that.
  10. Variety is reporting this movie is on the way to losing $100+ million for the various studios involved.
  11. From Deadline: 4th Update/Writethru, Sunday AM after Saturday AM post: It’s not a good weekend for franchises, specifically old dusty ones like the sixth Terminator movie, Terminator: Dark Fate, which is seeing an apocalyptic future at the weekend domestic box office with $29M, per Paramount (rivals see it lower ,in the high $28M range). That’s a terrible result for a planned Paramount/Skydance Media/Fox tentpole that reportedly cost $185M (some even say it was $196M). Saturday was estimated around $11M, +4% from Friday+previews’ $10.6M, but still nothing to celebrate. More bad news: Dark Fate is the lowest No. 1 opening for the first weekend of November since 2013’s Ender’s Game, which debuted to $27M (final domestic B.O. $61.7M).
  12. Dude you posted a link to the article where he said that (your post was on July 11) in this thread.