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  1. i cannot fathom a $100 to stream/own a digital copy of a new movie. Not saying a studio wouldn't try it, but I don't think there is going to be many people that will jump at that.
  2. Ok, so does it get so bad for the studios that at a certain point they say "Screw it" and start releasing things to VOD just so they can get some income coming in?
  3. Props to Leifield for becoming as successful as he did, but to this day I still dont understand how he did it. Deal with the devil?
  4. In my opinion, the absolute worst tragedy of the 3 new Star Wars films were they never had Han, Luke, Leia, Lando, or Chewie on screen at the same time. They had one chance and they blew it.
  5. I'm seeing more and more articles about this retconning and also about Kennedy being out when her contract ends in 2021. Again, I'll believe it when it happens.
  6. Yeah I put no stock in this rumor, however saying that I'd love to see it happen just to watch Kennedy's and Johnson's heads explode!
  7. Yeah, this is a HUGE change from the books. Will be interesting to see how that pans out.
  8. So how long is it going to take to dry? Will you be getting a wet butt/back because the theater is trying to churn and burn a lot of showings to make up for being limited to 50% capacity?
  9. Yeah, the voice over by "Jor-El", added with the score of Hans Zimmer and it is a great scene.
  10. Looking at his IMDB page (which I had never done before), I'm really surprised that Fox gave him the director's chair for what they hoped would be a franchise starter. He basically had "Chronicle" under his belt, and that was it.
  11. If the Snyder Cut is good I could see the main bosses at AT&T telling Warner Bros to bring him back, much like it was most likely the main bosses at AT&T who green lit the Snyder Cut to begin with. I don't think the Warner head honchoes would have put out the Snyder Cut because if it was a hit then they would have looked really bad.
  12. That would be interesting if it pans out. I thought MoS was great, as was the Ultimate Cut of BvS. I have high hopes for the Snyder cut of JL, and would like to see more of what he had mapped out for the DCEU. I enjoy the Marvel movies tremendously, but I also very much enjoyed the "darker" elements of what Snyder was doing with the DCEU.