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  1. I know it didn't do well at the theaters, but I really liked 13 hours.
  2. So the wife, kids (age 10 and 7) and I saw the movie. It was excellent! There was absolutely no "Video Game Curse" on this film. I'd say the theater was about 1/2 full (1:30pm matinee). Everyone seemed to enjoy the movie and when the after credit scene came up there was more than a few people applauding. I'd give this a solid "A" for a rating.
  3. Good thing the international market had enough juice to pull this movie past Rogue One, because domestic tickets certainly are not.
  4. These two Jumanji films have certainly been money makers for the studio.
  5. However Dark Phoenix had a budget of $200 million, BOP has a budget of $90 million, so while yes it is below Dark Phoenix in sales right now it doesn't need to do nearly as much as Dark Phoenix to break even. The saving grace of BOP is that it was "relatively" cheap.
  6. I think you are talking out your . I admit that I am not a fan of Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), however I recognize that Marvel wants her to be OMG UBAH POWEFUL! So by your logic the only Avenger she can "be imposing over" is the Black Widow (Brie is 5'7, Scarlett is 5'3). So according to you the audience sees her blow up Thanos's ship by flying through it but we consider her a punk and not powerful because she isn't as tall as Bucky, or Iron Man, or Captain America, or anyone over 5'8" tall.
  7. I think that is a bunch of malarkey. I truly believe at this point no one cares how tall someone is or isn't. Thor still has his mojo because he is the God of Thunder and shoots lightning bolts. To say he would be considered a wimp because Reed Richards is as tall as Thor is rather short sighted if you ask me.
  8. Additionally John Wick 2's opening basically doubled the opening of John Wick 1 ($14 million domestic). Birds of Prey's opening is about a 1/4 of Suicide Squad ($133 million domestic).
  9. Saw this movie tonight, it was fun. While I don't think it was as good as the first one, I do think this was a decent enough sequel. I have to say that much like in the first one Jack Black did a great job in this one of portraying either "Fridge" or "Bethany". Kevin Hart did a good job as "Milo (Danny Glover)", but Dwayne Johnson was the weak leak for the impersonations "Grandpa Freddie (Danny DeVito)".
  10. But back to Karasinski as Reed, I could see it. I think the guy can act, he did a good job in 13 hours, he does great on the Jack Ryan show on Amazon Prime. While I never saw it apparently the film "A Quiet Place" was decent (and that was made with his wife), it did well enough that there is a Quiet Place 2 coming our way.
  11. The infamous "Break me off a piece of that Fancy Feast" memory lapse.