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  1. Not sure if anyone mentioned this one yet, but this is already being done on Rally Rd, isn't it? Or I think they're about to have a few comics go live on there. It sounds dumb, but they had a Honus Wagner card on there a few weeks back and I bought "10 shares" of it (each share is worth 1/10,000th of the card) for $52 each. So they were valuing the card at $520,000. I think they lay out the rules for how they'd actually sell the underlying asset, but I think they idea is more so that you are just trading shares back & forth, more like a stock. It's kind of a cool idea. They seem to mostly have sports items (cards, game worn jerseys, etc.), but I've seen cars, watches, and there's a ASM #1 CGC 6.5 (valuing it at $22k) coming up for trading soon. And a Batman #3 CGC 9.4 (valuing at $78k) coming up soon.
  2. See that's what I'm thinking. At first, I thought that I might've been buying these from the original family (the seller was located in the right general area), then I was told the story about them being given to a great aunt years ago, but I suspect these could've actually come from that estate sale. Of course, if these were somehow tied to that mysterious 3rd buyer, you'd think that there are (or at least were) more of them, but I was told that this was everything.
  3. Wow, that is awesome! Is there a picture online of the Red Dragon? I have a few issues that fit right into portions of the titles that she was buying. My Captain Marvel Adventures #30 ("Okajima" on cover, no date or code) would be after the Captain Marvel 28 ("Okajima" only), and just before the Captain Marvel 31 ("Okajima" plus date & code), so that would maybe help show the cutoff between just the name on the cover and when they had the name/date/code. I have the Sensation Comics #34 as well, which came from the same source, but unfortunately it had no markings on it -- so I'm not sure yet if CGC will certify it as an Okajima. It fits right in there (she had #30, 32, 35), and it had the same look as the other coded ones from the period, but I'd understand if it couldn't get the pedigree status (that's one I'd just keep if that happened, since I'm convinced it is one).
  4. I think I saw some sort of a list within this thread, but it could've been many pages back. It would be cool to see the earliest coded book to see if it was "1A" or something to that effect. It seemed like the older (1943) issues had the name but no "code", but I'm not sure if that is consistent across the collection or just what I happened to see. I have a few more at CGC right now, and I gave Heritage a couple of them. The coolest one (in my opinion) is the Superman #26, since it's a WWII themed cover - that one (from Jan '44) has just the name but no codes. Planet (Nov '43) was just name/no codes. Detective 81 (Nov '43) was just name/no codes. Action 71 (April '44) had date/name/code of "2K".
  5. I was the seller on all of these. I bought a small group of them over the summer from a non-comic seller out of California who claimed that they had been in the family for decades (pre-dating the 1990's find - I was told that these were given to the seller's great aunt by an old man they did housekeeping for, who had purchased them back in the 50's -- I know that sounds crazy, but it's what I was told!). The Planet you referenced actually had whiteout over top of the "Okajima" and I carefully scraped it off (I could see a tiny bit of the signature and knew what was likely under there; I posted a before/after pic of it on my instagram back before I sent it to CGC). Some of the books I bought in this batch didn't have any codes on them, so I'll end up keeping those, but I had a few with just "Okajima" (like the Detective last night & the Planet), some with "Okajima" and the date/"camp codes" (like the Action last night), and a handful of later books (post-camp) with either no markings or a date stamp that matched other Okajima copies that show up in the Heritage archives. I actually thought that the Action would sell for more, given that it had name/date/code, but the lower grade clearly played a part (and the writing was more hidden in the dark title than on the Detective/Planet that sold for higher prices).
  6. Always, always, always copy/paste the title and/or description into google when one of these pops up. Brought up the original Sparkle City sale from 2012. These scammers are too dumb to change even a tiny portion of the title/description, so in most cases it's very easy to spot. But I could definitely see someone taking a gamble on this if they didn't know better. 99.999% a scam. Original sale:
  7. I'm always looking for new items to buy in quantity (heavy duplication) that I can slowly sell over time one by one. If you have any "quality" vintage books in mass duplication, I'd be happy to take a look and make an offer on them. Examples of things I have bought in recent years would include: multiple copies and/or cases of books like: Shazam #1, Star Trek #1, "File Copies" with multiples on many issues, Golden Age Mighty Midget comics, "comic packs", and so on. I sell books like this in my weekly eBay auctions and am always looking for new material to throw into the mix. If you think you might have something that would fit what I'm looking for, please feel free to reach out!
  8. I'd do 10-day auctions starting on Thursday (ending Sunday night). You get two weekends that way, and Sunday end time is always the most active for bidding.
  9. Thought that I'd give this one last bump, then closing it down. Had an offer very close to what I wanted to get out of the book, but we couldn't quite make it work. $24,000 final price drop, leaving this open til tonight. CLOSED NOW
  10. One last bump, I'd do $25,000 on it if someone might be interested. Otherwise will probably consign it. Thanks again for taking a look!
  11. Thanks to everyone for the kind words! I'd do $26,000 on it if anyone is interested. If not, I'll most likely consign it to one of the November auctions. Would prefer to pass along the savings to a boardie, so please reach out if interested!
  12. Just one book tonight, and it’s a good one. Superman #2 CGC 7.0 off-white to white pages. Label notes: “Piece out of margin of page 9-12, slightly affects art.” Picked this one up recently from someone who has been buying books from the 86 year old original owner. Presents exceptionally well for the grade (my assumption is that the grade took a slight hit for the missing interior piece noted on the label, as this presents better than the typical 7.0). Heritage sold two CGC 6.0’s for $15,600 and $16,800 this year. A CGC 6.5 sold on eBay a couple of weeks ago within a few hours of being listed for $16,150 via buy-it-now. No 7.0’s have sold in a while, but Heritage sold a cream to off-white CGC 7.5 for $39,600 in May. I think that the ow/w copy offered here would bring in the 30’s at auction, but I’m looking an easy sale and asking $27,500. Terms: US ONLY. Payment via cashier's check or bank wire. USPS Priority Mail Express (overnight shipping) with insurance and signature confirmation is included. Time payments are available, but I'd like some sort of payment upfront. If you are interested, just send me a PM -- I'm easy to work with. Usual rules. No returns on CGC graded books. First “I’ll take it” in the thread gets it. Any questions, please let me know. Kudos thread is posted on the boards, and I sell on eBay under the name "blissard" (100% positive, with over 25,000 feedback). Thanks! -Adam