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  1. Thought that I'd give this one last bump, then closing it down. Had an offer very close to what I wanted to get out of the book, but we couldn't quite make it work. $24,000 final price drop, leaving this open til tonight. CLOSED NOW
  2. One last bump, I'd do $25,000 on it if someone might be interested. Otherwise will probably consign it. Thanks again for taking a look!
  3. Thanks to everyone for the kind words! I'd do $26,000 on it if anyone is interested. If not, I'll most likely consign it to one of the November auctions. Would prefer to pass along the savings to a boardie, so please reach out if interested!
  4. Just one book tonight, and it’s a good one. Superman #2 CGC 7.0 off-white to white pages. Label notes: “Piece out of margin of page 9-12, slightly affects art.” Picked this one up recently from someone who has been buying books from the 86 year old original owner. Presents exceptionally well for the grade (my assumption is that the grade took a slight hit for the missing interior piece noted on the label, as this presents better than the typical 7.0). Heritage sold two CGC 6.0’s for $15,600 and $16,800 this year. A CGC 6.5 sold on eBay a couple of weeks ago within a few hours of being listed for $16,150 via buy-it-now. No 7.0’s have sold in a while, but Heritage sold a cream to off-white CGC 7.5 for $39,600 in May. I think that the ow/w copy offered here would bring in the 30’s at auction, but I’m looking an easy sale and asking $27,500. Terms: US ONLY. Payment via cashier's check or bank wire. USPS Priority Mail Express (overnight shipping) with insurance and signature confirmation is included. Time payments are available, but I'd like some sort of payment upfront. If you are interested, just send me a PM -- I'm easy to work with. Usual rules. No returns on CGC graded books. First “I’ll take it” in the thread gets it. Any questions, please let me know. Kudos thread is posted on the boards, and I sell on eBay under the name "blissard" (100% positive, with over 25,000 feedback). Thanks! -Adam
  5. Ok, going to close this one down. The AF15 is still available for the time being (likely going to consign that one somewhere in the near future, but I'd prefer to make a deal on here - so pm me if interested); sold a few of the others, and the remainder is likely going to be up on eBay in the near future. Thanks again to everyone who helped out
  6. Saw that in the completed section the next day. Initially thought "hmm, even with only 40 pages there.. it was a decent buy." Then I realized it was complete! According to watchcount, it sold within nine minutes of posting. Congrats to the buyer -- they had to see it within those nine minutes, realize it was all there and not a scam, and checkout before anyone else.
  7. I was kind of thinking that I'd find another raw copy by now/submit it and see if it got the label notation.. but it ended up being harder to find another copy than I had anticipated!
  8. I submitted this one myself, but it was a year or two back. I knew what it was when submitting the book, but it was before either of the two big public sales, so I don't think it was on CGC's radar yet. I think this is one that they might not get around to updating for a while, since there aren't that many copies getting sent in for grading. It took a while for Tip Top 173/United 21 to get the label notation, and those are seen far more often than the Top Notch.
  9. 6. Top-Notch Comics #22 CGC Graded 3.0 Price: $5,000 $4,500 now pulling this one "First appearance of Archie in comics!" This book pre-dates Pep Comics #22 by a few days and features a full-page ad which talks about the newest MLJ feature, Archie & his pals, coming up in the next issue of Pep Comics. I've attached a sample image of that page. CGC has graded a grand total of four copies in their history: a 9.4 (which just sold in Heritage for $38,400), a 9.0 (which I believe is owned by a boardie), a 3.5 (which did have tape, and sold for $4,080 last year at auction and is likely not for sale), and this 3.0 copy offered here. A truly rare book, and a must-have for any Archie fan!
  10. 5. United Comics #21 (1st App. Peanuts) CGC 6.0 OWW PRICE: $5,000 $4,500 now Trails just one 7.0 & one 6.5 at the top of the CGC census. Tied for first appearance of the Peanuts in comics. The 7.0 copy sold for $7,768 two years ago and a trimmed 6.0 sold for $2,629 last year. I think the 7.0 would likely sell for more if auctioned off today, and a friend owns the 6.5/won’t sell it, so this is likely the best copy you’ll find for some time. PRICE: $5,000. $4,500 now Grader Notes: light, multiple staple rusted small tear right center of front cover small, multiple crease front cover breaks color wear spine breaks color
  11. 4. Incredible Hulk #1 CGC .5 (Centerfold missing, affects story. Incomplete) Price: $3,500 (sold) Difficult book to price; not much sales data history on centerfold-less Hulk 1's, but GPA shows that an incomplete .5 sold for $3,750 last year and $3,050 the year before that. This one would clearly grade much higher than .5 if not for the missing pages. Coverless copies routinely bring over $1,000, so I think that I've got this one priced about right. Buying a coverless copy and marrying the centerfold to this copy should pretty easily double its value, so I do not expect this one to last long.