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  1. Not 100% sure, but I'm almost positive that you get all of your fees back on a full refund (so it's better than the PayPal system). Since there is just 'one fee', you get that back when sending the refund (not sure if they might keep the 30 cents per order fee or the 10 cent insertion fee, but I've sent a few refunds and going off of memory on my last one, it was a $57 refund and it was showing '$57 refund - (roughly) $7 fee refund = $50 refund taken from my pending balance' (or roughly those numbers)).
  2. Went for $8k, still a steal. You can look up the actual accepted price on other sites.
  3. That's really a great way to sum it up.. 0.5% lower FVF, but pay FVF on the sales tax, ends up being a wash on average. Not surprised that it annoys people though, because at first glance, it seems like they added in a new fee (which like you said doesn't even apply all the time).. a number of people are in zero sales tax states or have resale certificates on file, so you end up saving the .5% on some listings, while paying a little extra on sales to states with higher sales tax rates.
  4. It's the lower (12.4%) rate for comics (not 14.4%). There are a few other annoying fees that I've noticed (could be some that I'm missing, but just noticed these): 1.6% (?) international transaction fee (so if it's a Canadian buyer, you'll pay an extra 1.6% I believe on the sale), and also you are paying the final value fee rate (so just say 12.4%) on the sales tax (which is so stupid, but that's the way the system is set up right now). So if it's a $100 sale and the buyer pays $10 in sales tax, your fees would actually be: 12.4% (x $100) plus 30 cents plus 12.4% of $10 = $13.94 total. The old system was better, but it's not 'that' much worse to make a huge difference really.
  5. This is true, but it's still cheaper (again, on higher priced sales) under the new program. Before, you had a FVF cap at $350/item (and then 3% PayPal fees on the whole sale). Now it's ~ 10% FVF on the first $2500 and 2.2% on the remainder, but no PayPal fees now. Still an annoying system/change overall, but really there isn't much that can be done about it, so I'm just hopeful that it improves over time.
  6. Something I don't think anyone mentioned (and of course, I know it's not a typical sale, but..) on higher priced sales, I was pleasantly surprised that the fees are actually quite a bit lower than the old way. For example, a $10,000 sale is now treated as: final value fees on the first $2,500 (so say 10% for simplicity), then the remaining amount (the $2,501st to $10,000th dollar) are just charged at the processing rate that eBay pays on the transaction (something like 2.2%). So a $10k sale now has 'in total' around $450 in fees, while before it was eBay's 10% and another 3% from PayPal. I spoke to someone at eBay on the phone the other day and they are well aware of the complaints people have, but so far I have been pleasantly surprised with it (although the delayed access to funds, taking the final value fees out immediately instead of billing at the end of the month, etc. are all annoying.. but I knew that going into July 15th and was happy that there haven't been any other unknown issues so far).
  7. Man, horror story. As you noted, private insurance is really the "gold standard," if there is one. For my peace of mind, I always go with USPS Express Mail, and have found that to be the most reliable (again, with private insurance on the package). The post office, with all their faults, does seem to really try to get Express packages there on time (since they have to give you a full refund if it's late.. which does happen maybe 5% of the time). Registered, even before hearing this story, has always driven me crazy because the tracking is AWFUL and it always takes a week plus for registered packages to get to me. And as Dr. Love noted.. signature service is really not what you think you're paying for these days (my mailman has been dumping signature-required packages under the mailbox since covid started, and it's scary to think what would happen if something ever went missing, since it seems like none of these packages are ever getting signed for).
  8. As a casual observer, they appear to sell out for most listings very quickly (within minutes/hours). I have $500 worth of a Honus Wagner card on there (I think it's 1/1000th ownership). I wish they'd open up the "trading windows" more often though. You can buy in, but you have to wait until trading is available again (several months later) to cash out (or buy more). If it was open 24/7, or at least during weekdays, that would be much cooler. But it's still a great idea IMO.
  9. Oh man, I saw this thread bumped up and I was scared to click.. I thought Gabe would be back and talking about how he bought a bunch of Dogecoin two days ago and made a fortune
  10. Most likely, this is one of those books with an odd page count (60 pages, including covers), with 16 pages in the front half of the book and 12 pages in the back half of the book. So it would have four "extra", single-page "wraps" in the front half of the book, rather than the typical GA book that would have an equal number of pages in the front/back half of the book.
  11. Bumping this. My post from January actually led to a few purchases, so I thought I'd try it again. Other examples that I've thought of might be books like "Major Inapak" which the Price Guide states had many warehouse copies surface in the 1970's, or the "Trapped" 1950's giveaway which falls into the same category. If you might have any mass-quantity books like this that you are looking to sell, please feel free to reach out!
  12. Just to clarify, 'all' of the books that I bought from this person (a non-comic seller) were Okajimas. They were located in the same area as the original find in California, so I was never sure if they could've possibly been related to the actual original owner, came from that estate sale, came from the original owner pre estate sale, etc. They told me that the books had been in their family for decades, which could mean since the 90's, or further back than that. The books were all sold to me a few at a time, so I was always holding out hope that I'd get a message one day saying they had dozens or hundreds more, but the three that I currently have listed on eBay are the last of what I had (outside of five other inexpensive ones that are at CGC now). From what I had, there did seem to be more DC's than you'd expect (some of which were coded but lower grade, compared to others from the collection -- whether the damage (and rusty staples on the Superman) occurred from being stored separately back in the day, or in more recent years, I'm not sure). I did get two Timely issues from this find, but they were also lower grade.
  13. I never had any Flash issues, but that list (several pages back in this thread) is a great resource to see the titles that she collected. I had a couple of the only Batman/Detective coded issues from the collection, but I can't remember ever seeing any Flash books for sale over the years.
  14. Sorry, I didn't see this until just now! Yes, 'all' of the books that I bought from this seller were Okajimas. I don't have the exact number, but it was somewhere right in that 25-30 book range (I sold the better ones last year on eBay/Heritage -- but I have three up for sale right now, three ready for next week, and then five more (cheaper ones) at CGC right now (just to give an idea of what I have left -- I know spacing them out better could have brought higher prices, but I didn't want it to seem like I had an unlimited supply of these and settled on this being the most transparent way to sell them). A decent number of them had the "Okajima" signature on them, most of the rest had front cover codes (the ones you see on those later Jungle/Jumbo issues)/a pencil date written on the back covers, a couple had date stamps that matched up to other books from the collection, and then there were just a couple that had 'no' codes or markings at all (the Sensation was one of those books, the other I believe is the Blue Bolt issue that I currently have listed on eBay). I was told by the seller that these all came from the same place, and given that nearly all of the books had codes/markings that fit the collection, I was certain that these couple of non-marked books were in fact from the collection. I hope this helps!
  15. This seems to be correct. To be fair, they have given us ample warning. But it will be interesting to see if they actually start banning people from selling after this deadline comes.