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  1. Hilldale! (Plus spelling "favorite" funny )
  2. Sold within 20 minutes of being listed.. sometimes it's better to be lucky than good! (I wasn't the buyer).
  3. Not quite 2.0, but I have one up on eBay ending Sunday night!
  4. Death, taxes, anddddd increased postal rates... guaranteed.
  5. Use Gavelsnipe. It's free. You can snipe eBay, and you can also snipe Heritage. The homepage states that they have a 99.9% success rate, and I can stand by this number. I've used it for thousands of snipes and never had an issue.
  6. So you've never actually met this person right? Or talked on skype or anything? I agree with what someone else said above in the sense that a year to improve yourself will be good -- but Gabe, this is a textbook example of catfishing and the chances of "her" being real are next to zero!
  7. I honestly don't believe that any of this can be real. It is just mind-blowing. Yet I keep coming back to read it
  8. I recently purchased an original owner Golden Age collection, which will be sold over the next several weeks at auction on eBay (username: blissard). Everything is being sold "raw" with no reserve; many Action, Batman, Detective, Sensation, Superman, Wonder Woman issues will be posted. This is a little blurb that I included in the listings about the collection: Over the coming weeks, I will be posting comics from an original owner Golden Age collection that I bought recently. The comics in this collection were amassed by two young brothers back in the 1940’s; these books sat untouched in a small farm house for many decades, until recently when one of the brothers passed away at the age of 82. The books in this collection all have excellent page quality (virtually all have off-white to white (or better) pages). All are 100% unrestored; none have ever been pressed or messed with in any way whatsoever. They will all be offered "raw" (unslabbed) at auction with $1 opening bids over the next month or so. There will be hundreds of early to mid 40’s books, including many DC superhero comics, so please be sure to save me to your favorite sellers list to see my new listings each week! Here is a link to my eBay store!
  9. It was so long ago that it was when you could tape a book and improve the grade; so believe it or not this graded out at 4.5. Sold it many years ago though.
  10. Just a head's up on this eBay auction: I bought this very book YEARS ago on eBay with the exact same pics/description (can be seen here on Worthpoint): It was later slabbed (and had a piece of tape added over the torn spine); this auction is 100% without a doubt a scam. Just wanted to post this as a warning to any potential bidders.