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  1. I believe that I am next, With the 23rd pick, I choose: Prize #35 Donated by letsgrumble Spider-Woman #1 CGC 9.4 OWW. Shipping anywhere, on me, except for North Korea and Tajikistan Thanks for another fun contest.
  2. PRIZE: Marvel Comics Pure Hero VENOM Spider-man Dry Fit Crew Shirt. Choice of Medium or Large. Brand new, never worn. These run a little big so if you need XL, the large might fit fine. Also DEADPOOL 2 SLURPEE CUPS SET OF 4 FROM 7 ELEVEN MARVEL MOVIE PROMOTION. Free shipping. USA only.
  3. Got a 65 playing at home and was happy after the last round. I guess it is easier when there is nothing on the line. Congrats to all the winners. Coming down to the final 6.
  4. That crease looks like part of the artwork. Kay likes to grade fast too. Really need to look closely to see.
  5. Ouch, I did so bad. I had the same thought process and went with 6.5, not even close. One of those days. Congrats to the winners moving on.
  6. I gave it 1.5 as well and thought I will go with the overgrade. I thought maybe 1.0 as it looks like the cover is ready to fall right off. I guess this is the fun of the game, always second guessing yourself. Score of 90, you should be ashamed of yourself.
  7. Immortal Hulk is HOT! I just sold a copy of Avengers #684 CGC 9.8 1st Immortal Hulk for $300, a record high. Crazy high for a modern book. Timing is everything. Price on this book was $150 in CGC 9.8 a few weeks ago. Can't see the book stay at this high as tons of sellers will be sending their copies to CGC. Love CGC. Turned a $4.99 comic to $300.
  8. Pressing adds stress to the staples (no doubt about it) such as aggressive pressing (too much pressure and multiple pressings). Add the shifting in the case and you end up with books like the one shown. I see more and more books with slight Shaken Comic Syndrome.
  9. No, it is not. Ask the seller if the book has been pressed. You cannot just look at a book and tell. Most expensive books these days have been pressed. Pressing is no longer frowned upon but quite expected these days.
  10. Book has signs of Shaken Comic Syndrome. You can search for the topic here on the forum. I just got 12-13 from a recent shipment that look like this.