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  1. This problem continues. I thought it might be just the newer slabs but it just had it happen to me with a 1st generation slab as well.
  2. Looks like they are selling books as usual/normal business. So are they a legit charity?
  3. It is not possible to change the book without evidence of tampering so not fraud. It is Shaken Comic Syndrome and unfortunately happens quite often with shipping of slabs. Looks like edge got folded, not piece missing. You might try to have it pressed out. You might not or not retain the 9.8 grade or sell as is.
  4. News flash: ULTIMATE FALLOUT 4 CGC 9.8 DJURDEVIC VARIANT 1:25 MILES MORALES JUST SOLD FOR $9 K. https://www.ebay.com/itm/ULTIMATE-FALLOUT-4-CGC-9-8-DJURDEVIC-VARIANT-1-25-MILES-MORALES-/233621193517?hash=item3664e8832d%3Ag%3ARCMAAOSwOzxe6PsA&nma=true&si=QIfNIeKbo4ezrbAnBHEKuK1XSj8%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 $8 K Newstand sale doesn't look too bad now. The newstand must be 1:100 ratio at least.
  5. Initially, I thought insane price but with those stats, book should be worth $600,000 to $700,000. If this is the only 9.8 then $8 K is going to look cheap in a few years. UF#4 looks like the Hulk #181 of the modern age.
  6. Having a date stamp does not affect the grade. I believe the store stamp is a different story.
  7. Please grade my Ultimate Fallout #4 with store stamp: see scan: Assuming the comic is a 9.8, how much does the store stamp bring down the grade? My feeling is that it brings down to 9.0 or 9.2. Does the size of the stamp matter? What if the book is 9.6 or 9.4, how much does it drop the grade, 1 point or 1-2 grade increments. So the book become 8.5 if it is was 9.0/9.2. A 9.0 now becomes 8.0? Any examples of actual books or experience appreciated.
  8. Bluemedgroup (Alan) was my Secret Santa in the 2019 Christmas Exchange. Sent me some very cool collectible comics and a Super Sized Snickers bar. Sweet comics/present. Kudos and thank you.
  9. Prize #25 Bronze to Modern Lot. All nice grade. I may add a few more US only shipped in Med flat rate box.Donated by fastballspecial
  10. Hello, I am here. Didn't realize we moved so fast this morning. Looking at what's left.
  11. Cash prizes usually go very early. Especially now with the pandemic, cash is king.
  12. Cool. Thanks for doing this. Keeping us homegamers playing.