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  1. Prize #25 Bronze to Modern Lot. All nice grade. I may add a few more US only shipped in Med flat rate box.Donated by fastballspecial
  2. Hello, I am here. Didn't realize we moved so fast this morning. Looking at what's left.
  3. Cash prizes usually go very early. Especially now with the pandemic, cash is king.
  4. Cool. Thanks for doing this. Keeping us homegamers playing.
  5. Looks like 5.0 to me as well. Gave it the extra bump to 5.5 and still not enough of a bump.
  6. Updated my placeholder. Let's get those prized donations out. We are coming to the end. This contest has been a great distraction from the craziness of the pandemic.
  7. ROUND OF 6 ASM 9.6 Actual 9.2 15 points MK 9.0 Actual 9.4 15 points SD 9.2 Actual 9.4 18 points THOR 6.5 Actual 6.5 20 points TOTAL 68 Playing at home is fun. Spending less time second guessing and doing better.
  8. SHELTER IN PLACE SURVIVAL KIT: Cooler pack, 5- Masks, 2 Hope Services Sample Hand Sanitizer, 2 Dove Sample Bar Soaps, Dove Body Wash, 2 Saline Boogie Wipes, Special K Protein Bar, Tenchu Fatal Shadows T-Shirt XL Size, WOW (War of the Worlds Cap), Set of 4 Deadpool 2 Movie 7- 11 Slurpee Cups, 18 Misc Comics: House of X #2 (4th Print), House of X #3 (3rd Print), House of X #5 (2nd Print), House of X #6 (Scottie Young Variant) – All $4.99 Cover Price, Immortal Hulk #25 Regular and Variant ($5.99 Cover Price), Aquaman #46 $3.99, Regular and Variant, Lois Lane #1 Variant $3.99, Fantastic Four #60 (Special 9 cent edition), Saga #41 Regular, Batman #81, Weirdworld #2, Uncanny Avengers #6, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #4, Web-Warriors #2, DC’s Beach Blanket Bad Guys Summer Special #1 $9.99, DC’s Nuclear Winter Special 80 Page #1 $9.99, Estimated Comic Book Retail Price $88 . Shipping within the USA only.
  9. Just my luck. I get the highest score of the field and I am out. Good luck everyone.
  10. Congrats to @OdinsSecrets with score of 93. No way I am going to beat that!!
  11. With the 13th pick, spidermanbeyond picks: Prize 72: Demon #1 (8.0/8.5) and Spawn #301 Virgin Variant (9.4) - donated by comicquant