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  1. I think this was a steal for under 100. And a great cover.
  2. Couple of recent pick-ups of cool Wings war covers. And a nice splash from the 14.
  3. I don't know on the 18, someone must've needed money bad for it to be selling close to the auction price. And yeah the chip is too bad, but it looked so nice. My first time holding a Church Planet and they live up to the hype! As to my impressions of the show, I did one day Friday. Not enough time, I didn't see half the dealers I wanted to and they were practically dragging me out at 730. A great selection of stuff at most dealers, but I agree with others that prices were very high. But many people were willing to deal. I heard some people thought things were slow on Friday, not sure how it went Saturday. I have been on and off in past years and think the selection was quite good. Just wish it didn't involve the whole Wizard circus of gutter salesmen and others aggressively selling. One guy practically chased me down as I walked past him talking for 20 seconds or so and I just kept walking and he just kept talking and I just went faster and faster til he gave up. Shouldn't have to deal with that at a comic and entertainment show. I did pick up some nice stuff, including some early Fiction House books and a Centaur and Brick Bradford 6. Had a blast seeing all the great books and art on display! And very sad to hear the news of the thefts from Tomorrow's Treasures. After the theft last year, I thought people would be more careful, but also wondering if Wizard isn't doing much for security there. Smart dealers are boxing in their wall books, with only a small space and letting in only one or maybe two people to see the good stuff. But I wonder about keeping the backside and sides of a display wall secure, if the person behind you isn't a serious dealer and watching out for you. Heritage put out a list of the stolen merchandise that I thought I would list here as well: Our friend Richard Muchin from Tomorrow's Treasures tells us that a number of comics were stolen from his booth at last weekend's Wizard World Chicago. The books included: Tales of Suspense #2 CGC 7.0 Tales of Suspense #3 CGC 7.0 Daredevil #1 (1964) 4.5 CGC. 2036526015 Spider-Man #1 5.0 CGC 2036528006 Spider-Man #3 CGC 3.5 2036526006 Tales to Astonish #9 8.5. CGC 2048163003 Action Comics #19 7.5. CGC 1493862001 Daredevil Comics #1 (1941) 4.5 CGC 2020020001 Detective Comics #144 9.0. CGC 0700844001 Mystery In Space #4 9.4. CGC 1970249019 Startling Comics #22 6.5 CGC 1345362003 If you have relevant information, please email Tomorrow's Treasures at
  4. And perhaps you eagle eyes spotted my favorite book at the show, Harley had the Church Planet 18 in 9.4 for $20K!!! Also someone had some nice original Kirby art, a whole book of it. Here are a few selections.
  5. A few more wall shots of Harley, Dale Roberts, and Superworld.
  6. Here are some of my pics from the show. Start off with a few closer shots of Gator's wall. It was spectacular.
  7. That lithograph is awesome! Thanks for sharing, I wasn't aware of his other great work. Would love to see more. And great timing on reopening this thread, as my latest Flanagan arrived yesterday. Keeps with my trend of copies missing back cover too...
  8. Congrats on the 15 Jared! Nice score!
  9. I was watching all their auctions and I found the listings to be pretty silly, with no info provided and bad pics. And who the heck blocks someone asking for more info? I saw what looked to be resto on one or two books but the pics were so grainy it was hard to tell. But someone was going strong on these as all jumped up considerably at the conclusion. Still might be some deals, but it is a gamble. I was wanting the Subby 12, but it looked heavily water damaged. And they had some lots with random keys in them and they went for nice prices too.
  10. Yeah this thread needs more action! Especially since a bunch just sold on HA the weekend before. There were some nice deals, but I had trouble bidding on my phone while I was out for the evening and only got 1. Still, it is a great Everett cover, so can't complain. And blissard has had some nice ones on ebay lately, including an A-Man 5 and a Little Giant Movie Funnies 2, He's really been bringing out the high end inventory the last few weeks. Curious to see if anyone here got some of these offerings.
  11. Freaking fantastic Feldstein festival!!!
  12. Bagged a whale today... Pretty freaking happy right now. Hat tip to Spyder for the help on this one! Just down to the ever elusive 15...
  13. Awesome books you've offered Rick! What a sale!
  14. Those are very nice. I like this one too.