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  1. Always great to score one of those! I was similarly fortunate earlier this year. Cosmic Aeroplane ped.
  2. Don't know if anyone was watching or bidding on ebay a week or so ago but actually had two separate Planet 2 raws selling ending 4 days apart. One in good plus and the other about fine, achieved decent prices esp for raws. Hope someone had luck on these sweet books. The one seller had nice copies of 18 and 22 as well, with strong prices. The 22 seemed like a nice deal for the grade.
  3. Take Jungle 34. Looks like missed a lot of the party too. But still some delectable scraps!
  4. Picked this one up on Saturday from the LCS. I'm really enjoying it!
  5. Ditto on the 8 love. My copy is a step down from Rick's, but I'm still pretty happy with it.
  6. Since the big keys are out of my price range, I have to stick with mid-range keys. Grail books I'd love to get include More Fun 54, Sub-Mariner 1, and Daring Mystery 1.
  7. This thread needs some action! Here are a few of my favorites.
  8. I too love the pre-hero adventure covers. All are fairly tough to find. Here is one I particularly like.
  9. I was looking through Rangers 12 last night, and came across this great ad on the interior cover for Lost World and Planet 25. I don't remember such an in depth ad before for one specific feature in the title, and the description is fantastic. Makes me want to run out and buy it!
  10. Nice 52! One of the only ones I need still for my run of Spectre/Dr Fate covers. Here is my recent pickup...
  11. Some incorrect statements on here, I think. CGC would grade their books, they just didn't like the grades. HA was apparently refusing to sell one CBCS graded that had undisclosed trimming. I believe a deal was worked out, as I recall seeing something very high grade and restored graded by CGC in the last year or two. This seems to provide more info: