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  1. Some incorrect statements on here, I think. CGC would grade their books, they just didn't like the grades. HA was apparently refusing to sell one CBCS graded that had undisclosed trimming. I believe a deal was worked out, as I recall seeing something very high grade and restored graded by CGC in the last year or two. This seems to provide more info:
  2. Darn it, I forgot to bid on this as well! And it didn't go for too bad of a price either ($840) ... I must say HA's decision to move all original art to Monday from Sunday has made it harder to stay on top of. I liked only having to worry about one auction every Sunday night, I can't take having to follow two auctions every Sunday and Monday.
  3. Good point, I hadn't seen that. Definitely vindicates mycomicshop quite a bit. Especially when you consider they have much lower commissions. Perhaps a better explanation would be that this is the top end price point for a nicer presenting lower graded copy, and once you hit six figures the buyer pool shrinks a lot. That and there has been three 4.0s sell in 6 months. Another copy sold in 11/2019 for $150K. How many people can really be in the running at these prices? Once the super motivated buyer is out of the running, the price goes down.
  4. My best deal was over ten years ago. Was watching a "lot of Incredible Hulks" with just one or two pictures of a scattered pile of several dozen. Could see one little orange corner sticking out of the pile. Was sitting at like $15. Waited til end and one other person bid on it and I think thought the same thing, I threw 100 at it and got it for about $80. Sure enough, had a 181 in fine with the stamp. And a 102, 182, 141, and a few others, all vg or so. Ended up keeping the keys and relisting, got about $25 out of it the rest. So I've still got a 181, 182, 102 and 141 for about fifty bucks. Not too shabby!
  5. That 65 cover is my favorite. It was the first Planet I bought in 2010. I think I randomly ran across it on eBay before I even heard of Planet Comics and I had to have it. Once I heard about the pulp swipes, I had to have the Planet Stories rocket sled cover too. Which is also so great in its own way. Thanks for posting, makes me smile. Now, how the heck is this thread down on page 3? We need more content! Here is my suggestion for coronovirus protective gear. I used to think the bubble-top suits were kinda silly and highly susceptible to breakage, but this will probably be the new norm for people in close quarters in the near future...
  6. There were some interesting auctions on eBay a few weeks back, with what looked like an estate seller/buyer unloading a bunch of "original owner" books from the "estate of an only child who held onto all of his childhood belongings for 72 years." The veracity of this story aside, there were a bunch of FH books, mainly Rangers Fight and Wings, and most went for a hefty price. I was able to score a few, curious if any of you were able to get any. Colors are very nice, and despite the seller's poor packaging I'm thrilled to have them.
  7. Maybe the market is finally realizing these are manipulated books, especially when it is so obvious to the naked eye. Just treat that hammer like a restored price and it makes sense. Also perhaps mycomicshop not the right venue for a Batman 1...
  8. Picked up a Jungle 9 recently which has a great Fletcher Hanks story. Thought you would enjoy seeing it. The idea of conquering NY with an army of giant panthers is just so out there!
  9. I think I'd pay more for that if the color touch was reapplied. This is getting to be an ugly trend. I think CGC needs to take a harder line on this. It is a type of restoration. Taking a tool to modify the cover of a book further away from its natural state primarily to achieve a higher grade. Pretty clear cut to me. And seems like the only way to cut down on butchering classic books.
  10. I hope you are reading the Fletcher Hanks story in your pic! You are right this page should never hit page 4. Here is a favorite of mine.
  11. I love the activity on this cover.
  12. Always a good topic to revive! Here are a few that didn't get mentioned the first time around, probably in the honorable mention category but I love em. Pardon the glare on the Ozzie, need to get that one scanned, it is a deslabbed 7.5 but looks better to me and a Church.
  13. Congrats on the 4 sale! And thanks to goldenacase for removing the temptation to upgrade (still very tempted by the 6!). I was wondering if you could possibly share some pics of the interior, specifically the Fletcher Hanks story? I've always wanted to read it but don't want to crack my slab. Thanks!
  14. Finally snagged a book I've wanted for a long time! Wish it didn't have the tape but still looks great otherwise. Such a genuinely bizarre cover, Teutonic alien gassing damsel madness, and the hero can only watch. Pardon the other company case...