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  1. Holy cow!! Amazing, many congrats on a major score!! Definitely curious if you have an undercopy...
  2. mwotka

    Books from 1939 are 80 years old.

    I've been wanting to add a few more '39 books but needed to get them scanned/photographed. And if Bedrock is the luxury boxes and skypinkblu is the cheaper seats, then these must be in the nose bleed section, as most of these are very rough and/or incomplete. MF 42, MF 47 (cvr only) MF 48 Adventure 35, Adventure 39, Adventure 42, Adventure 43, Top-Notch 1. But they are rare and cool and I love em!
  3. mwotka

    John Richard Flanagan

    I was scanning a few more 1939 books for that thread, but didn't want to miss cross-posting them here. I'm interested to learn more about this artist. It surprises me how often he is mis-attributed for Flessel, including on CGC labels. Hopefully they have their info correct now. My copies are very rough, but I love the covers, and they are so rare I'm just happy to have them.
  4. mwotka


    This should be fun!
  5. I noticed this was missing from your Want to Buy line a few days back so I figured something was imminent. But wow, what a pickup!!
  6. mwotka

    Books from 1939 are 80 years old.

    1939 was a great year for the industry. Hard competing with some of you heavy hitters, although viewing what you have is a real pleasure! Here a few of mine...
  7. mwotka

    Oldest Original Owner Collection

    Being of a somewhat younger generation and only collecting GA for the last decade, I have not been privileged to grow into the hobby with many folks like Marty around. It is so fascinating to me to hear these stories. But I have met one local guy who is about Marty's age I think. He has let go of pretty much all his comics over the years, but I know he still has the New York World's Fair 1939 issue that his aunt brought him back as a present/souvenir from when she visited the fair. It is super rough, since he was a young kid at the time, but I always thought that story was so cool, especially since it is a 1930s book. Not an online guy at all though. So Marty is likely reigning champ on here.
  8. Didn't realize there was a 14 club meeting this weekend! Mine pales in comparison to most of yours, but just happy to have it! And Markentoth's Church is really wonderful, what a feeling to know that you likely own the single newsstand fresh copy of 14!
  9. Beautiful book! GLWTS!
  10. Holy Planets! Very nice, both of you!
  11. I think this one hits all the categories...