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  1. And first post in this topic in a month! Beautiful copy, very nice upgrade!
  2. Great thread! I'll take the Dogface, Bob Hope, and the Steranko book. Thank you!
  3. Latest pickup, very happy with this one, and I don't think you see it very often.
  4. Great tribute and video Jeff. RIP Lamont. I'm curious if there are any other collectors of these original collections still around. I know we are still lucky to share this space with Marty Mann. Anyone else?
  5. Congrats on the #2. Was watching it intending to bid but missed the end time and I think it was a pretty great steal, even with the issues. Nice work!
  6. I agree, Bob Powell is a magnificent artist and really underappreciated. The below Fiction House covers are some of my favorite images.
  7. Nice peds! None for me but I'm happy to own Jon Berk's Planet 1 and also I've got a couple Ray Miller collection copies that feature his distinctive amateur restoration, which I find endearing (note the recreated January by the logo on 22 that is nonetheless misspelled). I've also got a copy from the "More Fun Collection" with a certificate but I'm not certain what that even is.
  8. Great work from Electricmastro putting all these together! What a pleasure to look over. So much great talent hiding in these old pages...
  9. Another nice More Fun result with $3,459 for a vg-ish raw #60.
  10. Wow that one is awesome! And it has the last Fletcher Hanks story in Jungle. Here is my latest, also pretty rare with 10 on the census.
  11. Wonderful to see, here is my Eldon 22. In better shape than yours, alas, and you wonder how Eldon kept one so pristine and the other so rough. Signature in the exact same spot in bottom of the G.
  12. Wonderworlds, Fantastics, and now Mystery Men. What a treat, thank you all for sharing! I am blessed with the occasional Fox issue, but I can't lay a whole run on you. Here is one of my best...