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  1. Nice results from HA today! Planet 1 7.0 Billy Wright $19,200 (sold for $5,676 on 11/12) Planet 7 9.6 MH $12,000 (sold for $10,000 12/18) Planet 9 9.6 MH $14,400 (sold for $10,700 12/18) Congrats if anyone here bagged these beauties!
  2. These are cool to see and I would appreciate owning one of these pages. But the questions raised above are certainly worth pondering. It is unfortunate to me to think that with the parts being worth more than the whole, we will see more rough/incomplete books cut apart and sold. Although I can't say if I was looking at an opportunity to make thousands I wouldn't also separate one. My question goes to the process of separating. It would seem to me that the act of separating the individual pages apart, ie cutting a wrap in half, is itself a type of trimming. Shouldn't this be designated as such? Or perhaps it is simply implied, given that only a single page is being graded.
  3. Take Fight 40 and Hap 14 via PM!
  4. There was only the one pic, so no way to know. Really no way to know if CF or more center wraps were missing, so I think $10K was a bit of a risk. Unless they got more pics from the seller.
  5. Crazy auction just ended on eBay a short while ago. Lot of old comics, lol. Seller actually identifies that there is part of a Tec 27 (no Batman pages). But no way to know how much missing. Was at $100 when I went to bed last night. Ended at $10611 today. Wow. Could easily be worth double that, depending on what's there. Hope one of you got this, looked like 3 bidders duking it out in final minutes. I was strongly weighing a bid but went past what felt comfortable.
  6. I remember buying this and feeling ashamed with myself at what I paid for such a low grade copy. But it is one of those books that thrills everyone that sees it and one of my all time faves and I'm sure I'd pay far more to buy it again, it looks like a bargain today. So echoing some others, buck up when you see what you want.
  7. Yeah I've been hunting Planets since 2010 and still need 1 7 and 15 and you showed up with two of the them in your first post here so you seem quite lucky to me. I just tracked down 2 8 and 13 in the last year. But I've randomly run into tough issues, like my 10 at a small shop, you never know what will turn up. And that is one of the best aspects of it, IMO. 65 was my first issue and still a favorite. Good luck on your searching.
  8. take Gorgos and Real Life 25, if still available. Great sales thread!!
  9. @Zolnerowich Thanks for sharing those interiors! That Guardineer story is amazing, what a treat to see. And now I need to find myself a copy of Cocomalt. This also reminds me I need to share a few interiors from some recent finds...