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  1. Humantop

    Please grade this Secret Wars #8

    would be more accurate if you can take the comic out of the bag and retake the photos again (with a brighter lighting environment). from what i can see from the pic, I'd say 8.5?
  2. try to see if you can press that small little mark, the indent is very slight so I'd say a 9.6, would be harsh if its a 9.4
  3. very nice copy, I'd say a 9.6
  4. Humantop

    PGM Action Comics 12

    haha thanks ya I'm thinking a green.. Can't find one in a complete state.
  5. Humantop

    PGM Action Comics 12

    The 2 pages has stories so I'd say green 0.5? haha thanks..its a tough book to find.. #13 next but #13 is even more tough
  6. PGM Action Comics 12, 2 pages are missing so I would say a 0.5 or 1.0 Green label? Opinions?
  7. For your book, I'd say the best bang for your bang would be either Comiclink or Heritage. You can try ebay of course but their fees are haemorrhaging! . OR better yet, try selling at the boards here.
  8. wow I really love to have this book (presents like a 6.0!) but my budget is only for a 2.0, GLWYS.