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  1. That’s correct. There are plenty of facilitators who go through Scott’s and have done so with every existing Mattina graded book as Scott’s Collectables manage his signings, commissions and appearances on his behalf. You’re welcome to go to your preferred facilitator (excluding the Venomverse variant) as they will bring the books to Scott’s Collectables to process.
  2. All CGC Signature Series books signed by Mattina during the public signings can only be submitted through NY Comics at booth #2355 All private CGC Signature Series signings should be dropped off at the Scott’s Collectables booth #2357 See everyone there!
  3. Some Mattina SS books arrived back last week. Keep an eye out on the Scott's Collectables page and they do include the Gamora cover That Moon Knight cover is stunning!
  4. I'm 99% sure that these are Scott's own customers submissions and know these include books Dre and Kevlar sent in as I prepped the latters. I don't recall any others arriving from other facilitators. I could've forgotten if they went in advance but don't think they did.
  5. Contact Scott's Collectables via pm or their website. Bulloch will be at LFCC next month which I'll be present at.
  6. More than likely from the Scott's Collectables signing completed in March.
  7. Seems like there's a new dartboard on the wall
  8. Dave Prowse is appearing at a comic con the weekend after MCM and a few more later in the year. I met him last year at LFCC, when they had loads of the original cast present including Baker, Bulloch, McDiarmid and Mayhew and was lucky enough to meet Carrie Fisher at NYCC. The Scott's had a private signing with Mark Hamill earlier this year, I don't know why I keep on procrastinating on getting something signed .
  9. I've just flicked through a copy of Youngblood #0 and it's featured within near the back.
  10. That's a fantastic Jason Momoa/Aquaman cover Quite the interesting topic and one I've often thought about myself I do like photo covers and try and ones to my collection with the idea of adding a signature from the celebrity in the future. Having said that, I do commission blanks specifically to have something a little more personal and also due to the potential of purchasing a celebrity signed photo cover down the line. Here are some of my past commissions from artist John Watson that I'd like to have signed when a signing opportunity arises and funds are available. I'll hopefully get Hayley Atwell to sign at the Heroes and Villians show here in London next month (maybe some of the Arrow cast) and do plan on having other commissions of the Shield cast and other bits for the London Film and Comic Con in July. I missed out on Kevlar's Gadot signing and not sure if the Robbie one went ahead. Both Stan Lee sigs cover both sketch and photo covers. I'm looking forward to CGC finishing the grading on the BTTF cover thanks to the efforts of Kevlar and dscott and I know John Watson really enjoys the idea of his art being witnessed by said celebrity and is looking forward to seeing the final result just as much as I am. He was pretty happy knowing that Mark Hamill saw his work and personalised one for his son in a recent opp.
  11. Run don't walk to get yourself on the understanding is that they reached their initial quota on FB and was "sold out" and they were only taking slots on standby. They also signed an exclusive deal with him so there will be other ops down the road. Another service has a private signing with him in March, so I'm not sure how the exclusivity works in with that. Maybe they are exclusive after that date. Just to clarify that all submissions to be graded go through Scott's Collectables and that includes this other service. Confirmation of the extra 50 are pending, with only 12 reserve slots left.