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  1. They both have voices with no accent. I don’t think it’s relevant what they identify as. Probably a coincidence?
  2. I’m 100% with you. The creators of the show are the creators of the book, it’s not an adaptation done by people that weren’t involved all along. Plus the print runs on 1-13 specifically 10/11/12 are microscopic compared to outcast, etc. and half or less than preacher I’m, as always, very bullish on the success of both the series and the secondary 9.8 market.
  3. 89 relatively scarce but not sought after 60 second print good buy! That’s a tough cover in 9.8 with a low census count
  4. Could be similar for sure I’m guessing it will be either TWD or Preacher. Very doubtful to me that there is an in-between This has a pretty vocal fan base pre-loaded
  5. Your empathy is your best quality...they all appreciate that sentiment I’m sure
  6. I’m 100% biased, but this certainly applies to this group Invincible books are popping off on eBay once again. October 7th is the NYCC virtual panel re: the Amazon show. Sales will probably heat up again following this assuming there’s footage attached 1-13 are gold in 9.8, and even growing in 9.6 Notable recent EBay sales on CGC books 1- $1,400 9.8 2- $450 (first Eve and Robot) 9.8 5- $775 (tough cover first Allen) 9.8 10- $196 9.8 $170 9.6 (lowest sales of series) 11- $380 9.8 $270 9.6 (plot point/sales) 12- $370 9.8 (plot/sales) 15- $155 9.8 (no real reason, lower sales) 19- $125 9.8 (first battle beast) 51 second print - $160 (cover 1 homage) 75 variant- $300 (cover 1 homage 1:50) Invincible Returns Darwyn Cooke - $400 (1:50) 9.8 Invincible Returns Sketch Cover- $1,232 9.4 (very very elusive cover - this was my sale) Even the garbage (don’t @ me) Larry’s variant is selling for $150 plus in 9.8
  7. I have my postage taken from my “pending payout” it’s definitely possible
  8. Another simple way is to go to the website and choose “search eBay sales” in the main menu. Type your search parameters and make sure that “include best offer” is checked This is absurdly easy and mobile-friendly
  9. I use It’s intended for sports cards, but in the eBay sold listing search you can put any keywords you’d like and get the best offer prices
  10. I’m with you on 44...holy cow that pink cover is tough to hit 9.8s on
  11. The same can be said for most of the books discussed in this thread, my man
  12. I’m trying to determine if this is the spike, or the spike will come once there is a trailer
  13. Gotta love it when random people browse MCS just and start pulling triggers without a frame of reference
  14. The only one of these available below $10 is #26 5 is now a $400+ 9.8 book and a $100+ raw book. Super tough cover to hit a 9.8 Nobody is really discussing holding value, the thread is “moderns heating up”. I doubt anyone sees AF15 future value in any of 1-144. The point of my original post was just to help the group by highlighting which books are relevant and should see bumps with the market heating on this book. I’ve taken a lot from this group, and hopefully can help someone look for books to target at LCS or yard sales etc. The time for finding value on eBay is probably gone for this series
  15. Well of course, in that instance I’m sure every book in the series will take off. But it’s almost an impossibility that another comic-related show will reach TWD levels. That was once in a lifetime