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  1. Solid - you got me in the first half I’m not totally convinced that the time to sell is now- if people are buying those books now, they will be looking for them again once more footage or the actual show hits. Invincible feels different in a lot of ways than the traditional “tv show” book hype cycle
  2. Has any “first preview” had staying power in the past? Do you guys see TJ 1 sustaining pricing or going higher in the future? Kirkman was asked what the first appearance of Invincible is recently on Twitter: “The first appearance of Invincible is Invincible issue 1. I’ve never known a series of preview pages for a book to count as a first appearance. That’s not an original story or guest appearance, it’s just pages from issue 1” The Tech Jacket book is a printed preview of a few pages and there’s argument over if it’s even first. MOTU #1 and Savage Dragon 102 are sometimes also
  3. BTW- just a quick shoutout. Your recap emails on books that are hot for you are one of my favorite parts of this thread
  4. Prepare for EVERYTHING to spike again relatively soon $2,000 stimulus payments from incoming administration should set collectibles market further on fire
  5. Invincible 1 Comichron sales are listed at 10,751 Not sure TWD
  6. There’s a few reasons why they will stay cheap First of which being that it’s a reprint not a real variant
  7. Where do you have your 9.6 listed for $899? Don’t see one on eBay. Are you selling the raw sets?
  8. Invincible 1 cracked $2,000 for a 9.8 copy today
  9. They both have voices with no accent. I don’t think it’s relevant what they identify as. Probably a coincidence?
  10. I’m 100% with you. The creators of the show are the creators of the book, it’s not an adaptation done by people that weren’t involved all along. Plus the print runs on 1-13 specifically 10/11/12 are microscopic compared to outcast, etc. and half or less than preacher I’m, as always, very bullish on the success of both the series and the secondary 9.8 market.
  11. 89 relatively scarce but not sought after 60 second print good buy! That’s a tough cover in 9.8 with a low census count
  12. Could be similar for sure I’m guessing it will be either TWD or Preacher. Very doubtful to me that there is an in-between This has a pretty vocal fan base pre-loaded