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  1. Hey now Looking for this book in raw or graded condition I will overpay for this book, period. It is my white whale GPA shows very minimal data so not much to go on there Lets get it done! -Brad
  2. Footage from the show is allegedly to be released at SDCC this year, so I imagine interest will peak at that point
  3. The Rick/Shane issue is 81 Other books of note are: 50 Variant Adams Cover 51 Second Print 52 Sketch Cover 75 Variant Cover (this is rumored to be least available of any issue) Returns Sketch Variant (good luck finding one) 100 ComiXology Sketch Variant 100 Sketch Cover
  4. For this book, all that matters is what’s on the top right of the slab. It’s not an important enough book for people to care enough to change the label. It ain’t exactly Incredible Hulk 180/181
  5. Pretty sure we mean 609 here not 619 FYI
  6. Well I’ll be snookered Thorough response, thanks
  7. Wait what? There is a variant of Saga 1 literally labeled “Retailer Incentive Edition” What am I missing?
  8. Such an amazing thread. Great work putting it all together I’m happy to be very deep in on Batman 655, and if anyone knows me they know the depths of my Invincible collection Thanks for this thread!
  9. Hi Mollie Can you consider the score for the Invincible #75 Variant Cover? On GPA the most recent sale in February 2019 was $450 in 9.8, it is considered one of the most rare issues in the series Same for: Invincible #52 Sketch Cover Invincible #100 Sketch Cover Invincible #100 Ottley Sketch Cover Invincible #50 Variant Cover All of these issues are among the most rare and sought after in the series Thanks so much for the consideration!
  10. Hi Mollie Please add to the following set Set: Invincible (Image) Book: Invincible #51 Second Printing (Cert #1244127018) Thanks! Brad
  11. More likely story is they didn’t like pilot -script and let the option lapse Happens often enough