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  1. Everyone is currently working at home, Jessica S should be able to assist you though.
  2. In light of the just announced cancellation of Fan Expo Dallas 2020 2.0, we are upgrading Dallas Fan Days and renaming it the Dallas Fan Festival. This event will take place on October 16-18, 2020 at the Irving Convention Center. Details are forthcoming and I'll share them when I know. It will be a bigger event than Fan Days, with more comic guests.
  3. I personally may not be able to go if this moves forward with attendance caps and social distancing, they are talking about keeping the US-Canada border closed for non-essential workers until June 21. We all should know pretty soon as we have to let people decide.
  4. I am also still waiting for word from management on this. I heard something about an announcement that was supposed to be coming from the governor on Friday, guess it was pushed to today.
  5. I have heard that we'll know within the next two weeks if the show isn't happening, as that's the deadline for local authorities and the facility to make the call on whether or not it can be held safely. The call on MegaCon Orlando came in just within the last 24 hours. I found out about the survey from local collector friends who received it, I think it was to see if the public felt about it should the authorities say it can be held, with Texas reopening much of it's activities we needed to get a sense from the community directly about their interest in attending should it move forward.
  6. MegaCon Orlando 2020 was cancelled today, but we have made arrangements with the OCCC for a smaller, capped attendance event on October 30-November 1, 2020. Details are still forthcoming for this "Limited Edition" version of MegaCon Orlando, I'll share as things get confirmed and announced. Official statement:
  7. Megacon 2020 has been cancelled. Megacon 2021 is on March 18-21. In the interim, a capped attendance event is on the books for October 30-November 1 called MegaCon Orlando: Limited Edition. Details are forthcoming. Tickets for June are transferred to October, with some upgrades tba, but if that's not of interest, refunds can be requested.
  8. Calgary Expo has been placed on hold, not happening on the April dates. Looking at a summer reschedule.
  9. Dear Fans, I understand you’ve been waiting for answers about the upcoming Calgary Expo and sharing your thoughts with us - anticipation, unease, sadness, frustration, confusion. We hear you. I know I owe it to you to shed some light on what we’ve been tackling and how it relates to you, our amazing fan community. To be fully transparent, the team and I are feeling the same roller coaster of emotions as this situation changes day by day. We’d originally hoped that the collective emergency response to COVID-19 and the unprecedented protocols put in place would control this horrible virus quickly enough for us to bring you the show in some form. We know many of our celebrity guests, partners, and vendors shared that hope as we communicated with them to explore all available options before confirming any changes publicly. However, it’s clear to all of us that the right thing to do is to postpone Calgary Expo 2020 to another date this year. Ultimately, the safety of our fans, guests and staff comes first. It’s our responsibility to do our part to honour and support the efforts of the front-line professionals making enormous sacrifices to keep us safe right now. I wish I had all the answers for you right now, but here’s what we know so far: 1. Calgary Expo 2020 will be postponed from its original date on April 23-26 to a new date in Summer of 2020. Though our options are limited, we’ve been working with our venue and following all available official guidance to find a new date. 2. We need some time to finalize details and provide you with all the info you need to make the best decision for you. However, we commit to another update with information on the new Calgary Expo 2020, including dates, no later than Monday, March 30. One more thing: Know that our Fan First refund program remains available now and allows for a ticket refund for the full price of the ticket (minus service charges), no questions asked. If you need to cancel your tickets, we understand. If you’d like to hold on to your tickets until you next week, that’s great too. We’ll do our best to get you all the info you need to decide then. I know I speak for the Calgary Expo team when I say that we would love nothing more than to celebrate Calgary Expo 15 with you. Our strength is in our community, and that is what has made the Calgary Expo rise for the past 15 years. Right now, the team is incredibly busy confirming, making shifts, and planning an amazing show for you. If we’re a little quiet, or take a little longer to respond, be patient. We’re all working from home, staying connected every way we can, and working with partners who are doing the same. Finally, we each have a part to play in getting us back to our daily norms, not to mention defeating COVID 19… Please remember, wash your hands, stay healthy and take care of each other. Thanks for understanding and be back to you soon… Aman Gupta President, FAN EXPO HQ
  10. Megacon Orlando has been postponed until June 4-7