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  1. Fan Expo Dallas 2018, April 6-8, Dallas TX

    Special packages, I'd say February sounds about right. Pricing won't matter until you find out who is doing them.
  2. Fan Expo Dallas 2018, April 6-8, Dallas TX

    A list was submitted for announcing, so it's in the marketing department now for production and eventual release.
  3. Fan Expo Dallas 2018, April 6-8, Dallas TX

    Okay, let's start this up again for 2018....
  4. Toronto ComiCON returns MARCH 16-18, 2018 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, south building. Watch for guest announcements to start shortly.
  5. Fan Expo Dallas 2018, April 6-8, Dallas TX

    Campbell will have a booth no matter what, will he be there? We'll let you know.... There will be at least one special ticket sketch package, and there will be some VIP comic events.
  6. Fan Expo Dallas 2018, April 6-8, Dallas TX

    Everyone's back to work, so I would expect to see one or two celeb announcements very soon, with a big chunk of the comic guest list coming shortly.
  7. Hope to see some of you tomorrow.
  8. Map is coming soon. All New Comics - I'll be splitting the space as usual with Peter F. Will be bringing a lot of graphic novels, hardcovers (incl. Masterworks and Archives), plus art books, etc. We'll have one booth exclusively for original art and prints. Booth # 218.
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