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  1. I don’t believe there are any plans at the moment to do anything in 2020. I suppose there is still the possibility of reviving the holiday market in Calgary. If it is I will let people know.
  2. Closed you mean. The US/Canada border is unlikely to open by late September the way things have been going in some states.
  3. We still have the Fan Expo Canada Limited Edition event on the schedule for Toronto in November. (Nov 6-8)
  4. I wish I could be so optimistic. With 15,300 new cases in Florida today i wish there was a better outlook.
  5. Still on the schedule, no guest announcements yet.
  6. I guess once ticketing sorts out how many people transfer their tickets over, they'll offer weekend and daily options. Best bet is to take the train from the airport to Union Station and then walk over to the MTCC. UP Express train cost is under $13 for an adult. Other option would be TTC transfers that would take a long time, or a cab/uber which will cost you over $50