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  1. That's a great question Xeno!!! There are 3 books that I remember reading the heck out of, and still have the tattered originals from 1974, late 3rd grade. Dead of Night #4 from 6/74, Astonishing Tales #24 from 6/74, and then the one i loved the most, and could have sworn was my first comic book I bought was, Werewolf by Night #20, but it's from 8/74, so my 8 1/2 year old memory must be off a bit, lol. I do know for a fact, that the first Hulk, which became my favorite character to collect, was #181 which my dad got at a U-Totem store for me. That one lost it's value stamp.....somehow
  2. Glad to see you posted this here as well as that other site, as your reports are always super enjoyable! The other site seems to be occupied by primarily new/limited edition books.
  3. Cosmic Shel

    Captain Marvel 17

    Great copy, thanks for sharing it!