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  1. Hello everyone. Im looking for a solid readers copy of ASM #41. If you have one available I would like to try to work something out. Thank you for any help. Jason
  2. Perfect transaction with Mario. Shipping was fast and secure. Thank again.
  3. I will take WD #11 while I think about a couple others. Thank you.
  4. I finally found the perfect #14 for my run! Thinking about making a go at a low low grade #1 if anyone has one available.
  5. Thank you to everyone who has helped so far. Hopefully this weekend will bring a few new books my way.
  6. Friday Bump. Hope everyone has a good weekend.
  7. Thanks for the heads up cryptics, I have been watching the thread in hopes of a reduction at some point . And a big thank you to a member who was kind enough to send me #43! Still looking for the aforementioned issues. Thanks everyone. Jason
  8. Still looking to add a book or two this week. Thank you to everyone who has messaged so far.
  9. I purchased a book from Jeremy which was expertly packaged. Arrived two days after payment so very fast shipping. Great seller. Jason
  10. Looking for decent reader copies of the aforementioned books. Complete stories and attached covers are preferred. Thank you for any help. Jason W
  11. Pm sent for scan requests. Thank you.
  12. Very happy with the books I purchased.. Packaged well. Thank you again.