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  1. On the way here. I'm trying a new collecting philosophy. I'm a Captain America / Tarzan run collector, but that can get stagnant. So I'm tinkering with Firsts, Lasts, and title changes (i.e. Power Man #17 etc.) of a few titles.
  2. Wolverine. As a longtime Cap / Falcon fan, Falcon 1-4 is a distant second. I'll go with West Coast Avengers in 3rd place.
  3. I'm intrigued. My collection of graded cards is mostly PSA. The 800 lb gorilla. I use SGC if I think a card compares favorably to a PSA version. Drexler 86 Fleer RC example. BGS for Star Co. basketball, PSA doesn't grade them. PSA for everything else.
  4. Got this at the comic shop a lifetime ago.... and as a longtime Cap fan.... I agree
  5. When buying sportscards I have gotten thank you notes. It's cool. In my older age I tend to leave more generic eBay feedback, but there are occasions where I'll message a seller with a more sincere thank you than I can give in feedback.
  6. PSA = 800 lb gorilla in the card grading racket, but a crack or 3 in their foundation has appeared in the last 18 months or so. Registry is the PSA cash cow. There's opportunity to challenge them, but zero margin for error. There are certainly sports card collectors who wouldn't mind seeing another quality option. But, here's the thing. If BGS, Beckett Grading, can't put a significant dent into PSA with the resources and years Beckett has in the hobby, it's going to take something special to do it, barring total collapse from PSA. Good luck
  7. Learned to read at 4 thanks to DC Tarzan. A fan since. Finally brought a Dell 1 in.
  8. I would own the thread if this were sports card related.
  9. somebody talk me into buying a nice scanner . Until then phone pics it is