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  1. It's been quiet without him around.
  2. Today's mail call. A little disappointed in the 2 modern 9.4s. Thought they'd be 9.6 at worst. But what do I know? Overall very happy with how everything turned out.
  3. I'm curious if anyone knows a good way to contact David Finch and Dawn Mctiegue. I've reached out to Dawn via Instagram but got no reply.
  4. I saw it this past Friday and I thought it was pretty good. I prefer the del Toro ones more but this one is worth a watch. Now I haven't read any of the source material so I can't speak to that. They definitely took advantage of the R rating with the gore and cussing, which I was fine with but might bother others. I think the C ratings given above were appropriate. This wasn't the best thing ever but I enjoyed it and will watch it again on tv or a movie channel.
  5. Sarah Giardina Natali Sanders Jeff Edwards colors by Steve Lydic @Par2ch hooked it up My first Jeff Edwards piece got the hookup from @Catwomancomics Edgar Tadeo my first commission Awaiting another Jeff Edwards/Steve Lydic piece that will probably jump right into my top 5. Pencils and inks below. All of the above graded at 9.8.
  6. I want to see @ivdyer @Ron C. top 5. They're always posting killer stuff. I'll update my post later today since the previous doesn't show anything and I've acquired more since then.
  7. Didn't know tickets went on sale until catching up on this thread. Just bought mine for the Friday night.
  8. I was curious about this as well. I didn't realize he quit until I caught up on this thread this morning.
  9. I wonder if there's a huge lot of mint condition 8 tracks that can be listed as ultra rare and not made anymore?
  10. I routinely saw Andrew's posts on FB and would just always think back to this thread. It's sad to hear of such lack of service and accountability. Especially since Andrew came on here and essentially verified previous posters claims.
  11. I love his stuff too. The hand on the sword is the only thing that bothers me with the reborn cover. I love the dragon.
  12. Today's mail call. Very happy with the Ms Marvel and Mockingbird grades. Was expecting lower.