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  1. Who's entering this as a competition? Who's competing? If you don't have THE BEST OA collection on CAF in your eyes, you've already lost
  2. It sounds good in theory, but picking 5 votes is now going to be twice as hard
  3. I came for the fannies but stayed for the impolite female genitalia
  4. Loving the submission process. Kudos to Bill & the gang for setting it up. Just go down the list of last years posts and select the ones you want to enter and in which category.
  5. PUBLISHED American Century 03 Page 15 - Marc Laming (p), John Stokes (i) Bad Word Warning (I feel bad Simon beat me in this category )
  6. Waiting to see what shows up and things settle down. Some pages are posted 2 or 3 times (You know who you are ) oh, and waiting for something good
  7. If only there were a "discussion thread" so people didn't feel the need to insist on quoting art posts in the primary Budget Edition thread.
  8. PUBLISHED HELLBLAZER 168 page 05 by Giuseppe Camuncoli (p) & Cameron Stewart (i)
  9. I feel like you already know THIS ANSWER (NSFW)
  10. This thread reminds me . . . . . I need to update my CAF
  11. One of my earliest sequence purchases was LUCIFER 14 pgs 3-7 Mazikeen tries to remove a curse. I've got quite a few more posted on CAF with more to come as time permits.