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  1. After losing his wings in the pages of SANDMAN, Lucifer's wings re-emerge in his first self titled series.
  2. I'd still buy it, but not for a lot because of the sig
  3. TSale is most known, it seems, for his mini-series with Jeph Loeb. So, of course, I'm going to get the "anonymous lady in the parking garage"
  4. The tribe has spoken. Fire sale this weekend to raise funds for Flagg #1 cover (or whatever this thread is about )
  5. I think this is just the wrong audience to get behind prints as a majority. Most bought massed produced comics and spent what their budget allowed. Then they found one of a kind art and spent that money there. It's going to be uphill getting them behind prints (i know, one-off print. Got it ). But that isn't to say there isn't a market for them. This discussion makes me think of an artist selling a "limited" print run of orders received in the next 24/48/72 hours. How many is that?!?!? Could be 1 or could be 10,000. If they can sell those (For $100 and up per "limited" print), then I see a market can be made for the one-off print. Ray Caesar seems to be doing all right. Go to any "gallery art" centered message board and you can find prints for sale for a few hundred dollars that are 'limited' to 40/50/100 and selling. But then that is a fraction of the OA cost. In comic art you can buy (some) art for under $1000. You'll be hard pressed to do that in a gallery. Just don't expect a flood of PMs when you post them in the FOR SALE forum
  6. I have at least one portfolio in the living room to browse through. I'll look through this portfolio at least once a week and swap it out when the mood strikes.
  7. Saw OA creeping into the comics section of eBay in the late 90s. Nothing really struck a chord until I saw a page from a series I liked. At the time the issue the page was from was $30-$40. I ended up winning the page for about $130. After that I could never justify spending as much for a mass produced comic as an original hand drawn page cost.
  8. It's ridiculous. (the "new to collection" then for sale a few weeks later, rinse, repeat). It's bad enough to see the GTST "collector" show off the shiny new prize. But when the BUSINESS model is to post a 'new to collection' every week and see it show up regularly a few weeks later it doesn't belong in this thread. There is a difference between "collection" and "inventory". If some of the guys that post OA eBay auctions routinely were posting the pages here a week or two before posting to eBay they'd get, justifiably, chastised. How is the "view if inclined, it'll be for sale in a few weeks" any different?
  9. It didn't sell through the ebay auctions. It was listed for a ridiculously high price with zero bids. Fielding offers from the multitude of watchers and selling off-ebay is EXACTLY how it works.
  10. Have you tried contacting @jasonmoore on the boards? He has collaborated with KJones on quite a few books.
  11. I've had a box at a UPS store or similar since I've been collecting. Haven't had a problem yet. What i like about the private mail box is they will sign for packages, so even places that don't deliver to a "P.O. Box" will deliver there. At each place I've used, after a couple of months they get to know who the box holders are. When I get a package at my current mailing address they put a slip in my box with my box number in 2-inch font on it and a similar sticker on the package. At about $120/year it is well worth the peace of mind it buys. Why anyone getting OA or expensive comics on the regular uses the "porch hope & pray" method is beyond me
  12. Depends on your design tastes. I think the weight of the art/portfolios will buckle the bottom of the Ikea unit. I have some metal shelving from sam's club with adjustable shelves. It holds about 30 or 40 portfolios across. I lined the bottom with a smooth material so the portfolios aren't sitting on the wire shelf. I've also considered getting some used 'entertainment center' shelves. If you get just the oak end units they are deep enough for 11x17 portfolios and sturdy enough to hold them. Now that TVs no longer fit in these units I see them regularly at a local auction. With some light sanding and paint/stain they can go with almost any decor.
  13. My Spring fashion woes are a thing of the past thanks to you
  14. I'm calling dibs on the denim jacket, especially if it is a size too small for me