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  1. One of my earliest sequence purchases was LUCIFER 14 pgs 3-7 Mazikeen tries to remove a curse. I've got quite a few more posted on CAF with more to come as time permits.
  2. Some of my favorites: HELLBLAZER 66 by Steve Dillon HELLBLAZER 92 by Sean Phillips - Newcastle flashback HOPELESS, MAINE by Tom Brown - not a blank space on the pages LUCIFER 33 by Dean Ormston - anyone have a page from this book they want to sell? LUCIFER 44 by Peter Gross & Ryan Kelly - Holy Steaming Pile Of Sheep PREACHER 60 By Steve Dillon THE TICK by Douglas Paszkiewicz TOKYO WONDERLAND by President Nelson
  3. More covers posted to CAF, but this is one of my favorites. Dale Keown!
  4. Just list the OA you are selling is the appropriate comic book for sale forum (gold/silver/modern ect) I'm more baffled by the mentality of someone that can't grasp the concept of listing three pages they are selling within one thread
  5. Not in my opinion, but I wouldn't suggest that approach as a good M.O. as it has it's own repercussions. I'm talking more about someone you've known long before the OA hobby that: - Buys something on the CGC boards you told him you were working out a deal with the seller on. Then sells it 4-6 months later because he needed the money for a new shiny object. - Says he isn't bidding on an item because he knows you are going after it than snipes it. Nothing illegal and something every hobbyist has a right to do. Just acts that I won't accept from a "friend" YMMV
  6. Or do some sort of other unsavory, unethical thing they know they shouldn't and after a couple of years try to reconcile as it is "water under the bridge." -No, I burnt the bridge , also don't leave comments on my art, it's a hassle to go in and delete it.
  7. Is this where we're at? - Posting art to CAF and in the "for sale" status block putting SOLD! WTF is up with that. Aside from shining a bright beacon as to what a d-bag you are, what is the point? - gone/sold/not forgotten CAF folders - People upset with what someone else has paid for a commission. As long as they aren't paying with your money it doesn't matter.
  8. no price listed / taking offers / please inquire = move along In today's market a piece can just as easily be marked $500 as $5000. I want to make sure it's somewhere close to my budget before moving forward.
  9. You'll have to do better than that to throw the detectives off of YOUR trail.
  10. No, what I mean if someone is a ST fan and likes the cover and has the money and inclination it is the right buy for them. Sometimes a single cover is more attractive than 13 interior pages. It's not a 'bad deal re: opportunity cost'. That makes zero cents unless you're playing the 'money ball' game, which comes back to ROI. (13 pages go up $100/ quicker than the cover will increase in value $1300) As a "collector" 13 interior pages are what YOU'D RATHER HAVE. That means fuq-all to anyone else. Your collection and collecting style is perfect FOR YOU. I get it (we ALL get it), you're the most astute collector on the boards. Always buying low and then selling high to the suckers that lacked the foresight to purchase in wide swaths. Money so smart even the dollars got sense. *Sean Carter quote added just because I like Sean Carter
  11. For a "collector" (I've heard rumors that a few are still out there and buying art) it has some great imagery. For someone contemplating the ROI percentages, not so much.
  12. THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE DEATH 1 Cover by Dean Ormston
  13. SANDMAN Trading Card art by Phillip Bond
  14. With a HUGE PORTION of the main series art in one collection, and that collector not on the boards I don't expect there will be a lot of pages being shared. I don't have any pages from the main series to share, nor do I have an affinity for following rules, so here are a few pieces I own: DEATH pin-up by Colleen Doran published in the DEATH GALLERY