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  1. mister_not_so_nice

    The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    Haven't done an "art day" post in a bit. I've been after a page from this HB issue since the book came out in 2002. At the time (and since) I've heard Camuncoli doesn't sell his art, so I was surprised and elated to see this page in a recent CLink auction. If you lie HELLBLAZER, Camuncoli art or BINGO the page is HERE on CAF If you've got a page from this issue, send me a PM
  2. mister_not_so_nice

    Identify this signature

    9 times out of 10 showing the drawing with the cryptic signature will get results. Collectors may recognize the style of the art which sparks recognition of the signature
  3. mister_not_so_nice

    [FEB 12 UPDATE] !RETURNED! - Dell’Otto

    That is what I was thinking. Damage control/spin zone: He opened the package and at that exact moment he saw a print of the art. He mistakenly thought that is what the seller had sent him and filed a complaint. It wasn't until today that he realized the real painting had slipped out of the package and under a stack of newspaper clippings about who really shot JFK.
  4. mister_not_so_nice

    [FEB 12 UPDATE] !RETURNED! - Dell’Otto

    Might be worth doing some research and sending a few letters. I'd be pretty sure he'd at least brag at home of his new purchase. "What did is cost? Not much. $300." But if they saw the original, they'd know you were telling the truth and may help make things right. And he works at a LCS or does sig witnesses? Do we know which comic shop? Is he authorized to witnessing by CGC? Do they know about this?
  5. mister_not_so_nice

    [FEB 12 UPDATE] !RETURNED! - Dell’Otto

    I wonder if mom & dad know what jr has been up to?
  6. mister_not_so_nice

    A Simple Discussion on Walking Dead Original Art Prices

    It's not controversial to think someone has art you like (or their is art available) that you think is overpriced. We're each responsible for determining what we think is a fair price/overpriced/underpriced. My response was more towards the "unless you really love it" comment. It was not meant for you directly, but more generally for the 'grail today, sale tomorrow' crowd. Or those making NEW ART posts here or in a facebook group and when you see it on CAF it's got the red border of FOR SALE. You know, the CAF where 90%-100% of the folders are FOR SALE. The SOLD folder has 100+ pieces and the COLLECTION is 3 pieces. So my disdain for "collectors" who's favorite artist is a guy named Commodity came out.
  7. mister_not_so_nice

    A Simple Discussion on Walking Dead Original Art Prices

    That is pretty funny. Are there any suckers on the CGC boards that buy art because they love it? What a sorry group they must be.
  8. mister_not_so_nice

    NSNart Annual Sale

  9. mister_not_so_nice

    [FEB 12 UPDATE] !RETURNED! - Dell’Otto

    This is great news! No collector is going to be able to get a piece like that and keep it to themselves. They HAVE to brag and show it off. And when he does/did all of his collecting circle will know how he obtained it and what a scumbag he is in his core. Where is this "heat" going down? in a FB group? I need to check this out.
  10. mister_not_so_nice

    [FEB 12 UPDATE] !RETURNED! - Dell’Otto

    did the painting show up on CAF?
  11. Does anyone know who consigned the HB 168 page by Camuncoli to ComicLink? Has Camuncoli changed his opinion about selling art? Is there a place to find more?
  12. mister_not_so_nice

    NSNart Annual Sale

    The NSNart annual sale has begun. Everything priced! Everything Scanned! Inventory up to date! New pieces added through out the month!
  13. mister_not_so_nice

    Craig Yoe art collection for sale

    When I first saw the acronym, I thought it meant "Big Shot Dealer"
  14. mister_not_so_nice

    Any artist you prefer pencils only, no ink?

    James LeMay & Dale Keown
  15. mister_not_so_nice

    [FEB 12 UPDATE] !RETURNED! - Dell’Otto

    It would be extremely helpful if you documented a thorough timeline instead of piece-mealing it across multiple websites/message boards.