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  1. I'm looking for high grade copies of 1st appearances from Flash volume 2 (i.e. Zoom, Impulse, Tar pit, Savitar, Chunk etc. Any characters really). Let me know what you have. Thanks, Lee
  2. Leroys311

    Milwaukee Mighty Con Sept 22 - Wisc State Fairgrounds

    I'm on the road right now. Hopefully this is a good show.
  3. I'm looking for raw copies of Amazing Spider-Man 410, 430, 431, 529 and 654.1. PM me with prices if you have any of these. Thank you, Lee
  4. Leroys311

    Quad Cities Comic Con 9/1-9/2 Rock Island, IL 61201

    This should be a fun show. I'll have a booth. Is anyone else planning on attending?
  5. I spent the past week with my father at the Mayo clinic in Minnesota. In efforts to clear our mind for a bit my brother and I found a toy store that had a couple books. I picked up these 2
  6. Leroys311

    Adventure Comics 300

    Thank you!
  7. Just the one book today. Adventure Comics 300 CGC 4.0 $85 shipped w/in the US. PayPal is the only payment method accepted at this time.
  8. I picked up these 2 last weekend.
  9. I'm looking for a decent price on a well-presenting copy of Power Man and Iron Fist 50. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Lee
  10. Leroys311

    Green Lantern Collecting Thread.

    Nice! I walked by and looked at that book 3 or 4 times, but didn't even ask how much it was. I just figured it was out of my range. Great book! I'm glad someone bought it.
  11. Leroys311

    Show Us Your 10 Cent-ers!

    This was my big purchase at c2e2 last weekend. I finally upgraded from my fair copy.