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  1. The info from your threads has been great! I really think the tide has turned ! UK price variants are getting the love they deserve and are very undervalued!. Thanks
  2. Low grade? Sold because you don't like them or think of them as an investment ?
  3. DD #1 all day long , the cream will rise to the top. Avengers #1 is a great book, but team books with no firsts...
  4. STILL LOOKING. FINDERS FEE @ $300.00 and I Don't think 9.9's are silly!
  5. Matt does not press anymore? When he did the work was great!
  6. I finally watched season 2. I thought it was great! I hope they do something somewhere with him as castle. I loved it!
  7. Watching some current auctions, there does seem to be a slow down. Tons of inventory between all of the current sites. Seems like Some old collectors are selling. Just an opinion but i would say inventory levels and asking prices have reached a saturation point. For now anyways. No market can go straight up and there is a lot of other worldly concern right now, I definitely would not be selling my books into the recent climate.
  8. Yes, prices have gone nuts in last 5 years.
  9. The book is really nice! congrats! looking close at the color breaks , tanning and the back cover i would not think it could get a 8.5. I think a 7.5 could be possible looking at it quickly, not in hand. just an opinion. congrats again!