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  1. Do you think that TOS 39 is mostly tied to movie speculation?
  2. Great work ! Its time that the old reputation of these books, not being as good than US copies, changes! These books should be worth multiples of the regular US editions! Marwood & I, Kudos!, you also have so much knowledge and have been so helpful in explaining these great collectibles, Thank-you ! I see the the Key issues associated with Pence copies, I now know that these books could have actually been run first ,before US copies on the same print runs in the US. Then I look at the Star wars 35 cent variant and other price variants and wait! Its coming.
  3. With all of the hype and talk about newsstand variants and Canadian variants how are pence copies so overlooked? There are more key books and they are very limited, beat up and disrespected! The UK variant will one day be the top dog of the price variant heap!
  4. You have legit points. Many of these sites, I enjoy, do some pumping ! They post an article about a hot book right after every copy was purchased on eBay, and then relisted (obviously not in hand) for triple the price. I still look at the sites and participate, but this happens all the time! The shade in the comic business has always been present.
  5. In hand it is glossy and looks great , pages are nice and book is in tact. here is one more high res scan
  6. If I was to speculate I would say Yes and sometimes they bid each other up and report it to GPA and then list it at the new price. There is still a ton of shade out there!
  7. this Makes sense and it also matters what you paid in the first place.
  8. I think they will mix the characters into the universe before they try the team thing.