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  1. 100 percent the way i would go. Heritage is definitely shilled, Heritage Auction times are goofy! they must miss 1000's of bids with their day time auction endings, Even with their notification system, people are working at those times! All 3 hassle you instantly for payments and take their sweet time shipping books. Half the books you see set high prices, are back for sale within weeks. Heritage fees are also stupid.
  2. Is this thread crapping? i mean no offense but start a "i don't believe in 9.9 or 10.0 thread" or find me a nice She hulk 9.9 with no ticks!
  3. What are Blue lines? In this instance the art has blue lines, it is being called original but looks like a computer print out of the art that the artist goes over and finishes? if it is called original "published art" what stops them from going over blue lines again on another piece?
  4. Hi, Can someone please explain if "Rendered in ink over graphite on Marvel Bristol board" is original art? or art on blue lines? I see this more and more and it seems like they can recreate any piece this way? I don't know much about it and truly want some info, they are selling like original cover art? thanks.
  5. Was there a 9.8 #181(poison ivy) sold on here a while back by Roy? I cant remember if it was a 9.8 or a 9.6 and i think it was $12,000, anyone Know?
  6. The info from your threads has been great! I really think the tide has turned ! UK price variants are getting the love they deserve and are very undervalued!. Thanks
  7. Low grade? Sold because you don't like them or think of them as an investment ?
  8. DD #1 all day long , the cream will rise to the top. Avengers #1 is a great book, but team books with no firsts...
  9. STILL LOOKING. FINDERS FEE @ $300.00 and I Don't think 9.9's are silly!