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  1. paul747

    Is it worth it???

    how is it 130 dollars?
  2. The guy is a board member. I think.
  3. 100 percent! it looks like a board was inserted in middle during the press , that could also cause the fanning effect. I would bet this book was pressed wrong.
  4. paul747

    AF 15 vs ASM 1

    whats the answer?
  5. paul747

    AF 15 vs ASM 1

    AMS #1 still has room to run. I would rather have a high grade copy of AMS #1 that a low grade AF 15. ALL DAY!
  6. paul747

    PGM. Green Lantern 7

    I am going 4.5-5.0
  7. The UK in the price box does not make the book a pence copy, as for UK pence copies being less valuable that should be reversed in the future, they are really the rarest of rare variants! I do not think there is a true pence copy for this issue, most are earlier dates. A lot of people are jumping on the newsstand variants and some are very rare depends on the distribution time periods. These boards are full of facts on both of these topics.
  8. How about the xxxxxxx for one. 2 the xxxxxxxx, 3 the xxxxx and time.... and more.
  9. This is the answer !!! put the work in ! 100 percent