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    FACT if I stop posting, trillions and trillions of transistors would be out of work.
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  1. Moondog

    Help me decide on a collection.

    Not worth it, Bill. Late 70s - 80's DCs for the most part are the worst.
  2. Moondog

    GA With Less Than Ten Copies in the CGC Census

    I thought the cover girl may be Bettie. And Dan's avatar is an infamous porno actor.
  3. Moondog

    Peanuts in the GA

    Guess who he bought it from...
  4. Moondog

    Most valuable ashcans?

    Very cool! Thanks for posting.
  5. Moondog

    GA With Less Than Ten Copies in the CGC Census

    Hi Sha. I kept this book for years because I thought it may be Bettie Page... Haha...
  6. Moondog

    GA With Less Than Ten Copies in the CGC Census

    I'm not an expert by any means on Baker, but this sure looks like Coletta to me...
  7. Moondog

    Craig Yoe art collection for sale

    No matter how it's sold, there are some very nice pieces in this collection. I would like a couple but they're out of my league.
  8. Moondog

    New Yorkers - Is/Was this a Cool Shop?

    The seller told me that he shopped there in the 70s and 80s. I just googled it and there's no record of its existence. Another shop lost to the winds of time.
  9. Just bought a collection and found this customer bag and thought it was either a completely lame store or a very cool shop. Anybody know anything?
  10. Moondog

    Most valuable ashcans?

    The fact that the ashcan is # 1 is the coolest part of the story.
  11. Damage from all light is cumulative. Please keep it in a cool, dark, dry environment. Use a color copy of the cover!
  12. Agreed. Insurance companies will cover just about any situation if you're willing to pay the additional premium. Note my OP about higher premiums for no safe/security system in a residence.
  13. Moondog

    Gerry Ross - One Million Comics

    Even with the stamp and no writing it's a $5 copy. What a piece of work he is.
  14. Moondog

    You're old if you purchased these

    Anybody use ComiCovers?