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  1. Great Title Logos & Awful Title Logos

    The best logo designer in comics history was Ira Schnapp. He did the following:
  2. GA With Less Than Ten Copies in the CGC Census

    Love this book. Only owned one in 45 years.

    Yep. I sold it and got paid. Great book.
  4. Answered a local neighborhood site saying they had some old comics. Nothing "old" but this unopened bag was in there. Can't see a stress mark or crease...
  5. Whatever became of Alan Light?

    I remember reading something about him being an usher or something similar at the Academy Awards.
  6. Bump on price reduction to $125.
  7. 9 original Golden Age Tijuana Bibles. Better known as 8-pagers or "dirty little comics." All in good/very good condition. $150. $125. $100. Winner will get second copy of Harold Teen for a total of 9 booklets. First gets them. US only. Please include $10 for shipping.
  8. Right. I was the second person to see his first posting (All-Americans) and I PM'd him to please set his scanner so the edges could be seen.
  9. Are the Boomers cashing out?

    I have been stating this for the last year now. I have purchased more collections of SA and BA books during the past 24 months than at any other time in my 40+ year comics career. But the reasons Baby Boomers are selling almost always start with, "I'm downsizing and I can't bring my collection to my new home - there's just not room." This is not the same as saying, "I've invested wisely in my collection and now I'm selling to reap the profits." Many of these collectors don't want to sell, but they're forced to due to space limitations (perceived or real). And prices for average-condition copies of non-key SA and BA books continue to fall. It's difficult getting $5 for a book that lists in Overstreet for $15/$25. Since comic book collecting began, there has always been a market for reading copies. That market too has dried up with all the reprint compendiums and online access to the stories. Keys, classic covers and high grade books are hotter than ever. As others have stated GA is doing well. I don't expect these trends to end any time soon. But I echo the opinions of many who state that there will never be enough new collectors coming into the hobby to absorb all this average material so prices on these books can rise.
  10. Are the Boomers cashing out?

    Absolutely correct in this assumption. What else could it be?
  11. Moondog is in and will probably have 4-5 guests.
  12. WW Chicago Sushi dinner Aug 24th 2017

    I'm out for sushi this year, Ang.