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  1. Thanks! Much appreciated.
  2. My scanner is dead and need to purchase a new one. Can someone direct me to the appropriate pages in this thread that suggest the best legal-size scanner for under $500? Thanks.
  3. I'm in agreement. I've never had as many SA and BA collectors contact me about selling. Baby Boomers are downsizing and don't want to bring their collections to their new smaller homes. The problem as I see it is the over emphasis on keys. There is nothing that elicits yawns as much as average grade mid-run SA DCs and Marvels. There seems to be no floor right now on these books. Nobody wants them. High grade - no problem. Average - forget it. Today's market is as weird as I've ever seen it.
  4. Is the Hp 8300 a 12" x 18" scanner?
  5. Weird. I bought one just this past week too. Bad spine just like yours...
  6. Sold? I can't find it...
  7. It's actually a 2-sided flyer, Bill. The other side says, "We Buy Old Comics...etc." and is designed to be in an acrylic holder on the counter in the shop.
  9. Wow! So cool!
  10. The best 2 shops in Chicago's suburbs, Comix Revolution, sell only new stuff. I made the owner a deal to be his "vintage comics buyer". Now I get all the collections. I had a sign made up that's in the front window of each shop that reads WE BUY OLD COMICS - TOP PRICES PAID. I had a flyer made up that explains who I am and the process of how to sell. I usually meet the sellers at the shop (or the sellers home for large collections). We also have a tab on the shop's website that reads "SELL US YOUR COMICS". In the past 5 years I've paid the shop owner over $20,000 in finders fees. He loves the deal!
  11. 1,000 Sheets of MicroChamber Paper Doesn't anyone use this stuff? It costs $240 + shipping to buy direct from the company. I will see if anyone is reading this by lowering the price to $150... 4 packages of 250. Brand new - never opened. US only. $200 $150 plus $20 Fed Ex ground shipping. First gets them.