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  1. Optimal temperature for storing comics?

    Cool, dark and dry. 60 F. 50% relative humidity. Dark room.
  2. Are the Boomers cashing out?

    Well said, and I agree with you.
  3. Rest In Peace, John Verzyl

    Nothing was more fun than having John hold court in your booth. He'd pop over to say hi and we would start chatting. After a few minutes there would be 4 or 5 people who stopped by to listen in. Then a few more. And John loved it. He could expound on any topic: Pedigrees, Timelys, DCs - you name it. And people were drawn to him because his love for comics would just explode from him. He was the real deal. He was genuine. And he'll be missed.
  4. When someone from the boards pops in and looks around, please post your impressions of the inventory and prices. I'm very curious to hear opinions.
  5. We buy all books - slabbed or raw. Because we sell so many slabbed items on eBay and at shows we aren't stocking any at the moment. Look for some in the future.
  6. I hired Jim Mortensen in 1995 fresh out of Northwestern to head the marketing efforts of the then 21-store Moondog's chain. When the industry collapsed (along with Moondog's) in 1996 Jim opened Comix Revolution in an old Moondog's location in Mt. Prospect, IL. He opened his second location in Evanston soon after. That's over 20 years ago. In all those years Jim didn't sell any vintage comics. He just didn't want to invest all the time and effort necessary to learn about old comic books when it was the art form, and the creators of today, that were his main interests. So no back issues. They just didn't fit in with his marketing plans and his idea of what a comic book shop should be. That's where I come in. About 5 years ago I convinced Jim to let me be his buyer of vintage comics. After all there were tons of old Moondog's customers still in the area and they may want to sell their collections and who better to buy them than the guy who sold them?! So for 5 years I've been buying old comics in the Mt. Prospect location and every so often filling a few requests. Enter Pete Przysiezny of Comics4Less. The national comic book selling powerhouse. I flip a lot of quality material to Pete and he keeps asking where it's coming from. I tell him Comix Revolution in Mt. Prospect - I'm their buyer of vintage comics. He suggests a meeting with Jim to discuss SELLING old comics at the shop! Whoa! So the three of us get together and lo and behold, Comix Revolution at 115 W. Central Rd. now has one of the best back issue selections in Chicago. We're just getting started. Pete brought in 25 boxes of quality SA and BA and a smattering of some nice moderns. I added a few things myself. $2 and $5 and $10 books. Tons at over half Overstreet. No kidding. With more to come. Oh, and you get a bonus too. I'll be hanging out at the shop more often. If you have quality material to sell call me at 847.707.7092 or email me at We'll also be filling want lists too.
  7. Bill Black published these back in the late 70s. He used them to promote his line of big-breasted women comics and to make a few bucks at the same time. Nothing major as to value. $5. Maybe $10 if you can find someone who loves them.
  8. Update on Dr. Fate

    Many of you know that Dr. Steve Landman amassed one of the finest SA collections in the history of our hobby. He's generally considered to be the first (or among the first) to use bags and boards to protect his collection. About 5 years ago Steve asked me to sell his collection to finance a medical procedure he hoped would cure his rare neuropathy. Many of his books at the time were the single-highest graded examples. The collection, sold exclusively through ComicConnect, grossed over $800,000 with many books setting records. Before Steve decided to have this radical and dangerous procedure done he sought out some holistic advice and soon discovered some success at arresting the degenerative condition. Nearly 5 years later he's doing exceptionally well. He's not out of the woods but by any means, but he's slowed down the rate of decline to an amazing extent. I had lunch with Steve last week and thought I'd share this photo. He wishes everyone well and expects to be at the Chicago Con in August.
  9. Fools Gold - collection bust stories

    Hi Andy. You're so right. Today the Cap 1 is a 8.5. The Marvel 1 is a 9.0. I don't know about the other keys... So I'm forced to toil away at a mindless job with co-workers I hate...Waitaminnit - I am retired, play golf all the time, and have a blast selling comics part time! Life is good!
  10. Fools Gold - collection bust stories

    Hi Bob. Yep. Amazing that these books walked into my shop the first day I was open on September 16, 1978.
  11. Fools Gold - collection bust stories

    Hi Alan. My notes say, "FAIR - cover dust shadows, insides brown, bottom right corner of cover off." Sounds pretty rough for a Windy City...
  12. I was shown 7 Wings comics today. 2, 4, 6-8, 10-11. The images I saw beforehand (front cover IPhone pics) gave me the impression they were VF. Sure I new the interiors could be brittle. but the seller was telling me how supple the pages were - "not brittle at all." So I meet the seller today, take the books out of the envelope, and my heart leaps - beautiful copies! Then my heart breaks, the spines are all split. Right on the edge of the spine. For no reason other than age. I still bought them but at a fraction of what I would have happily paid. It's really f'ing hard to find an 75-80 year old comic book in top condition. It makes the existence of the Church copies even more amazing. Thank god for Edgar Church and the collectors preserving his books.
  13. Right. Very cool stuff.