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  1. Great to see these old Guy Holcombes again.
  2. I purchased a collection along with Stephen Fishler that had "Guy Holcombe" written on the cover. Beautiful books. Someone on the boards tracked him down years ago. What a guy!
  3. The guy was into shaving covers... first time I've seen that sub, sub genre...
  4. Loved the Moondogs back in the day!
  5. Ha ha. It started to be a thing with me, If I couldn't remember a wife/girlfriend's name I'd say, "It's Robin, right?" It was never Robin.
  6. So many memories, Dan. Still in touch with many old Moondoggers. I often feel very nostalgic about those days.
  7. I bought a SA Marvel collection that were all water damaged. FF 1. AF 15 - all the keys. They were near perfect from the middle up. Heart breaking.
  8. i haven't been to the boards in 2 months. Wow! What a memory! I started dealing in the fall of 1975 so this was my first stab at selling books mail order, but more importantly, getting my name out there. The address in the ad was my house. A lot of collectors would come over during the 1975-78 era and look through stacks of books and shoot the breeze. I opened my first shop in September 1978. Thanks for posting, Senormac.
  9. Congrats on offering it in an auction rather than putting a $15 sticker on it and selling it at a con.
  10. As a non-profit entity SDCC doesn't need to make a huge profit to sustain itself. If they make less money they will just spend less on other pop culture programs (their charter). Plus they had millions in the bank during the mid-90s. That nest egg has to be huge now.