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  1. Real or Fake?

    Did 45 quote the Red Skull?
  2. Moondog is in and will probably have 4-5 guests.
  3. WW Chicago Sushi dinner Aug 24th 2017

    I'm out for sushi this year, Ang.
  4. "The lure of sweet GA books..." It is intoxicating isn't it, Bob? There's really nothing like it.

    The book was purchased on the 6-month plan and paid off early.
  6. Last year I was looking at a guys DD collection that started at #4. After going thru the run there were some coverless books in the back of the box. I laughed when I saw them. I asked the seller if he knew what they were. He responded that he had no clue, that his older brother gave them to him 40 years ago. They Were Spidey 1 and AF 15. I paid him more for those to coverless books than for the low-mid grade Daredevils.
  7. I have purchased over 30 copies in my 40+ years of dealing. It's pretty common, but I admit that they don't turn up as often anymore.
  8. In the early 90s I got a call from a guy near Indianapolis. He said his father-in-law left his wife some GA comics and asked me if I was interested. He wasn't sure what he had. I had an old friend in the area so I thought I'd drive down, take a look at the comics, and if they were trash at least I'd have a nice meal with an old buddy. When I pull into the "compound" (about a two miles off the main road) where the house was located, I noticed large cages placed throughout the property. These were similar to cages you'd see at the circus for lion and tiger tamers. I was instructed not to leave my car when I pulled up to the house - that the seller would come out to get me. So I pulled up and waited. After 5 minutes I honked once. The door opened and the seller stepped out and made a loud call - suddenly 2 of the largest, meanest Doberman's charged my car and were jumping and growling and slobbering over my windows - think Cujo. After 10 or 15 seconds he calls them off and they crouch down next to him on the porch. He beckons me to come out of the car. I roll down the window and ask if he sure it's okay with the dogs. He assures me they will do nothing to me as long as I don't attack him or approach him in any menacing way. The lure of GA books is intoxicating so I open the door and step out and walk up the steps. The dogs are eyeing me like I'm a ham bone or piece of juicy steak. The seller offers me his hand and my first thought is that the dogs will think I'm attacking him. He assures me again I have nothing to fear. So we shake hands and walk inside. The house is full of mounted and stuffed animals. He explains that the cages are pens for exotic animals that he raises and sells to wealthy people who want "pets" they can't find at a pet store. Lions, tigers, and panthers. Cheetahs and ocelots. Even then I knew this was illegal, but of course I said nothing. He had the largest knife on his belt I ever saw since Crocodile Dundee. It was more a machete than a knife. There were guns and rifles mounted on racks and in cases. It was a crazy deadly place. Yet the lure of GA comics confounded my good sense... He then brought me to a room where there were stacks of GA DCs! Star Spangled 1 was on the top of the stack. All Star 3, 4, 5. WW 1, 2 and hundreds of others. I told him I was interested in buying them all. After an hour of negotiating we hammer out a deal for $44,000. Then he says he wants cash. I explain that I don't have any cash on me, but if we go to his bank I can wire funds directly into his account. He then looks at me with his deep dark eyes (kinda like Sam Elliot) and says matter-of-factly, "If you F**K me I will kill you." I assure him that all will be to his liking and that wiring money is a common occurrence. We go to his bank and walk in and we go to a teller. I explain the situation and within 30 minutes the money is in his account. He asks the teller, "Are you absolutely sure the money is in my account?" She replies yes, and he slaps me on the back and says, "I like you! You're an honest man!" He drove me back to my car, loaded up the comics and I drove off. Until last month this was the strangest buy I ever made...
  9. Legal Size Scanner thread.

    Thanks! Much appreciated.
  10. Legal Size Scanner thread.

    My scanner is dead and need to purchase a new one. Can someone direct me to the appropriate pages in this thread that suggest the best legal-size scanner for under $500? Thanks.
  11. Collections drying up?

    I'm in agreement. I've never had as many SA and BA collectors contact me about selling. Baby Boomers are downsizing and don't want to bring their collections to their new smaller homes. The problem as I see it is the over emphasis on keys. There is nothing that elicits yawns as much as average grade mid-run SA DCs and Marvels. There seems to be no floor right now on these books. Nobody wants them. High grade - no problem. Average - forget it. Today's market is as weird as I've ever seen it.
  12. Is the Hp 8300 a 12" x 18" scanner?
  13. Weird. I bought one just this past week too. Bad spine just like yours...