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  1. Insurance Reimbursement - Valuation

    I've found that simple is always better when dealing with insurance companies. As long as you have an itemized inventory, you should be able to calculate the value of your slabs by using GPA. I would use the OPG for everything else. Show the adjuster exactly how you did it. If the insurance company brings in an appraiser, explain your method. If you don't have grades of the raw books, I would price all the moderns at 9.2 Overstreet, the bronze and SA around Fine. This should seem reasonable to an appraiser.
  2. SDCC prevails over SLCC in court

    In 1996 SDCC attempted to register (R in a circle) the comic-con mark. As CEO of the Chicago Comicon, I protested their registration since we would have had to ultimately purchase a license from SDCC or change our name. The Chicago Comicon owned no assets but its name and we would have had to pay SDCC for the right to use our own name! We used TM on our logo to protect our own brand, but never attempted to register the mark since we believed it was in common usage across the country. This was big news back then, and we used the same David and Goliath tactic. We prevailed and the Trademark Office rejected their registration. A year later we sold the show to Wizard and they dumped Chicago Comicon in favor of Wizard World. Apparently that gave SDCC a green light to try again and they were awarded the mark. After the fall of Wizard World, the owners decided to become Chicago Comic Con since everyone was familiar with Comic Con but not so much Wizard World. It's interesting to see what will happen.
  3. Insurance Reimbursement - Valuation

    No need to short-change yourself. The replacement value of a 2-year old modern is going to be $2-$3. For a 30-year-old modern: $2-$3. You can't assume that any book you have is readily available for a quarter in a bargain box.
  4. Need Advice on Selling

    I can't imagine any dealer selling the book for you for less than a 10% commission, which is the going rate from all the auction houses and eBay, so I wouldn't consider that path. I would select an auction house that agrees to not only list the book in a catalog but to promote it through newsletters, mailings, etc. (along with their other major consignments). With the other 9.4 locked away in a European collection, your book when it hits the market, will find it's proper level of interest and achieve the highest value at that point in time. The timing of auctions is incredibly important and it's common place to have them overlap. So discuss this with Heritage, ComicConnect and ComicLink. Ask them what they think of the book and how they will approach the sale. Will they have other duck books in the auction? A $10,000+ book is a very attractive consignment, and since this is your first time selling tell them you hope to establish a long-term relationship - that you may be selling other books in the future. The auction business is hyper competitive and there's no reason to settle for a snooty attitude. If you feel you're not being treated properly, move on. After interviewing the 3 houses, select the one that gives you the most comfort in the deal, the promotion and their willingness to work with you. I have used all 3 houses extensively over the years and have experienced joy and disappointment from each - but that's the auction business. Good luck, Duck. Let me know how it turns out.
  5. I've owned all these books at one time or the other during the past 40+ years, but seeing them together like this is very cool. Thanks, Rick.
  6. The "Man" strikes again! Nice job, Bob.
  7. Missing page

    In the late '90s I came across a collection here in Chicago. Cap 1 up, Batman 1 up, Supes 2 up. All looked like G/VGs (the Bat 1 was only a fair). The owner (and his brother when they were kids) had clipped out every ad page in every book. I almost bought the collection but the owner decided to keep it. Subsequently the entire collection was pulped when their basement flooded. I valued the books at that time at half-good. When I mentioned this to Steve B a few years later, he said I got it right. .5 was the best he could do unless I wanted green labels.
  8. Great Title Logos & Awful Title Logos

    The best logo designer in comics history was Ira Schnapp. He did the following:
  9. GA With Less Than Ten Copies in the CGC Census

    Love this book. Only owned one in 45 years.

    Yep. I sold it and got paid. Great book.
  11. Answered a local neighborhood site saying they had some old comics. Nothing "old" but this unopened bag was in there. Can't see a stress mark or crease...