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  1. You own the best TofT 1, Bob. Show it off!
  2. Though marketing was the reason for the creation of both names, Windy City (as a place rather than as pure puffery) is by far the better choice.
  3. There was nothing wrong with the top staple, the spine was perfect except for just a hint of peeling on the edge, and a bindery tear/ding at the bottom.
  4. Back in 2003 when the "White Rose" collection was being catalogued I was asked by HA if the book was the WC. I confirmed that it was. The concern HA had then was that the WC designation might hurt the book because of the impression at that time in the hobby that the page quality of WCs across the board was just OK at best. So they decided to name the collection White Rose. I protested but since I wasn't the owner there was nothing I could do. The WC pedigree cache took a while to develop. Being listed in the Pedigree Book started an upward move for the pedigree that still continues to this day. I still get inquiries from collectors asking me to confirm if their book is a WC. I was heartened to see this press release noting the history of the book. Pretty cool to know the WC ped will be around forever. Thanks to the Chief for doing a great job of bringing all this to light. I knew it was the WC when I saw the first release in Jim's Facebook post but assumed that no one cared. Here are some pics of the book that were taken by Ben Stothart, the fellow who bought the collection from Anna and who sold it to me back in 1978.
  5. These "ashcan" comics were created to trademark the logos for these titles. Publishers would send in a "fake" comic with the logo/title they wanted to protect to the patent and trademark office. After the logo/title was registered they would own it. Publishers often kept extra ashcans in their files. Of the images I posted there are 3 Action Comics known to exist. 5 Superman. 3 Superwoman. 1 Superboy and 1 Supergirl (yes, even DC does not have them in their vault - only me).
  6. Sold my 9.8/white for $32,000 two years ago. Perfect copy. Was so tempted to keep it but thought the price was too good to pass up since the previous sale was $27,000... I keep getting surprised by record sales. You would think after 40 years I would "get" it. Oh, well...
  7. Thanks so much. Greatly appreciated.
  8. Back in 1984 or 85 at the Chicago Comicon I had the opportunity to buy Roy Krenkel's 1952 and 1953 annuals from a dealer from Michigan who was liquidating Roy's estate. These were the only annuals I have ever seen that I believe were NM. The spines were perfect. Amazing/stunning/awe inspiring. I bought them and kept them until 1999 or so. I wish I knew where they were today and wonder if they've been graded.
  9. I've had 3 copies of the annual. One had no first issues. The second had one. Back in the 70s and 80s EC collectors would correspond and a hot topic was the contents of annuals. NO ONE had a copy with 3 first issues and a # 2. Mine was the only copy.
  10. I'm not crying, Bob, I've got something in my eye - that's all...
  11. Seller's remorse set in immediately when the auction closed, Bob. I will never forget that book.