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  1. fairwaycomicsncollectibles I truly, truly hope this person is a member. Especially if he forgets there is copious message / photo / video evidence of below This gentleman purchased a FVF Iron Man #1 from us. After buying, he sent a total of 7 messages, asking questions that most people would ask prior to purchase. But, people are weird sometimes. Those being answered, we ship it to him. Two hours after receiving said item, he opens a return for an item not as described. The points on which he is claiming discrepancy, are, line for line, the actual flaws on this book listed in the listing itself. But again, no huge deal. eBay allows regret returns, as long as you call them not as described. It is , sadly, what it is. When we receive the item, in the same top loader in which we sent it, it now has a smallish, but very noticeable, chunk missing from the right edge of the front cover, in what looks like a tape snag. When reviewing the photos he sent to justify his return, they are all cropped immediately below this area. When confronted, he immediately begins the histrionics, protesting with MANY CAPITAL LETTERS that he is a professional, that this is impossible, that the photo I sent him of the damage is CLEARLY another book, that now he can see that the damage is CLEARLY on the same book, that it somehow happened during transit, inside a top loader, that he had NO IDEA what I meant about the cropping, that he sells items worth 10 times this amount so that is proof of something or other. At which point I mentioned to him that there was video from our helpful mailperson, of the box being opened, with the damage inside the top loader. Literally, 2 minutes later, he escalates his return to a claim, a full 45 minutes after the item was delivered, and has now kept quiet to this point. While this is not nearly as egregious as him stealing the book and sending me a photo copied Archie book, it is plainly childish behavior, and an example of someone being unable to take responsibility for what was, more than likely, an unfortunate accident. And yes, we have confirmed the refund, and will be eating the loss on resale. As much as he liked to defend this action by proclaiming himself a PROFESSIONAL, we actually are.
  2. chadney77 Submits offer of $250.00 on a comic. Offer is automatically accepted through settings. 1 minute later sends cancellation request. Becoming more and more frequent these days.
  3. Although the spate of non paying bidders is almost overwhelming these days, this situation warranted noting. nic8612 Purchases a book in FEBRUARY. Does not pay. Does not respond to inquiries. After a week, he sends a cancellation request which is approved. Book is relisted and sells. Fast forward 2 months, when he leaves a negative feedback stating he never received his book. Not only is the eBay system not supposed to allow that chain of events, but it takes about a half hour of arguing to get it removed. Removed it is, but the inanity of the whole situation, plus the fact that I still have never had communication with this yourself the headache.
  4. You mean you felt the need to add something just because. 4 weeks after the fact. Now the book has been issued, has been reissued, was available 4 weeks ago, and presumably, is still available today. But sure, go ahead.
  5. Hey Chip is back. This is going to get interesting.
  6. The smaller standard size Diamond Box works perfectly. You would want the thin barrier piece in the bottom, drop them in, and peanuts on top. If you do not have them handy, most LCS just toss them and I am sure most would be happy to pass them along.
  7. Even if it was possible to break even by selling the 1:1000 variant, those 1,000 books still have to be sold to make a profit. If it is possible to sell the 1:1000 variant to break even, then 1 of the remaining 1000 books needs to be sold to make a profit.
  8. The biggest red flag is that it was Chip. I am settling in for another threatening to kill himself story / pleading to not get thrown out of the house / begging for sales to save his life while spending hours in the forums talking about Star Wars. But maybe that's just me.
  9. As far as I know, English Steve is the store manager. Again, this is simply how it is portrayed in their media. If one looks at the last signing, Dolmayan definitely appears to be the one in charge. Of course, this could simply be the appearance. Either way, he seems to still be more than tangentially involved.
  10. It is still John Dolmayan, at least judging by his presence all over their facebook page. So yes, the original owner fabulously failed, but the original owner is also the current owner.