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  1. Sure, but as mentioned, I'm predominately a Marvel guy and have little to no idea on other books outside of that to start exploring. I also don't pretend to know it all and can certainly take advice on books that I may not even know about (particularly Marvel), but that others think would be a worthy purchase/investment.
  2. I have $350 to invest and want to know what (if any) raw silver Age books I should be looking to purchase for grading? PreferMarvel, but happy to consider other alternatives.
  3. Agreed, I also bailed on Long Beach to attend Rose City Comic Con in Portland and wasn't disappointed, great crowd, awesome guests (unlike LBCC this year) including Starlin, Bagley, Bendis, Mignola, Crain, etc.
  4. Bad news, unfortunately, I won't be able to attend this year's NYCC due to other commitments. As a result,I have a ticket available for Thursday, Friday and Sunday that I'd prefer to sell and transfer to any boardie looking for tickets. If interested please send me a DM and will arrange. Thanks D
  5. At this point, I'm starting to think Fiege is trawling through the most obscure books to troll us...
  6. My magazines order has been sitting at Scheduled For Grading for over a week now. This is the longest I've ever seen that and highly frustrating.
  7. I've had a fast track modern signature series order stuck at Recieved for 3 weeks now. CGC received my comics on 6/5/18. Stated Turnaround is 15 days, so every day from now they are late and never had a book still sitting at received at the point of the turnaround time cycle. What is going on there?
  8. Hi Mollie, Can I request Captain Britain: The Alan Moore Years Marvel Super-Heroes Monthly (Marvel UK) #386-389 The Daredevils (Marvel UK) #1-11 Mighty World of Marvel (Marvel UK) Vol 2 #7-13 If fanzines are allowed, can we also add: Arken Sword #11, Amazing Heroes #85, Fusion #2 & Fantasy Express #5 Many thanks David