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  1. Hi Matt, I hope you are well, another adds to the list. This time: Set: Enormous Book: Enormous 9 Variant Cover Certification Number: 0284171029
  2. Aware of the way CGC treats unverified signatures on books, but I wondered how addresses on a books cover would impact the grade/label. See the example below... It was common in the UK that newsagents would sometimes write the recipients address on a magazine/comic so the paperboy would know where to deliver said book and I recently picked up a high grade collection with this type of writing on almost all of the books. Assuming a book was a 9.8 (noting this example isn't btw), with the writing, how would it affect the grade? Would it get a blue or purple label?
  3. Trying to add newly graded books. 2 were able to be added but these three were not found. Can you help or advise? Thanks in advance.
  4. It certainly crossed my mind too and I'd like to think CGC are above such tactics. However their recent customer service response is making me re-evaluate that view...
  5. Just had first batch of my Jim Shooter Signing books shipped and it seems the concerns on how CGC are handling these books during these in-house signings may perhaps be well founded. I submitted 4 books, all in their original 9.8 slabs, which CGC cracked and prepped at $5 cost. Disappointed to report that, although 3 retained 9.8 grade, one book dropped to 9.6. As you can imagine and doesn't fill me with hope for the other 3 batches of books that I have also submitted for broader Shooter, Zeck and Beatty signing. The frustrating part is that they ALL should have retained their grades and CGC should do the best to make sure it retains the previous grade whilst in their care. Because they were all sent in their original graded 9.8s slabs I opted not to have this batch go to CCS for pressing (and nor should I have to really either). Amother frustration is that there are no graders notes to explain the grade drop, so completely in the dark on why they have decided to ping the book. Did it get damaged on CGC opening the slab, or the prep? Or did Shooter manhandle the thing? Luckily I have hi-res scans of the slab prior at least and will report back with comparison images prior to sending to CGC when I get the books back in hand. The worst part is that I rang customer service who sadly were far from their usual helpful selves and simply referred me to the T&C's, refusing to take to responsibility or help. Not like the team usually sadly... Caveat Emptor
  6. Last one for your consideration today. Opted not to send to CGC... was I right?
  7. Another for your feedback and review; of note, this is a double cover. Sadly I didn't take scans/photos of inner cover, so please share thoughts considering exterior cover only. Submitted during the recent Shooter, Zeck and Beatty CGC in house signing with a clean and press.
  8. Given your comments and the front cover scan I'd say you have a 9.8 candidate. Did you opt to press as well just to make sure?