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  1. Last one for today and another Tales to Astonish for your consideration and feedback on grade...
  2. Not sure about submitting this one, so would appreciate everyone's thoughts on possible grade; also what is the likely impact of the writing on the cover?
  3. Grade now in. Book was pressed and cleaned. Takes the top spot alongside 3 other copies for highest grade copy of the UK Price variant.
  4. Can you please add the following sets please? Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition Marvel 1985 - 1988 - Books 1 - 20. Details here (https://www.mycomicshop.com/search?TID=176991). Please add cert #1007134029 (#20) and cert 2058202001 (#16). Worth noting there is a similar set for the original 1983 edition (https://comics.www.collectors-society.com/registry/comics/PeopleSetDetail.aspx?PeopleSetID=76132) Set created on 1/18/21. ROM IDW Publishing 2016. Please add cert # 1960642001. Details of the run here (https://www.mycomicshop.com/search?TID=37755080) Set and s
  5. I just keep looking wistfully at original pricetags on the bags; 90p and £1.00. Looks like the previous owner had tried to sell these at some point, presumably a very long time ago. If only...
  6. Grade is now in. Originally I got this back from CGC; I submitted the book as part of the recent CGC signing with Shooter, Zeck and Beatty. Most of the guesses were on the right on the money. But did I not mention in my original post that this was a Double Cover? Bizarrely that was missed in the original grading, so I reached out to CGC team about the error. CGC team were great, arranged for the book to be returned and regraded with both the double cover grades.
  7. The difference between both auctions was that the WBN's at this one at least looked to be much higher grade.
  8. What price did the hammer drop? Not clear from the link.
  9. Looking for Secret Wars 3 and 4 (1st series) CGC 9.8 (OB) Signature series only
  10. In that case, given the scarcity of the non-blue galactus prints, perhaps they coud be called out on the label?