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  1. I am really sorry that this happened, it really sucks, but I have to admit that I almost spit my coffee out at that 5.5 comment. That's some funny stuff!
  2. Disregard my message then, glad it worked out, cheers!
  3. One possible solution is to ask them to hold their mail. They can do that right from their phone on the USPS website.
  4. I've asked this exact question before and was told that signature confirmation must be added at the time of the label purchase. They can always refund the label and create a new one at the post office, but once it is shipped you can't change it. That is what I was told at least. I will say that I have only mailed about a dozen books in the last 5 years. Would be less than that but I keep getting @RCheli 's drek accidentally sent to me!
  5. DC 100 Page Super Spectacular 16 (Sgt Rock) 3/73 8.5 OWW