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  1. SkOw

    Cover proofs

    Correct that it is most likely from the reprints/marvel masterworks. The original stats for example would be faded (I have a few) so I would assume that the acetates would look more aged if not not faded/yellowed too. They were part of the production process though, and I agree they are cool. The trick with these versus actual original art is that proving the authenticity is tricky.
  2. Awful. Avoid at all costs. Had to finally get a refund and it was a pain. Awful customer service and borderline scammers IMO.
  3. SkOw

    razes kudos thread

    Another A+ transaction with Dan! GREAT seller, books look great in hand, good shipping, and a pleasure to deal with. A+ all around!
  4. SkOw

    Storage Issue

  5. Sack up and buy them. How often do you see those books and how often at that price? You will regret it if you don't.....
  6. Wonder Woman 233 VG stains $ 1.00