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  1. Dale has a great booth so I hear you. There will be a lot of first time at the show dealers, so at least that is new books to look at.
  2. Please do! Your booth is a must stop for me each year. Hope to see you again in Michigan!!!
  3. So you were the one who called hundreds of times that ended up killing Robin......
  4. Fair point. I know of 2 first time dealers setting up at this show. One of them has only done 1-2 small 1 day type shows and has tons of mostly “unpicked” stock in there. Those kind of guys won’t have $10,000 GA keys/high grade books but they will have tons of flipable affordable keys for the flip crowd and silver/bronze run filler for the collector crowd.
  5. That is the rumor here locally. This is supposedly Goldman’s last year. How this show goes this year may directly influence the purchase from one of the big con promoters from what I’ve heard.
  6. I agree. Dale always has a killer booth at this show. Same with Ted from Superworld but like you said, megacon going head to head sucks. It is silly to have two major shows going the same weekend.
  7. that’s a great deal thanks for offering here Chris!