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  1. Those in charge at Marvel don't care about making a great comic book anymore. They are there to promote a political agenda. Promoting their agenda plus toxic creators who attack fans equal less sales and increased prices.
  2. Possibly because he was very difficult to work with? He definitely deserves to be in.
  3. Alterna has been able to print 32 page comics with a $1.50 price tag. Marvel should be able to do even better.
  4. I ate lunch with Drew many times at Hungry Harrys on US 41 in Land O Lakes. Super nice guy. He will be missed.
  5. I did something similar to this. I opened the book to the first page and placed a sheet of micro chamber paper across the pages. Every day I turned the page and moved the micro chamber paper to the new page. When I reached the end of the book the smell was gone.
  6. As someone who was once a first responder, that's exactly what I thought and why I clicked on the thread in the first place.
  7. On modern books I use BCW silver age bags and E. Gerber backing boards. The BCW bags have a nice snug fit but not too tight. I would recommend BCW bags over any others. On older books mylite 2's with E Gerber backing boards.
  8. These work well for me book ends Just flip the book end around so the shorter side goes under the comics and angle the comics slightly away from the book end to keep them from sliding down.
  9. I have been using corrugated plastic comic boxes from Bags Unlimited for years. Never had to change them and their long boxes are a bit shorter than normal long boxes so they are easier to carry and move.
  10. On ebay even the professional graders are not professional graders.
  11. When I first read the title thread I thought, "A seller who knows what this book is actually worth."
  12. I love reading these updates. It reminds me why I stopped buying all Marvel comics when they went to Marvel Now. All they are doing is re-using old plotlines that were already re-used.