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  1. I had the pleasure of meeting him at Albany Comic-con. Always a gentlemen RIP
  2. X-force vol. 1 1992 Hate him or love him. Always happy to add another Liefeld page from his original x-force run
  3. Red labels were initially used to denote modern books when CGC first started. They were eventually replaced with blue labels. I don’t remember the year it switched from red to blue
  4. Published October 1975 Marvel Premiere Vol. 1 Issue 25 page 26 pencils by John Byrne , inks by Al McWilliams Iron Fist , Angar the Screamer
  5. Published October 1976 Ghost Rider Vol. 1 Issue 20 page 3 pencils by John Byrne , inks by Don Perlin Ghost Rider , Daredevil , Death’s Head , Stunt Master
  6. Published July 1987 Uncanny X-men Issue 219 page Bret Blevins pencils and Dan Green inks Havok , Polaris