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  1. Recently acquired a Blevins/Green Uncanny X-men Issue 219 page and a Frenz/Morgan Amazing Spider-Man Issue 274 page with touch-ups by Romita Sr. and Rubinstein inks
  2. Dan brought a lot more art on Saturday that he didn’t have on Thursday. Ankur , I’ll saw that page on Thursday but not Saturday He had some of his art in a box on the floor. The doctor strange pages were in the box on the floor on Saturday He wasn’t around to ask if he was keeping those pages or is they sold. I’ll swing by Spencer’s table and look for the x-factor page.
  3. Sure. I’ll upload the page onto my CAF page tomorrow
  4. Then same thing happened to me with spot hero. I paid for a spot 2 blocks away but ended up parking on 42nd between 8 and 9. I called spot hero and they were willing to refund the difference after I email them a copy of the receipt of the garage where I parked . Wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t raining. Artist alley was the busiest I’ve seen it on a Thursday. Maybe just my perception but it felt like a Saturday crowd
  5. I bought the other page from uncanny x-men 219
  7. I bought the upper page of the two you showed from the same seller who was offering the most recent page. I was the first “loser” of this most recent page with a bid of 6300. I thought it would have been neat to keep the 2 pages together and I liked the story of him having the pages signed in 1982 at a con. So I put more of a premium on this piece. I’m not sure the market is at 6k a page for the second run material based on CAF market data but obviously some one wanted it more then myself. Honestly I would have bid higher but I thought I was in a safe zone with my bid
  11. Rob Liefeld Rich Buckler Herb Trimpe Joe Sinnott Walter Simonson Alex Saviuk Ron Garney Mark Bagley Bob McLeod Mark Pacella Whilce Portacio Alex always has a story to tell. Ron is a really super nice guy. Walt always has a smile on his face. Joe always makes time for small talk. I always go out of my way to see Joe since he’s getting up in years. Herbe lived near me and was an all around great guy RIP. Rich could be a little grumpy if you caught him on a bad day RIP. Bob is usually all business. Rob always has several things going on at the same time but always makes time talk. Rob is one of my favorites which is probably obvious from my CAF page