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  3. Recently acquired 2 John Byrne pages Ghost Rider 1976 Issue 20 page 3 Marvel Premiere Iron Fist 1975 Issue 25 page 26
  7. It’s good to hear he will still be going to Cons. Always a pleasure to speak with him at Albany comic con
  8. No. He looks the same. Only thing that changes is his hair color. I ran into him and Anthony Synder recently at the Clifton NJ show
  9. Picked these up raw in the late 90’s at the old Penn Plaza show while I was in Grad school. Paid 150 for the 9.8 and 125 for the 9.4’s. My non-comic book friends thought I was nuts for spending that much. I remember Carbo running around the show- doesn’t seem like he aged much
  10. Going Sunday morning. Weather may be a little nasty in the morning with some ice predicted in orange county over night. parking and traffic always easier Sunday morning vs. Saturday. Dropping off some consignments and picking up OA. Going to try to stop by Clifton show before heading to big apple con. JP's Clifton show is always a winner.