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  1. FCBD was busy in Sheburne Falls, MA at Holeymoleys Comics & Collectibles. IDW Transformers artist Casey Coller was sketching and signing books. He also had some very nice OA for sale. My son was very excited to get his first autographed comic.
  2. More photos for @comicjack and those interested Photo credits go to @Little Giant Comics
  3. Only pics I got are of our booth setup, some of our wall, some of the con floor, and De La Rosa signing a print for our sons. Very busy show. Superhero keys and first appearances were the most requested and sought after at our booth. Allen Bellman cancelled due to his wife being hospitalized. Long line for Steranko all day. Milgrom, Royer and De La Rosa were all a pleasure to be around and very good with the fans. Dealers and attendees all seemed very happy with how the show turned out. Thanks to all of my repeat customers who attended the event. Lots of familiar faces in the room ( @Foolkiller @bentbryan). Well done @Little Giant Comics